1992: Z. V. Togan: The Origins of the Kazaks and the ôzbeks

H. B. Paksoy [First published in Central Asian SurveyVol. 11, No. 3. 1992] [Reprinted in H. B. Paksoy, Ed. CENTRAL ASIA READER: The Rediscovery of History (New York/London: M. E. Sharpe, 1994) 201 Pp. + Index. ISBN 1-56324-201-X (Hardcover); ISBN 1-56324- 202-8 (pbk.) LC CIP DK857.C45 1993 958-dc20] Editor’s Introduction A professor of history for over half a century, Zeki Velidi Togan (1890-1970), a Bashkurt Turk, studied and taught in institutions of higher learning on three continents, including the United States.1 His first book, TÅrk ve Tatar Tarihi (Turk and Tatar History), was published in Kazan in 1911. The renowned scholars N. Ashmarin and N. Katanov (1862-1922),2 both of Kazan University, and V.V. Bartold (1869-1930) of St. Petersburg University, invited Togan to study with them. In 1913, Togan was asked by the Archeology and Ethnography Society of Kazan University to undertake a research trip to Turkistan. After successful completion […] Read More


Link for the Lost Teachings of Atlantis book at the bottom of this page.  Please read the below article first. The following is an article that appeared in newspapers around the country, around January 8, 1999.  From The Chicago Tribune News Service EXPLORERS FIND ELUSIVE SHANGRI-LA IN WORLD’S DEEPEST KNOWN GORGE No record exists of people ever having seen the 100 foot-high waterfall and lush subtropical garden in the Tibetan Himalayas until now WASHINGTON – Explorers finally have found Shangri-La. It might not be quite the storied, verdant, Utopia Himalayan paradise of James Hilton’s 1933 novel “Lost Horizon” and subsequent movie of the same name. But it is verdant, it is a kind of paradise, and it is hidden deep within Tibet’s Himalayas in a monstrously steep gorge within a gorge. There is no record of any person having visited, or even seen, the area before. Tucked beneath a mountain spur at a sharp bend of […] Read More


I came across this piece of information given by Margaret Deefholts which I found out be very strange n mystical…Her experience about this place… MARGARET DEEFHOLTS: When I scribbled most of this down in a stuffy hotel room in Mumbai in January 2001, I had no premonition of the horror that was to unfold on September 11th… At the time I was more preoccupied with the fact that I couldn’t rationalize what I’d seen, rather than thinking very much about the symbolic purpose which lay behind it. What follows is still my original version-although I think about it differently today. The tale is now a metaphor. The stone is still there. It still levitates. And I still can’t explain how. But perhaps, that’s incidental. The reason why it does so is what this story is about. * * * * * * Marble dome of Qamar Ali Darvesh Dargarh […] Read More

2002: Temple reveals secrets of the one God

Archaeologists believe they have uncovered origins of monotheism in northern Jordan Stephanie Saldana Daily Star, Lebanon 5 March 2002 AMMAN: In a remote corner of Jordan, archaeologists have uncovered a room that may transform the way we think about God. Its massive stones still clinging to the damp hills of the Jordan River Valley, the Migdol Temple at first appears to be little more than an ancient network of fortified walls. Yet when Jordanian and Australian archaeologists working at the site of ancient Pella began piecing it together in 1997, it didn’t take them long to realize that they were reconstructing something extraordinary: a 3,600-year-old textbook in stone. The Migdol Temple charts within a single room one of the most important events in human history: the transition from polytheism to the belief in one God. Measuring an impressive 29 by 22 meters, the Migdol Temple is the largest Bronze […] Read More

2008: Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code

By Spengler Islam watchers blogged all weekend about the news that a secret archive of ancient Islamic texts had surfaced after 60 years of suppression. Andrew Higgins’ Wall Street Journal report that the photographic record of Koranic manuscripts supposedly destroyed during World War II but occulted by a scholar of alleged Nazi sympathies, reads like a conflation of the Da Vinci Code with Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. The Da Vinci Code offered a silly fantasy in which Opus Dei, homicidal monks, and twisted billionaires chased after proof that Christianity is a hoax. But the story of the photographic archive of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, now ensconced in a Berlin vault, is a case of life imitating truly dreadful art. It even has the Nazis. “I hate those guys!” as Indiana Jones said. No one is going to produce proof that Jesus Christ did not rise from […] Read More

2012: Legends say that ancient levitators were able to rise above the ground up to 90 cm

Gods in Oriental Mythology had a special ability. They could fly. However, ordinary mortals could master the unique art of flying too. For example, Indian Brahmans, yogis, hermits, and fakirs could rise and float in the air. There is a chapter in the Vedas on levitation, a sort of guidelines on how to reach a state required for taking off the ground. Unfortunately, the meaning of many ancient Indic words and concepts has been irretrievably lost over the last few centuries and therefore the invaluable instructions cannot be translated into modern languages. As regards the ancient levitators, records at hand say that they were able to rise above the ground up to 90 cm. They did not lift off to impress the onlookers, they simply wanted to assume the most suitable position for performing religious rites. The art of levitation still exists both in India and Tibet. Many scholars […] Read More

2012: My Journeys into the Future and the Great Harvest of Souls

by Tom Smith After having read all the changes and potential changes to the Earth, many may feel it is time to “get out of Dodge”. Many will do just that, as they have chosen these times to make their transition. But many more will remain to be an integral part of the changes. Actually, all of us are part of the changes. Whether you believe it or not, we have all “signed on” for this adventure, for as many reasons as there are humans. In the channeling of July 15, 1992, the Sun God mentioned that I and others have traveled into the future. Indeed, I have been privileged to have taken such journeys, and have seen us leave the Earth to live elsewhere. I have seen some of what is ahead for the Earth and humankind. I have been allowed to see the Master Plan in motion. […] Read More

2012: Russian Scientists Prove Dashka Stone (Map of The Creator) is Real

mitchey179 August 5, 2012   A team of Russian scientists has recently completed testing on the dashka stone also termed the Map of the Creator, and found that the large stone slab is indeed a genuine ancient carved artifact displaying the local area. Is the Dashka Stone (also termed the Map of the Creator) real?  Does it prove that there was an advanced ancient civilization in the Ural Mountains thousands of years ago?  According to a team of scientists from Bashkir State University, that is exactly what they have found.   Recent research and testing on the large stone slab have proven that it is indeed an ancient map carving of the area that is thousands of years old. The team announced their findings recently and this is what they found: The rock has been dated to around 120 million years old.  (a pair of ancient shells locked into the […] Read More

2012: Scientists Prove Ancient Alien Cauldrons in Siberia are Real

Published by mitchey179 June 22, 2012, A team of scientists and researchers have just returned from an expedition in Siberia and the Valley of the Dead and are claiming they have found proof of at least five of the legendary cauldrons that ancient aliens supposedly built. A team of Russian scientists and researchers have just returned from the “Valley of Death” region in Siberia with startling claims.  Lead scientist Michale Visok had this to say in an interview with a Russian newspaper on what they had found: “We went out into the Valley of Death to really see and investigate the metal cauldrons that people claim exist there and we actually found five metallic objects buried in marsh like swamps” Michale gave the following details about these metal objects: They are each submerged in small pools of swamp like water that is anywhere from 2-3 feet deep. They are […] Read More