1995: The Real Story Behind The Movie Stargate

June 18, 1995. To understand what the movie Stargate was talking about when they said that an extraterrestrial was mining the Earth in the past one should review a few books about that subject. You nearly need a scorecard to keep all of the characters straight so here is one. 1. The Anunnaki – a race of space beings who came to Earth to do mining of gold about 450,000 years ago. 2. Anu was the spaceman ruler of Nibiru and is the number 1 god of the Sumerian hierarchy of gods. 3. Sumerians and Akkadians were civilizations of Earth people. 4. Nibiru is the name of the 12th planet that comes close to the Earth at intervals of about every 3,600 years. It is also called Wormwood in the Bible. 5. Anu and his half-sister were married and they had a son called Enlil. Enki was Anu’s firstborn […] Read More

1995: Who is Ea?

Jan. 26, 1995. Throughout my life, it seems that the subject of Ea has cropped up from time to time. When I was a child I was taught about the serpent in the garden of Eden. Next, I was told that Ea was the same person as Enki, who was a space person from Sirius and he helped out mankind. Last of I made a trip down into the Malibu area of Calif. to see a 30,000-year-old city and was told that the word California comes from the name of two deities. The first was called Kali and the second was called Ea. Kali was changed into the word Cali and the last part of California was changed from Ea to Ia. They put a word in the middle which is the word Form which was changed to for. We then have the name Kali form Ea or California […] Read More


By J. Douglas Kenyon From a Human Potentials conference in Washington, D.C. to a Whole Life Exposition in Seattle, from campus bull sessions in Berkeley to cocktail party discussions in Boston, no talk of the hot alternative explorations into the mysterious wellsprings of civilization gets very far these days without at least a passing reference to the work of Zecharia Sitchin. And there are no signs that interest in the author of the five volumes of The Earth Chronicles, and the forthcoming Divine Encounters from Avon Books, is cooling. In fact, Sitchinites, as his true-believers unabashedly call themselves, have managed to proclaim in nearly every available forum, from talk shows to the internet, their gospel according to Sitchin, namely that mankind owes most of its ancient legacy to visiting extraterrestrials. Moreover, Sitchinist evangelism has, with some help from the movie Stargate, achieved a not insignificant foothold in the public […] Read More

1999: Zecharia Sitchin

I met Zecharia Sitchen when I appeared on a cable television show some years back. I found him one of the most informed people I had ever met. He had brought several figurines from Sumerian times which he graciously allowed me to hold and do psychometry with. The information I received psychically coincided with the information he had accumulated in his years of research on the planet’s history. I have since read most of his books, “The Earth Chronicles”. There is something in them for everyone. Zecharia Sitchin’s Background Zecharia Sitchin was born in Russia and raised in Palestine, where he acquired a profound knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, the Old Testament, and the history and archeology of the Near East. He is one of the few scholars who are able to read and understand Sumerian. Sitchin attended and graduated from the University of London, majoring in economic […] Read More

2000: Sumer

From the most advanced civilization on Earth, on the verge of the 21st century, we travel to the most ancient civilization known to humankind, 3500 BC Sumer.  Sumer, or Sumeria, as it is sometimes referred to, is located in the Middle East, in present-day Iraq. Researching Sumer can be quite elusive, as it is identified by many different names; Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Mitanni, Elam, Edom, Eden, Akkad, and Assyria, just to name a few. For our researches, we refer to; Samuel Noah Cramer, Edmond I. Gordon, and foremost of all, Zecharia Sitchin’s works for archeological and historical information pertaining to Sumer. We have arrived here in Sumer on our Quest for answers concerning “Alien” contact. ~***~ Zecharia Sitchin’s, five-volume “Earth Chronicles” series, provides an easy to understand theory concerning the translation of more than 50,000 clay tablets that document the existence of the Sumerian civilization. One of the most significant […] Read More


Who are they – and where do they originate? We mentioned in PART IV – THE FINAL COUNTDOWN, that these anomalous objects observed orbiting the sun, were, in fact, Plasma carriers, and possibly of Eridean origin. However, there seems to be an additional object/accompanied object, which may be of a different design. See Anomalous Solar Objects. The Final Countdown glossed on the thesis that our planet was made up of a number of races that inhabited earth many millions of years ago, of which the Pleiadian group was the main representative. Prior to, and long after the Pleiadians, other races were involved in the genetic integration of the inhabitants of the earth, and the real make-up of our genetic ancestry may never be completely known. As a starting point then, let us take a brief view of the origins and social structure of the Erideans to see where and […] Read More

2001: Nibiruans

Contribution by; ERHOLDT CONRAD E-mail conrad.herholdt@bmw.co.za http://skywebs.com/earthportals/Portal_Messenger/sitchin.html Nibiruans live on the planet Nibiru, which revolves around our sun every 3,600 years. Nibiru is the 12th planet (counting the Sun and Moon) in our local solar system and is due to cross the orbits of Earth and Mars in the very near future. These astounding statements are made possible by the Sumerian cuneiform deciphering skills of Zecharia Sitchin, a linguist in command of many ancient languages who has set the scientific world on its ear with his astounding interpretations of ancient writings. In 1976, Sitchin’s first book, The Twelfth Planet, began an odyssey that has literally transformed the field of ancient history; in 1993 came the sixth book in his Earth Chronicle series, When Time Began. Among other mind-boggling assertions, this book links the complex calendar of Stonehenge and the puzzling ruins of Tiahuanacu in Peru to the ancient culture of […] Read More

2012: Sumerian Culture and the Annunaki

Neil Freer, Xfacts Summary: A discussion of Zecharia Sitchin’s theory of the Annunaki, an extraterrestrial civilization that colonized this planet. Working from the same archaeological discoveries, artifacts, and recovered records as archaeologists and linguists have for two hundred years, Sitchin propounds – proves, in the opinion of this author — that the Anunnaki (Sumerian: “those who came down from the heavens”; Old testament Hebrew, Anakeim, Nefilim, Elohim; Egyptian: Neter), an advanced civilization from the tenth planet in our solar system, splashed down in the Persian Gulf area around 432,000 years ago, colonized the planet, with the purpose of obtaining large quantities of gold. Some 250,000 years ago, the recovered documents tell us, their lower echelon miners rebelled against the conditions in the mines and the Anunnaki directorate decided to create a creature to take their place. Enki, their chief scientist and Ninhursag their chief medical officer, after getting no […] Read More