1995: Living Crystals of Atlantis II

Living Crystals of Atlantis, II By request, some more information about the later Atlantean cultures, their technology, and what relevance this has to our own continuum. (It is very hard to go far enough back in the time streams and experience the original Atlantean emergence. The probability currents for the aggregation of beings, both subtle and gross (biological) that make up the Atlantean line diverge. Since anyone able to understand these writings knows neither the past or the future has any inherently determinate existence without relationship to the present moment, this difficulty is visible. What is presented here about earlier Atlantean beings is derived from the last processional cycle–approx. a range limit of 25,000 BCE), and is thus already restricted to linear modalities. The Atlanteans were very attached to their homes. This is not surprising because they originated from “heavenly” beings who projected their consciousness into this material world. […] Read More

2017:Scientists Have Discovered A Lost Ancient Continent In The Indian Ocean

Humanity has only just begun to tap the surface about the mysteries held by the vast oceans which cover so much of this Earth. Scientists are regularly discovering new species of animals in the deep sea and experts are even uncovering the early stages of proof for lost continents and perhaps even lost civilizations. One such newly discovered continent has recently been located at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, between India and the island nation of Madagascar. It is believed that the continent once covered the ocean up to the point of the East African island of Mauritius.   ANCIENT CONTINENT DISCOVERED UNDERNEATH THE INDIAN OCEAN    Geologists have long been fascinated with the rocks on the island of Mauritius as some of the mineral fragments uncovered there are around 3 billion years old. This is significantly older than the relatively young island which was created approximately ten […] Read More

2017: Huge Underwater City Discovered Near Bermuda Triangle Could Be Proof Of Atlantis

Ancient pyramid city near Bermuda Triangle could be proof of Atlantis A vast underwater city with huge pyramid structures has been discovered off the coast of Cuba, amid claims that the sunken metropolis could, in fact, be the lost city of Atlantis. The submerged complex is thought to be around 200,000 years old, with the granite structured pyramid city being located eerily close to the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the “Devil’s Triangle”. Marine geologist Manuel Iturralde analyzed samples from the site and concluded that the results were “very unusual”, and estimates that it would’ve taken around 50,000 years for the city to have sunk to the depth that it was discovered at. Iturralde, a specialist in underwater archaeology at Florida State University, stated that none of the known cultures living that far ago had the ability to build such structures, adding; “It would be cool if they were right, but it would be […] Read More

2016: 5 Mind Blowing Underwater Cities

No doubt we’ve all heard of the legend of Atlantis, the ancient, once great city that was lost when the ocean submerged it. To this day the legendary city has yet to be found (or proven to have ever existed) yet over the years many other underwater cities have been found, each of them as eerie as they are mind blowing. 1. Port Royal, Jamaica Once a notorious hub for pirate activity, prostitutes, booze, and raging all-night parties, Port Royal was once branded ‘the most wicked and sinful city in the world’. That was so until June 1692 when a massive 7.5 earthquake shook the island of Jamaica, sucking Port Royal into the ocean due to it’s unstable foundations and killing over 2,000 of its inhabitants. Was this earthquake a fatal natural accident or was it retribution for all the sins committed within the cavity? For hundreds of years, people […] Read More

1999: A Detailed Description of the of Atlantis & the Real Reason For Its Downfall

Advanced ancient civilizations are a big topic of interest among researchers, historians, archaeologists, and scientists. Every single year we are gifted with a mysterious find that has us questioning the origins of the human race and imagining the cultures which roamed the earth before us. We have found much evidence to suggest that there may have been civilizations in existence before us which were intellectually, and even technologically superior. That being said, this theory is still thought to be quite fantastical; despite all of the evidence which has been brought to light in recent years to support this notion, it is still largely ignored by the mainstream. If you are interested in looking at some of this evidence, a great place to start is with author Graham Hancock, in his book titled The Magicians of The Gods. Atlantis If you start talking about the lost, ancient city of Atlantis, […] Read More


CHAPTER VI SYMBOLS RELATING TO MU THE SACRED LOTUS.–The Lotus has always been looked upon as the most sacred of all sacred flowers–why? Because it was selected as Mu’s floral symbol. Why was it so selected? The Lotus was the first flower to beautify the earth. Being the first flower and Mu the land where man first appeared on earth, Mu and the Lotus were naturally symbolic synonyms. As a mark of love and mourning, the Egyptians, after the destruction of Mu, never depicted the lotus as an open, living flower but always as closed and dead. The lotus is a prominent figure in the carvings and adornments of all ancient temples, and, except in Egypt, was continued down as open and conventional until King Solomon’s Temple. In this form, the tips of the petals are turned in. The lotus was indigenous to Mu. The plant was carried to […] Read More


p. 118 CHAPTER V SYMBOLS USED IN RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS THE symbols which were used in the religious teachings of early man are popularly known as the Sacred Symbols. When symbols were first used it was to concentrate man’s mind on the Infinite One, so that by keeping his eyes on the symbol no outside sights or sounds might call off his attention from the object of worship. Man was most carefully taught that the symbol itself was not to be worshipped; the symbol was only a picture to keep his mind from wandering. He was carefully taught that there was only One Deity, but that One Deity had many attributes which looked after health and strength, rain and sunshine, crops; in fact, after the whole welfare of mankind. In the beginning three symbols only were used. When these were understood, they were compounded and others added, and as time […] Read More


CHAPTER IV THE CREATION VIGNETTES FROM THE SACRED WRITINGS OF MU.– Fig. 1. Fine, straight, horizontal lines. Symbol for Space. Fig. 2. Symbolizing the Seven-headed Serpent as the Deity moving through Space. The surrounding circle is the symbol for the Universe. Fig. 3. Wavy horizontal lines symbolize Earthly Waters. Fig. 4. The Circle. The monotheistic symbol of the Deity. Fig. 5. The Plain Cross. Symbol of the Sacred Four. The Four Great Primary Forces coming direct from the Almighty. Fig. 6. The full Godhead of Five. The Deity and his Four Great Primary and Creative Forces. Fig. 7. Lahun. The dual principle of the Creator. Fig. 8. The Fires of the Underneath. The Earth’s Center. Fig. 9. Vertical, fine, dotted lines from the Sun symbolize the Sun’s affinitive Forces to the Earth’s Light Forces. p. 88 Fig. 10. Vertical, fine, straight lines from the Sun, symbolize the Sun’s affinitive […] Read More

2015: The Origin of the Lemurian Legend

Perhaps the most popular example of Mount Shasta lore and a legend involving the first claim by non-Native Americans for a spiritual connection with the mountain concerns the mystical brotherhood believed to roam through jeweled corridors deep inside the mountain. According to Miesse, “In the mid-19th Century paleontologists coined the term “Lemuria” to describe a hypothetical continent, bridging the Indian Ocean, which would have explained the migration of lemurs from Madagascar to India. Lemuria was a continent which submerged and was no longer to be seen. By the late 19th Century occult theories had developed, mostly through the theosophists, that the people of this lost continent of Lemuria were highly advanced beings. The location of the folklore ‘Lemuria’ changed over time to include much of the Pacific Ocean. In the 1880s a Siskiyou County, California, resident named Frederick Spencer Oliver wrote A Dweller on Two Plants, or, the Dividing […] Read More