1928: Who Lived in America 50,000 Years Ago?

By Col. James Churchward Sculptured Tablets Recently Discovered in Mexico Present Startling Evidence of Prehistoric Civilization on the American Continent, Founded by Colonizers From the Lost Motherland of Mu, in the Pacific Ocean (This article is not presented authoritatively but rather for its original theories as to the origin of the human race – theories which Col. Churchward has long maintained to interested audiences) A long-forgotten language, giving the history of a hitherto unknown race, has been unearthed in Mexico. Slabs of stone and carved monuments give us, at last, the history of mankind on the American continent, so long hidden. These recently discovered tablets have resisted the deciphering efforts of the world’s most famous archaeologists. Through studies of that now sunken continent, the Land of Mu, the Motherland of Man, I have found the key and am able to tell in rough outline the story of a prehistoric […] Read More