1901: Superstitions & Folklore of the South

Charles W. Chesnutt DURING A recent visit to North Carolina, after a long absence, I took occasion to inquire into the latter-day prevalence of the old-time belief in what was known as “conjuration” or “goopher,” my childish recollection of which I have elsewhere embodied into a number of stories. The derivation of the word “goopher” I do not know, not whether any other writer than myself has recognized its existence, though it is in frequent use in certain parts of the South. The origin of this curious superstition itself is perhaps more easily traceable. It probably grew, in the first place, out of African fetichism, which was brought over from the dark continent along with the dark people. Certain features, too, suggest a distant affinity with Voodooism, or snake worship, a cult which seems to have been indigenous to tropical America. These beliefs, which in the place of their […] Read More

1909: Explorations in Grand Canyon

The Phoenix Gazette, dated Monday, April 5th, 1909 Mysteries of Immense Rich Cavern Being Brought To Life ———————– Jordan Is Enthused ———————- Remarkable Finds Indicate Ancient People Migrated From Orient. ——————— The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archaeological discovery in the United States but one of the most valuable in the world, which was mentioned some time ago in the Gazette, was brought to the city yesterday by G. E. Kinkaid, the explorer who found the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon during a trip from Green River, Wyoming, down the Colorado, in a wooden boat, to Yuma , several months ago. According to the story related yesterday to the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaeologists of the Smithsonian Institute, which is financing the explorations, have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that […] Read More

2000: Ancient Egyptian Treasures in the Grand Canyon

Barry McEwen TETRA-MATRIX @ prodigy.net Phoenix, Arizona 30th November 2000 On April 5th, 1909, there appeared a front page story in the Arizona Gazette. It told of an archeological expedition in the heart of the Grand Canyon funded by the Smithsonian Institute. (a full transcription of the article can be found at:http://www.keelynet.com/unclass/canyon.txt) It is a rich story of finding a labyrinth of man-made tunnel systems high above the Colorado River, a virtual citadel filled with ancient artifacts, hieroglyphs, armor, statues of deities and even mummies. Anyone contacting the Smithsonian Institute will receive a polite “no records found” reply to an inquiry about their supposed role in the Grand Canyon. The following narration shows how I came to be convinced of an exact location in the Grand Canyon that is a key to this story (regardless of whether the newspaper article is a hoax or not) and contains mathematical proof. […] Read More

2002: Sacred Amulets

These two Sacred Amulets were found in an ancient burial tomb in close proximity to an ancient pyramid located in the Mississippi River Valley. According to Legend, this was the burial tomb of a High Priest and Priestess who inhabited that ancient city well over 30,000 years ago.  They were laid to rest together so they might share the same union in the afterworld that they shared on the earth plane. The strength of their union and concurrent time of death was indicated by the symbolic placement of their hands, one holding the others. The Sacred Amulet showed bears the image of a bird-headed being. This being could be interpreted as Horace or Riegel, or perhaps the Winged Beings that are described in Ken Carey’s book – Return of the Bird Tribes. The Sacred Amulet, which adorned the High Priestess, bears the image of a winged being with a birds head, or helmet? You will notice that […] Read More

2004: Donald Worley: The Cataclysmic Future of the Midwest

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher Earthquakes on an intensity never before experienced by present-day humans. An enormous tidal sea inundating the Midwest USA. All this suddenly caused on a Polar Doomsday when planet Earth’s poles do a drastic shift. Come on now, let’s be real! Who would believe such a monstrous tale? It’s so awesome, terrible, and deadly, that even hearing about it sends one into emotional withdrawal. However, I now invite you to listen to the true actual facts about this in an objective manner. In my research data of over 250 abduction cases, we find the gem of over 20 Nordic type alien experiencers who, in their altered state mode have been given warnings and scenes of a terrible cataclysmic time coming to Earth. It is truly incredible how these tall, blonde, human-appearing aliens have been so much the authors of these massive end-time messages. I am […] Read More

2004: Egypt’s pyramids, unearthed off Georgia coast

These ancient walled villages were constructed before Egypt’s pyramids and include the earliest pottery in North America. Credits: (c) 2004, Gary C. Daniels, LostWorlds.org (Atlanta) Six hours southeast of Atlanta off the Georgia coast on Sapelo Island, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient walled city that predates the construction of many of Egypt’s pyramids. Known as the Sapelo Shell Ring Complex, this ancient city was constructed around 2300 B.C. and featured three neighborhoods each surrounded by circular walls twenty feet in height constructed from tons of seashells. Some of the earliest pottery in North America was also found buried in the remains of this lost city. The site is quite an enigma because at the time of its construction the Native Americans living in the area were simple hunters and gatherers who had yet to invent agriculture. Many scholars believe agriculture is a prerequisite for civilization. Did […] Read More

2004: Monks Mound

Monks Mound is the largest Pre-Columbian earthwork in America north of Mesoamerica. Located at the Cahokia Mounds UNESCO World Heritage Site near Collinsville, Illinois, its size was calculated in 1988 as about 100 feet (30 m) high, 955 feet (291 m) long including the access ramp at the southern end, and 775 feet (236 m) wide.[1] This makes Monks Mound roughly the same size at its base as the Great Pyramid of Giza (13.1 acres / 5.3 hectares). It’s base circumference is larger than the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan. Unlike Egyptian pyramids which were built of stone, Monks Mound was constructed almost entirely of layers of basket-transported soil and clay. Because of this construction and its flattened top, over the years, it has retained rainwater within the structure. This has caused “slumping”, the avalanche-like sliding of large sections of the sides at the highest part of the […] Read More

2004: The Anthills of Orion: Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi

The Anthills of Orion: Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi by Gary A. David (published by Atlantis Rising, # 48, Nov./Dec. 2004 under the title “The Ant People of Orion”) Who are the Ant People?  All across the American Southwest, we find petroglyphs (rock carvings) or pictographs (rock paintings) depicting entities with spindly bodies, large eyes, and bulbous heads that sometimes project antennae. These eerie figures are frequently shown in a “prayer stance,” their elbows and knees positioned at right angles, similar to the ant’s bent legs. [Right: Ancestral Hopi petroglyph located in northern Arizona] Do these rock drawings represent a race of Ant People? Do they actually record ancient encounters between humans and an alien species? Are the creatures truly “alien,” like those of the 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico? Or are they some crypto-biological anomaly native to our planet? If not, then are they merely psychological […] Read More

2006: A Short History of Copper Mining

Copper was first mined in this area by an ancient vanished race between 5,000 and 1,200 bc. These miners left no burial grounds, dwellings, pottery, clay tablets or cave drawings. What was left behind was thousands of copper producing pits and more thousands of crude hammering stones with which the pits had been worked. The ancients apparently worked the copper-bearing rock by alternately using fire and cold water, to break the copper ore into smaller pieces from which they could extract the metal with handheld hammering stones or stone hatchets. With this copper, they made tools. Scientists and engineers estimate that it would have required 10,000 men 1,000 years to develop the extensive operations carried on throughout the region. It is estimated that 1.5 billion pounds of copper were mined by these unknown people. The pure copper of Lake Superior has been discovered in prehistoric cultures throughout North and […] Read More