What is Time?

‘TIME’ – AS GIVEN TO ME FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. By N Molloy This was given to me after I was shown an event which was on another timeline operating on their Jan 4 2005. It ended as an Armageddon type scenario. But it didn’t show in our timeframe for that date. However something of that nature may still happen to bring the two realities into alignment. I’m still working on the relationship of one timeline to another. I’ve seen supposedly extinct timelines re-animate when hope was revived for their remanifestation. It’s obviously complicated and all I can do is write what happened and learn from hindsight or more information as it happens. Time proceeds from a central spot within the universe. Forward time emanates from the mind and thoughts of God, as He thinks and creates and it pushes all events forward as He creates them – […] Read More

I watched Jesus die on the cross

I lived during the time of Jesus and watched Him die on the cross from beginning to end. For some reason or another I have an exceedingly good memory for past lives and have seen at least 2000. ETs from our solar system inbuilt this capacity into my brain when I was age 21 and first I just saw a non-moving picture of the life, then graduated to moving pictures, then sound, then feeling the atmosphere, then smell and so on. But it went slowly as I managed to get parts of myself from higher levels into this body, that are increasingly more acutely sensitive. I started in the late 1970s and saw approximately one past life a week or so then went more in-depth as they got more complicated eg Atlantean scientists etc Seeing Jesus on earth is the ultimate prize in past life content. It describes in […] Read More

2006: Sembe, Ancient Persian Time Traveller

http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/sembe.html Part 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS and Introduction. Introduction This is a story of my past life in ancient Persia approx 45,000 years ago. (give or take a few milleniums either side) Whenever it was the Age of Libra – about that era. I know it was a very long time ago, before the Flood. It first rose up to my conscious mind while living in London in the early 1980s, when I was watching for UFOs outside the window. More on that side HERE I saw so many UFOs sitting silently outside that I used to send them messages by telepathy, wondering if maybe they were making themselves known deliberately. They were, and used to project in my room and I spoke with them for hours every night for years and years. It was all very surreal, because they were so cosmic that they caught me up in […] Read More

I greeted myself in the pyramid as an Atlantean Scientist

by Misty  One afternoon in June 1980, while on holiday in Egypt, I entered the Kings Chamber of the Pyramid of Giza in Cairo and had an overwhelming deja vu. I thought, ‘I’ve been in here before and furthermore I’m still in here now– as an Atlantean scientist!’ Then the scene changed and this world was overridden for some seconds and interspersed with another one where I was standing as my present self, inside the chamber and surrounded with all this Atlantean technology. It was wall to wall from the top to the bottom with small lights and machines with dials. There were a few men standing there who were also from Atlantis and they were scientists. I remember seeing the present ‘reality’, which appeared on top of the Atlantean background recede into the four walls. After a few moments it returned and the present reality solidified again–the gasses […] Read More

Religious Experiences

by Misty http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/religious.html JESUS APPEARED TO ME IN A CATHEDRAL Photo of this place above, but it was on the right of the pillars, at the front. When I was approximately 14, a vision happened in a Catholic Cathedral mass with the school. I was playing up and laughing with my friends, as I believed in evolution, so didn’t respect the church as God’s house. There were large pillars up the church which blocked off the centre seats. I was at the back of the large cathedral and there was nobody in the side seats, with the rest of the school in the centre seats. I felt strongly compelled to look up at the white wall at the front of the church at the side, above a statue area and when I did a large face materialised into a black image on the wall of a man with long […] Read More

Time Lines

How They Operate by Nicki INTRODUCTORY NOTE This idea of ‘selves’ positioned in the future apparently isn’t new, others have experienced them. I’ve not had a variation in perception of the events described below to date, though have from time to time had brief experiences of other possible future times that had the potential to manifest, if other factors reinforced it e.g. decisions by others. But they only appeared in lucid dreams. There appears to be a place in the inner worlds that will produce and transmit to us an instant ‘outcome’ of various decisions, rather like a computer would process causative data and give a result. Though it is probably a good thing to anticipate the events which ARE preordained and aren’t subjected to other’s influences. Sometimes in a very hypersensitive mood, I have thought about a possibility and instantly the results of it have manifested in my […] Read More

Can one create a new reality on a new timeline?

Part One: By Misty http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/gridlines.html INTRODUCTION TO CREATING NEW TIMELINES I became aware of parallel realities as a young child in my birthplace Dunedin, New Zealand (which has majority Scot population) when I kept slipping into a past life, from continually hearing Scotland the Brave etc on the bagpipes. I have some Scots ancestors. The music must have created a time portal to its original source, through the generated sentimental emotion. I kept re-experiencing myself in a past life there as an invalid woman a few centuries ago, who spent most of her life dreaming of far away places. About age 17, after I’d moved to another city called Gisborne, I used to paint to rock music and this time the music sent me somewhere else. I was propelled about 20 years ahead in time, with constant deja vus endlessly hammering at me like a battering ram! Only I […] Read More

I remember an Atlantean Time Machine

By Misty This page url is http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/timemach2.html This is another story of a past life as an Atlantean scientist, to follow the first story of Atlantean time travel – whereby I had greeted myself as Atlantean scientist in the pyramid of Giza in Egypt. http://www.angelfire.com/nm2/aona/pyramid.html To my dismay, I found another past life as an Atlantean scientist operating time travel technology, and have since found other lives as well which involved time travel. I was subjected to double deja vus most of my life and they were coming from technology I’d invented in Atlantis to travel in time. This second major time travelling device, described here, was created to observe the present me from my former self in Atlantis. It was about seven feet high and the sides about four feet wide. It had transparent sides. I didn’t walk in it, through it or even move into now – […] Read More

I saw Jesus on the tube train in London

by Misty In London, in a crowded tube train in the early 1980s I saw Jesus. It was the after-work rush hour and everyone was squashed tightly like sardines into the carriages. There was hardly breathing room. I was standing, with many people pressing against me and their faces were bright under the ceiling lights. Many didn’t look so healthy and a bit pasty faced against the artificial light. I am a people watcher and I looked around at all the faces to philosophize about their place in the eternal scheme of things. I casually turned my head, hoping to glimpse all that were in view as discreetly, as possible trying not to stare. Normally I can see and feel people’s auras. Sometimes I look at them when there is time to spare and wonder how they got all the colours and patterns. I was casually glancing my eyes on […] Read More