Bizarre and Amazing Cases of Real Talking Animals

One goal of many researchers and scientists in recent times has been the pursuit of communication between animals and human beings, trying to somehow bridge our disparate worlds. While animals obviously communicate with each other in a vast array of ways, there are many who have asked the question of whether there is some method to speak between species, and to this end there have been some positive steps taken, for instance the use of sign language in great apes or programs pursuing communication with dolphins. Yet beyond this is there a way that animals can actually speak language and use it to interact with us vocally? Can some animals actually produce speech and talk to us? This may on the surface seem to be an absurd question, but there are in fact a few cases that seem to point to this not only being a possibility, but to having […] Read More

Thirteen Cows Mysteriously Jump Off a Cliff in Switzerland

Farmers in the village of Levron in Switzerland are trying to determine why 13 young cows mysteriously jumped off of a cliff to their deaths — except for one late-jumper that survived by landing on the others. Was it animal suicide? If something scared or attacked them, why did yaks in the same pasture stay put? Will it happen again? According to local newspaper Le Matin, the mass jumping occurred on the night of May 24th. The calves, 13 Hérens aged 6-8 months, were found at the bottom of a 50 meter (165 foot) drop and all were dead except for the one on top, which was taken to an animal hospital in nearby Cern where it was treated for a broken jaw. The rest were cremated at a meat waste facility, to the dismay of a local animal warden who wanted to inspect them to help determine why […] Read More

5 Horrific Ways People Mistreat Animals

The Humane Society wants to put an end to these cruel and barbaric practices. Consider these recent, gruesome headlines: In rural Alabama, police serving drug charges on Jerome Hughes found 65 emaciated dogs being used in “hog­-dog” fighting rings—a blood “sport” in which starving dogs are given a terrified, trapped hog to chase and tear apart for the entertainment of onlookers who place bets. In Western Nebraska, the New York Times uncovered grisly experiments being conducted on farm animals by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Meat Animal Research Center, most involving trying to make livestock animals produce unnaturally large litters or grow more rapidly so that factory farms can send them off to slaughter sooner. In Tuttle, Oklahoma and Natural Bridge, Virginia, investigations by the Humane Society of the United States uncovered severe cruelty toward baby tigers bred for photo shoots with paying customers, including video evidence of a […] Read More

Why The Modern Day View Of Wild Animals Is Wrong

The way in which the human race views animals that live in the wild seems to be a “fighting to survive” live or die type of existence and mentality. A “tough” and “macho” type of energy.  Although one cannot deny the fact that this type of existence is true for many different types of animals that live in the wild, it’s not a bad idea to ask ourselves if it’s always been that way. If it has been then why? If it hasn’t then why not?  If we take a closer look, it’s not hard to see that we’ve missed something very important when it comes to wild animals, so lets take a closer look at some of these questions. Has It Always Been This Way? There are many examples of altruism between different species in the wild, many instances have been caught on camera, a simple YouTube search […] Read More