Mysterious Metatron’s Cube Crop Circle

By Paul Seaburn Aerial image of the Cley Hill crop circle- ABOVE ( I know what you’re thinking … crop circle? Really? I tend to avoid them unless there’s something interesting about it and this one caught my eye because it resembles a Metatron’s Cube, one of those sacred geometry figures that give a crop circle a greater air of mystery as well as a high challenge for perfect completion. Throw in the fact that Metatron is a name […] Read More

Strange Crop Circles Seen Near Stonehenge in Wiltshire

Many still seek proof of aliens. Why are people drawn to such stories? UFO is the acronym for unidentified flying objects that are considered mysterious hovering in the sky. There are different reports on aliens by competent observers of objects day by day. While some remain unidentified after an investigation by competent investigators, there are those that can be identified. If you have been listening to other stories, you would know that extraterrestrial objects do come with strange spacecraft […] Read More

2014: Taxi Driver Witnesses Crop Circle Appearing at Stonehenge

Taxi driver witnesses crop circle appearing opposite Stonehenge. Dramatic story behind this event. Lucy Pringle reports: This event is especially noteworthy for several reasons; a pilot flying a light aircraft from Exeter to Thruxton flew over the field opposite Stonehenge at on the afternoon of Sunday 7 July with a passenger taking photographs, at which time the field opposite on the A303 was unmarked. The pilot disembarked at Thruxton, completed the necessary landing and flight forms, refueled and then […] Read More

September & October 2014: Crop Circles: UK, Brazil & Netherlands

Video with the two crop circles that were found in September 2014: September 3; Ark Lane near Stroud Green, Essex, United Kingdom September 11; Hoeven, Netherlands The post September crop circles: UK & Netherlands appeared first on Latest UFO Sightings.   Two new crop circles were found in  Ipuaçu, a town and municipality in the state of Santa Catarina in the South region of Brazil. Both of them were reported on Sunday, 26th October 2014. The post Recent crop […] Read More

UFO Ball Light Cropcircle

 UFO Ball Light Crop-circle Related articles 1996: July Sightings Fluoride in Water Linked to More ADHD Symptoms – Study LAPD Continues To Delay Lawsuit Against Officers Who Kidnapped and Sexually Assaulted Woman Waiting For Cab The Men in Black – On Audio Green Juice 1979: February Sightings Can Vaccines Be Harmful To Your Health?

2011: ‘UFO’ sightings above crop circle fields

Wed, August 31 2011 By John Garvey, Reporter Email: Phone: 01635 564528   Unexplained lights appear above West Woodhay crop circle land AFTER the crop circle has come the almost obligatory UFO sighting. This spectacular formation appeared overnight on July 28 in a field at West Woodhay. It immediately attracted hundreds of sightseers and simultaneously earned the ire of landowner Harry Henderson, who dismissed it as the work of trespassers. But even those artists who lay claim to […] Read More