The Strange Case of the Mimick Dog

In the world of mysterious beasts there are some that seem to have found themselves confined to the dark, obscure corners of history, mostly forgotten to the point that no one really knows much about them at all, let alone whether they might have really existed or not. One of these is a curious beast that has been mostly regulated to the dusty confines of long forgotten texts and little-known accounts. It is an intriguing story of a canid creature of some sort that seems to have had some very remarkable attributes indeed, and which will probably forever remain beyond our ability to confirm. What was often referred to as the Mimick Dog, as well as the Gaetulian-dog, and the more official sounding Canis getulus and Canis Lucernarius, was a canine creature said to have originated in the Middle East and Northern Africa, in regions such as Egypt and the […] Read More

A Werewolf In The Bronx

Winter, 1913. On a frosty and dark winter night a misty coldness descended upon New York. The cold crept along the parks and streets of the Bronx, seeping in through every crack and crevice of every respectful home scattered about. Near the Mosholu Parkway, just below the dense tree line that existed back then, something strange lurked. A creature described as ‘werewolf like’  by those unlucky enough to have stumbled across its path at night. Even more astonishing was the fact that many were also describing a soft glow emanating from the creature. Many believed this to be a rumor, however one late December night the creature stepped out of the shadows and into the sleepy streets of the Bronx.That night, the phones rang off the hooks at the Kingsbridge Police station. The reports were bizarre and the callers sounded frantic. Whatever it was that the callers were reporting, undoubtedly sent extra chills down their spines […] Read More

Werewolf Demons: The Bizarre Case of the Southend Werewolf

In the annals of the world of the strange, there are some cases that are really hard to classify. Some just seem to transcend borders and attempts to put them into any one file of the weird. For instance, there have long been the classic unexplained phenomena of ghosts, demonic possession, and werewolves, but very few cases that manage to blend them all together into a hybrid hodgepodge of bizarreness. Yet one of the most baffling and striking accounts of the paranormal manages to do just this. In a quiet seaside area of England, a normally mild-mannered family man found himself suddenly consumed by an ferocious, unidentifiable force that would go on to become a persistently odd case that would meld aspects of hauntings, possession and lycanthropy, and which remains a truly anomalous case that avoids easy classification. The story of what would go on to be called the […] Read More

Mysterious Cryptid Canids of the World

Some of the top, most versatile predators on the planet are certainly the canids. The biological family Canidae encompasses a wide range of species and subspecies, including domestic dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, dingoes, and everything in between, coming in a vast variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. They are a group of predators that have proven to be wildly successful, spreading out to every corner of the globe, to every continent except Antarctica, hunting and prowling about to hunt within just about every niche and habitat there is. These are the creatures which formed an unbreakable bond and partnership with us many millennia ago to give us our domestic dog and its many variations. These majestic animals tend to rule their domains wherever they are found, and are among the most successful predators on the planet. Yet as much as we have learned of these animals, there still appears much left […] Read More

Bi-Pedal Canine Reports

I have some obligations to attend to today, so I decided to go into the archive and gather a few early bi-pedal canine reports. This will be my only post today. It’s worthy to note that many crypto-investigators and researchers have recently commented on the increase of bi-pedal wolf sightings and reports over the past year or so: Hey, I’m Mike from the Cheboygan, MI area. This is true what I am about to describe. On November 24, 2010 me and two of my friends went out at night around 12 am. We were not hunting but had weapons. We were looking for a spot to set up our blinds for the muzzleloading season when we crossed from a field with tons of deer beddings. We came into another field with none whatsoever. We continued through this field and came across some kind of game trail. We decided to […] Read More

2014: Clinical lycanthropy | People do believe they are werewolves!

Clinical lycanthropy is a psychiatric disorder that causes a hallucination in the affected person into believing that he is or can become an animal. This disorder has been primarily associated with schizophrienia, but may also occur in bipolar disorder (mixed type), severe psychosis, manic-depressive illness, seizure disorders, psychotomimetic drugs, food poisoning or hallucinogenic substances. The symptoms of lycanthropy varies over a wide range, depending on the local culture where this phenomenon occurs. Overall this syndrome resides in an imbalance mind, which makes the patient believe his actual metamorphosis into an animal and thus acquires their behavior: for example, growls, walks on all fours, biting objects, being unable to speak, being overly aggressive and suffering from eating disorders (i.e the excess of eating raw meat, etc..). Clinical lycanthropy does not only refer to the transformation from human to wolf; the metamorphosis is extensive. There are reported cases of lycanthropy in  […] Read More

2013: Real Werewolf man attacks police on camera!!!!!!!!!!

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Werewolves Aren’t Real

Okay folks, let’s break this one down to brass tax: A werewolf is someone that becomes a wolf or half-man/half-wolf creature during a full moon…and they’re almost definitely not real. For centuries, werewolves have existed in the folklore of almost every culture, and have been blamed for everything from cattle mutilations, to unsolved murders. However, and we’re going to say this again, odds are that they’ve never existed. How can we say this with so much confidence? Well, it’s because every culture has a different explanation for where werewolves come from, but none have any evidence of their existence; they’re also one of those creatures that magically stopped existing as soon as humans developed more reliable and permanent ways of logging information. Simply put, werewolves are one of the many fantastic explanations that people in the old world gave for things they couldn’t figure out; in fact, most have […] Read More