Does the Goat-Sucker Really Suck Blood?

Between 2004 and 2014, I made nine trips to Puerto Rico, with one goal in mind. Namely, to try and resolve the mystery of its infamous cryptid. I’m talking, of course, about the Chupacabra. Or, as it’s also known, the Goat-Sucker – on account of its alleged liking for nothing less than the blood of goats. Chickens and pigs, too, but goats are to the Chupacabra what fish and chips are to me. But, does the Goat-Sucker really suck blood? That’s one of the most important questions that surround the issue of the island’s legendary monster. And it’s a question that I can answer. On my first trip to Puerto Rico – in 2004, with a team from the SyFy Channel’s “Proof Positive” show – I interviewed a farmer who reportedly lost a large number of chickens to a Chupacabra late one night, several years earlier. Oh, and lest […] Read More

1997: Chupacabra Captured In Texas ?!?

The End of the Line did the first exclusive interview on the reported capture of a chupacabra on our program which aired Wednesday, 3-5-97. The information about the reported capture originally came in via an email from someone who saw the story on Spanish Language television. I immediately tried to track down the story and after a number of phone calls to the local Spanish Network tv station was eventually directed to the network corporate headquarters in Florida. Following a considerable amount of checking, I learned that the story originated in the San Antonio, Texas area. After several more calls, I was finally able to speak to the reporter-producer who did the story and had interviewed the immigrant Mexican rancher who allegedly captured the creature with a coyote trap on his ranch near San Antonio. I immediately invited the reporter, Antonio Guillen, to appear on the End of the Line, coincidentally, the same night Michael Lindemann does his regular weekly UFO/ET […] Read More

2004: Strange Animal Deaths in Chile

SOURCE: La Estrella del Loa (Calama) DATE: March 10, 2004 Strange Animal Deaths A new series of animal slayings occurred in Tocopila, reviving old fears about the existence of a pitiless creature that attacks without leaving a trace or explanation as to how the deaths occur. Yesterday, in the “Tres Marias” sector of the town, located to the north of the port area, the Chupacabra legend was resurrected at the smallholding of Eduardo Covarrubias, where 32 farm birds were found dead. Their bodies were scattered inside the henhouse, which showed no signs of foreced entry by trespassers or other animals from the region. Covarrubias made the macabre find when he went to feed his animals as he did every day, coming across the unpleasant scene of his lifeless hens. The police was immediately informed. Alarmed by the violent animal slayings, law enforcement reached the site swiftly, witnessing the events […] Read More