Found: The Fossil of a Giant, Extinct, 400-Million-Year-Old Worm

In June 1994, some fossils from Ontario’s Kwata Mohegan Formation—a cross-section of earth that is hundreds of millions of years old—were recovered, and, for the next several years, stashed at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. That was until recently, when some researchers had a fresh look at them, finding something that’s a bit terrifying: evidence of the 400-million-year-old existence of a giant worm with a disturbingly large set of jaws.  The researchers, from the University of Bristol in Great Britain and the University of Lund, in Sweden, published their findings today in Scientific Reports.  “Giant,” in this case, is a bit relative, as this worm’s jaws would’ve been close to a half-inch, and it would’ve been up to three feet in length.  Still, that’s larger than the worms we see today, and large enough that, should you find yourself alone in the outdoors, any encounter might get dicey, very […] Read More

Mysterious Giant Spiders of the Congo

Many people feel a natural aversion or revulsion to spiders. There is just something about them that seems to tickle at some primeval part of the deepest recesses of our brain and send some ancient, ingrained fear coursing through our veins. The mere sight of a spider can leave a lot of us cringing, recoiling, jumping away, or reaching for a rolled up newspaper. Now, how big would you say a spider would have to be before you ran away screaming? How big would it need to be to really freak you out? The size of your thumbnail? Your hand? A dinner plate? That is probably quite large enough to give a lot of people nightmares just thinking about it, but unfortunately there are said to be even bigger spiders inhabiting the remote, dark jungles of the world. In fact, in Equatorial Africa, there are said to be spiders […] Read More

Mother Nature Says, “Get off my lawn!” Humans attacked by Ants, Bees, Spiders

Let’s just call it quits, people. Over the last couple of weeks, Mother Nature has decided to remind all of us who’s really in charge. Here’s the rundown of recently terrifying yet gentle reminders from her: Deadly Spiders vs Homeowners: After purchasing a house from the previous owners who failed to disclose that it was actually a destination spot for the deadly brown recluse spider, the latest owners began discovering spiders everywhere until they were eventually bursting out of the walls. A conservative estimate of 6,000 spiders were said to be lurking in the house. [ABC News] Ants vs Tire-Changing Human: Then there’s THIS incident where some human needed to change a tire on the side of the road and got in the way of a bunch of ants’ business. [CBS News] And finally… Bees vs Landscapers: In Arizona several landscapers got too close to a 100 pound hive […] Read More

Devil’s Footprints

The further in time we are from when an event occurred, the easier it is to write it off as fictional or exaggerated. I suppose this is do to some underlying assumption that people of the past, due to their lack of “knowledge” which we modern people possess, were either ignorant or gullible. However as is my usual inclination I take people’s personal accounts and experiences at face value for the most part and tend to believe that they believe what happened to them actually occurred. With this in mind I wish to take a look at an interesting event which occurred in Devon-shire, England. On the night of February 7th, 1885 a heavy snow fell as the residents readied themselves for another night’s sleep in this quiet town they had no idea that a strange mystery was about to unfold across their rooftops and lawns. Writing in Unexplained! […] Read More