Weird creature photographed during a full moon

Every so often weird and unexplained creatures appear on photographs that those taken the photo didn’t see at the time. Just recently a one of those “what the hell is this?” photos was shared on Reddit and being discussed and debated as to what it could be. Shared by Reddit user MeTarzanYouJane they explained that these two photos was taken approximately 2 seconds apart by a family member who was taken photos of the full moon. They say that […] Read More

Fairy Tales?

Personal encounters are interesting to me even if they are not helpful from any kind of scientific standpoint. At the end of the day, all we really have are the stories which people share. The human experience, such that it is, is comprised largely of the stories we tell one another from day to day. And all of human knowledge is passed down through stories. In the following stories, people are having encounters with Fairy-like creatures. Creatures which, for […] Read More