Another Man Shares Encounter with ‘Pterodactyl’

A Goshen, Indiana man says he and a group of friends came across an unidentified flying animal that resembled a “pterodactyl” with a wingspan of approximately 12 feet. The eyewitness, a 39-year-old professional trainer who provided his full name and contact information but asked to remain anonymous, sent the following report to Cryptozoology News: “I just read your article about the dinosaur winged creature a man saw and that brought back some interesting memories. We were taking a night hike to a local dam. It was my second year college at Goshen College, back in 2000. I was with a few people and a friend of mine who lived within a 3-minute walk to the dam. We always liked to take night hikes, especially on full moon nights. This was around early to mid September and we could remember the moon being super bright and big. The dam area […] Read More

Paranormal Pterodactyls In The U.K.?

Imagine driving, late at night, across the foggy moors of England and coming across what looks like nothing less than a living, breathing pterodactyl! From 1982 to 1983, a wave of sightings of such a creature – presumed extinct for million of years – occurred in an area called the Pennines, also known as the “backbone of England.” It’s a story that, in much lengthier fashion, can collectively be found in Jenny Randles’ excellent 2002 book, Supernatural Pennines and in issue 9 of UFO Brigantia, a much-missed magazine of the 1980s and 1990s and which was edited and published by Andy Roberts. So far as can be determined, the first encounter occurred at a place with the highly apt nickname of the Devil’s Punchbowl, on September 12, 1982. That was when a man named William Green came forward with an astonishing story of what he encountered at Shipley Glen […] Read More

Two People Spot ‘Thunderbird’ in California

Calif. — A man in Sacramento County on Friday said he saw an unidentified winged creature. 74-year-old D.R. told Cryptozoology News he was driving on State Route 16 near Rancho Murieta when the incident took place the night of July 15. “It was around 11:45 p.m.,” said the piano technician. “I was driving home from a performance in Fiddletown, near Plymouth,” he added. The Californian claims that he was driving at around 65 mph when the “huge bird” showed up. “It swooped down from my left and leveled off in front of my vehicle, and flew along in front of me about 20 to 30 feet in front of me. I instinctively hit the brakes when this object appeared in front of our car,” he explained. He didn’t specify who the other person in the vehicle was. The man described the creature as a 30-feet-wide black bird with “features similar to […] Read More

Romania’s Plane-Sized Flying Pterosaurs Were Aerial Killers

While best know for another flying killer of the blood-sucking kind, Romania was once home to what is now known to be the biggest and deadliest flying death creature of all time. A new study cites fossil evidence that this aerial beast had the neck strength to kill and carry off dinosaurs the size of horses. Maybe you should stop complaining about the crows stealing your vegetables. In some respects, azhdarchids become more mysterious the more we study them. In a new study published in PeerJ, Mark Witton, palaeontologist and freelance palaeoartist, describes the Hatzegopteryx – a giant predatory azhdarchid of the pterosaur family. The name comes from Azhdar, the dragon-like flying lizards of Persian mythology. While not dinosaurs, they lived in the same time period, had many of the same physical characteristics and probably ate each other. The fossils studied by Witton and co-author Darren Naish came from […] Read More

Giant Bird Seen in Wyoming

Thermopolis, Wyo. — A registered nurse says she saw a giant bird in Hot Springs County that he claims was not able to immediately identify. The 35-year-old Oklahoma native, who asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News that he was driving north on Buffalo Creek Rd on his way to Thermopolis when he came upon the unusual sighting about a month ago. “I observed a large dark raptor lift up off of the roadway,” she said. “I was struck by its large size and rapacious nature. It hit a ridge and soared up approximately 40 meters where it glided to a perch across the gorge to the east. It perched there broadside to me, approximately 300 meters away. After perching, I was able to glass it with 8x binoculars for a majority of the time. It would eventually fly directly up over the ridge just beyond the gorge where it […] Read More

Newly Discovered Tiny Pterosaur Flew With Early Birds

It has long been thought that pterosaurs – everyone’s favorite flying reptiles – had the skies to themselves until the late Cretaceous period when they died out and were replaced by birds. It seemed logical since pterosaur fossils were rarely found with early bird fossils. That’s no longer the case and paleontologists are redrawing their pictures of what the prehistoric skies looked like. Location of fossil find (a, b,c) and fossils (d) Researchers digging on Hornby Island in British Columbia, Canada, found a partial skeleton of a winged creature consisting of an arm bone (humerus), a fused vertebrae (notarium) and what look like pieces of other limbs. According to their report in the journal Royal Society Open Science, it was at first assumed to be a bird since bird fossils have been found on Hornby Island, but the notarium identified it as a small pterosaur with a wingspan of […] Read More

The Glowing Winged Woman of Vietnam

Most people with an interest in paranormal phenomena will be familiar with Mothman. Maybe you’ve also heard of its UK equivalent, the Owlman. Then there’s the Jersey Devil and Batsquatch. They are strange and ominous creatures with one thing in common: they are winged. But, all of them are easily rivaled – and maybe even eclipsed – by the flying woman of Vietnam. Yes, you did read that right. The creepy, one-off encounter with the woman of the skies occurred at the height of the Vietnam War, and specifically in Da Nang, a city on the south-central coast of Vietnam. It was in August 1969 that a man named Earl Morrison, along with several comrades, had the shock of his life. It was, very appropriately, in the dead of night when the menacing event occurred – and as the men were on guard-duty, keeping a careful look out for […] Read More

Van Meter Iowa Monster

For several nights in 1903, the small town of Van Meter, Iowa was terrorized by a giant bat-like creature that emerged from an old abandoned mine. The identity of this mysterious monster has never been discovered, but over 100 years later a new book is retelling the amazing tale and hoping to shed some light on what happened all those years ago. The legend dates back to the fall of 1903, when several of Van Meter’s most well respected citizens reported a half human, half animal with enormous, smooth bat wings flying about. The creature is described as moving at speeds the townsfolk had never witnessed before, plus it let off a powerful stench and shot a blinding light from its horned head. Each time the townsfolk encountered the creature they fired their guns at it, but this appeared to have no impact on the creature. On the first […] Read More

The Hellish Monster Flew

Like so many other villages in the ancient county of Devon, England, Widecombe-in-the-Moor has a curious history attached to it. On October 21, 1638, the village church, St. Pancras, was badly damaged by a lightning strike that killed four people and injured sixty-two. It transpires that there is far more than initially meets the eye with respect to this particular lightning strike. At the time of its occurrence, the clergyman was one George Lyde, who was born at Berry Pomeroy in 1601, and who was standing in the pulpit when the lightning struck. Fortunately, he narrowly avoided serious injury – if not death, even. Interestingly, although at the time the event was seen as the work of the Devil, there’s a school of thought that suggests the event was caused by that rare aerial phenomenon known as ball-lightning. Indeed, the phenomenon that led to both death and severe injury […] Read More