1879-1883: Strange encounters in open waters

When the still sea conspires an armor And her sullen and aborted Currents breed tiny monsters True sailing is dead Awkward instant And the first animal is jettisoned Legs furiously pumping Their stiff green gallop And heads bob up Poise Delicate Pause Consent In mute nostril agony Carefully refined And sealed over –Horse Latitudes, Poem by Jim Morrison. Thalassophobia is the compulsive fear of the sea or sea travel. That also extends to a fear of any large body of water, or what lurks beneath. Most of us land-dwellers have this phobia and for good reasons. We’re the post-Jaws, post-Black Lagoon generation and that usually means that we’ll think twice about taking a dip in a beach or lake. In 1879 an out of place object in the Atlantic waters gave Captain Edwards quite a shock. Three miles off the Rhode Island coast, the fishing vessel, the Amelia, was making its way onto the […] Read More

2017: ‘Dinosaur’ Shows Up in South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A dinosaur-like creature was reportedly spotted in South Carolina. Columbia resident Anita Sullivan told Cryptozoology News she was driving with her husband on Interstate 20 on Nov 30 when they came upon the animal at around 12.30 p.m… “We were headed eastbound, crossing the Broad River bridge. I was just looking out of the window causally and just happened to see what at first looked like a large snake moving slowly down the river, with his body moving slightly under the water,” said Sullivan. “It was coming north towards the bridge and it looked to the left as it came up, above the top of the water.” The sighting purportedly lasted about 10 seconds and Sullivan says she was not able to snap a picture of the aquatic being. “I was highly excited and freaked out! I didn’t think to take a picture.” The long-necked animal was […] Read More

2017: Mystery ‘Metal Starfish’ Found Off Rhode Island Coast

The metallic starfish (credit: Peter Brockmann) As fans of Lost will attest, it’s not a good idea to lift a hatch, open a strange door or move an odd object without having some idea of what might happen next. That could be the reason why residents and government officials are in no hurry to remove a seemingly unmovable starfish-shaped metallic object found about 10 feet offshore at low tide on East Beach in Westerly, Rhode Island. Has anyone checked it for numbers? It’s a bit of a mystery. The object resembles a starfish but is made of concrete and metal. And at first, Peter Brockmann, the president of the East Beach Association, was afraid to touch it, worried that it might be a bomb. [embedded content] “We wanted to figure out what it is before we go tugging on it,” Brockmann told The Westerly Sun last week, adding that […] Read More

2017: Are Mermaids Attacking People In Zimbabwe?

I am always getting a request to cover mermaids and I always reply that if I ever find an interesting story about them I will cover it. And to my surprise, I just recently found one. To most of us in the west mermaids are nothing more than crazy folklore but in other parts of the world especially certain regions in Africa they truly believe that mermaids exist. Not that long ago in Zimbabwe, three boys were herding cattle near a dam when they saw what they thought was a huge fish. So 2 of the boys jumped into the dam hoping to catch it with their bare hands. But this wasn’t a big fish it was a mermaid or a water spirit according to the other boy. He claimed to have seen a mermaid come out of the water, grab the boys, pull them underwater then it brings […] Read More

2014: New Lake Champlain Mystery

Since the early 19th century Lake Champlain, spanning the border between Vermont and New York state has been considered home to an American cousin of Nessie. Similar surveys of its waters have been done, with as inconclusive results. One modern search for the creature known as Champ has netted and interesting if inconclusive and equally mystifying result. According to WCAX News. BURLINGTON, Vt. – Dennis Hall spends much of his time monitoring Lake Champlain. “Normally there’s no noise. It was different. Different. And so clear,” said Hall. The Panton man is looking for a legend. He made headlines in 1985 when he claimed to spot the lake creature, known as Champ. “Something made the noises and it’s totally amazing,” said Hall. Since then, he’s been chasing Champ trying to record the mythical monster’s every move. “Not hearing anything like I heard before,” said Hall. I was listening with the […] Read More

1830-1886: The Monster of Elizabeth Lake

There are at least ten different Elizabeth Lakes in California. This one is in LA County near Palmdale and is perhaps the oldest one in the state. Legend states that the Devil himself created the lake and placed one of his own pets inside it. If you swim deep enough, eventually you will find a secret passage direct to the underworld which isn’t entirely far fetched, as the lake lies directly over the San Andres fault line. From this lake, a horrible monster came to be. Although there have been no reported sightings since the 1880s, there were a few from 1830 all the way up to 1886. The creature has been described as having bat wings, the neck of a giraffe, the head of a bulldog, six legs, a length of at least fifty feet, and emit a horrible nauseating stench. Several ranchers and owners of the land […] Read More

1958: Wetzel’s Riverside Monster

Stories of strange and weird phenomena are by their nature filled with weird occurrences and odd coincidences. So it may come as no surprise when certain names of people and places seem to re-appear over and over again when discussing these stories. For example, “Devil” or its derivatives appear in countless locations where ghosts, goblins, and boogeymen have lurked. California has several “devil” locations including Devil’s Knoll, Devil’s Gate Reservoir, Mount Diablo, and Devil’s Hole. One such name is Wetzel. In 1958, two completely different Charles Wetzels saw two completely different creatures in two completely different locations. The two had never met, were not related to each other, and ironically both also had sons named Charles. On Saturday, November 8, 1958, one Charles Wetzel was near Riverside, California when he encountered a strange bipedal, reptilian-like creature. He was driving on North Main Street and had arrived at the Santa […] Read More