The Murderous Ghost of the Chain Strangler

Ghosts are certainly scary enough as it is. Even scarier still is ghosts that lash out to do harm, and even more frightening than that is ghosts that kill. Although murderous ghosts have long been the realm of horror films, within the world of the paranormal it is actually quite rare for these apparitions to kill, yet it is not unheard of. For whatever reasons it seems that some spirits are more malevolent than most, and have the terrifying […] Read More

Dozens of ghost ships found off the coast of Japan

Ghost ships are vessels found adrift at sea with its crew either dead or missing under mysterious circumstances. They appear in folklore and historical accounts. Probably the most famous fictional ghost ship is the Flying Dutchman, the legend of which dates to the 18th century. Phantom vessels like the Mary Celeste, the HMS Resolute, and the SS Orang Medan are also very real occurrences that have been sighted throughout history.   So it’s no surprise that ghost ships have been […] Read More

Ghost Ships Manned by Skeletons Keep Coming to Japan

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series has great fun with ghost ships like the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman and the term “skeleton crew” has come to mean a minimal group of people running a project. However, nothing chills the souls of sailors like encountering a real ghost ship manned by real skeletons. That’s why there’s a great deal of concern surrounding 11 ghost ships found in the Sea of Japan with no crews on board but […] Read More

The Ghost Fleet of the Great Lakes

  When people think of ghost ships, they are typically most likely to envision the high seas and think of them as a phenomenon inherit to the vast open spaces of the world’s oceans. However, this is not always the case. In the Great Lakes of the United States, stories have long circulated of various ghostly vessels that patrol the waters there; so many in fact that locals have come to refer to them collectively as the “Ghost Fleet.” […] Read More

Lost Ship of the Desert

In the 1800’s, many stories began circulating throughout Southern California and beyond about a spectral ship lying half buried in the desert sands. Around that time, many migrants after Civil War passed through the desert on their way to California. Many reported that they saw a multi mast Spanish galleon. Multiple expeditions left looking for the ship, but none found it. Some claimed it was Noah’s Ark. Many more claimed that it was loaded with pearls, a fortune’s worth, […] Read More