8 Signs That Your House Is Haunted

Unusual and strange sounds in the middle of the night? Slamming of doors even when there’s no wind? Your dog, barking at nothing? Seeing unexplained shadow? These are the signs that should not be casually ignored, as they can mean something deeper. Sometimes, a human is not able to see the spirits, but an animal is. Thus, if you have a pet and its behavior has changed suddenly, do not ignore this. The people who do not care about […] Read More

Dark and Mysterious Cursed Movie Productions

The entertainment industry is a popular breeding ground for strange stories and bizarre tales. It also seems to draw to it much talk of mysterious curses that seem to settle down upon productions, characters, or even certain members of the crew. I have covered curses said to haunt horror movies here at Mysterious Universe before, but here I thought I would branch out into other types of films said to have potently bad mojo hanging over them. Here I […] Read More

Haunted doll makes chair rock on This Morning TV Show

Viewers watching This Morning tv show in the UK were spooked as a haunted doll started to rock the chair it was sitting in live on air. Debbie Merrick and her husband brought the doll to the studio to talk about how the doll has tormented them since they bought it. The couple bought three china dolls for just £5.00 at a second hand shop only to find out one of the dolls was possessed. Debbie said that her […] Read More

A Spooky Tour Through Haunted Disneyland

In the world of strange hauntings and say places there is sometimes a place that seems like it couldn’t be more different from what one might imagine such a place should be. Perhaps nowhere else could be further from the typical impression of a haunted place than the world famous Disneyland, in Anaheim, Florida. This is a place of good times, bright characters, and happy, smiling people. How could it possibly be haunted? However, it seems that beyond the […] Read More

Iowa’s Frightening Malvern Manor is Haunted by Dark Entities and Ghosts of the Mentally-Disturbed

Every once and a while I’ll discover a haunted location that completely captivates me, even though I’ve never stepped foot inside. Malvern Manor is one of those places. There’s something about the shabby white building located in Malvern, Iowa that screams haunted. I often find that when buildings have gone through many incarnations they have that type of energy about them, as if the ghosts still residing within its walls are all fighting to have the building remembered for […] Read More

Ghosts in the Machine: The Strange World of Haunted TVs

Even as we have progressed as a species and our technology has become ever more advanced, stories of hauntings and communications from the dead have always followed us around. The only difference is that they seemed to have evolved along beside us, changing along with our world and seemingly working their way into our technology. Whereas once ghosts leapt out from old decrepit houses and Ouija boards, now they seem to have a whole new world of avenues through […] Read More

A Wailing Ghost In Brooklyn

XAVIER ORTEGA Sr. Editor at GhostTheory A cold darkness permeated Brooklyn’s east side one night in 1894. Under a bright moonlight, the cobblestone streets glistened as a thick fog poured over them. A fog that made its way down the hills surrounding Brooklyn’s Ward 27. An area surrounded by cemeteries that were almost as old as the dark, wet dirt that fills them. On these empty streets, five young women found themselves ankle-deep in a coiling fog. In a hurry, they decided […] Read More

The Mystery of the Phantom Black Flash

A common feature in the world of the strange and paranormal is that of the phantom being. Throughout history there have been various stories, tales, and reports of bizarre, mysterious shadowy figures that seem to lurk just beyond the periphery of our reality, to only make themselves known when they wish to instill terror within our hearts. These shadow people and phantom figures seem to have have rooted themselves into our collective consciousness, and they are reported in both […] Read More

Mysterious Cases of Creepy Cursed Dolls

Dolls are certainly creepy enough as it is. With their dead stares as they look off into the distance, and their weird features that seem almost a mockery of the human form, it is no wonder these objects have become a favorite of a plentitude of horror stories and movies. Yet it appears that stories of these dolls becoming even more frightening than their unsettling appearance may suggest bring accounts of cursed, haunted, or possessed dolls from beyond the […] Read More

The Mysteries of Virginia’s Cursed Forest

There is no shortage of haunted forests in the world. Indeed, forests at night when there is no one around do tend to have a decidedly spooky vibe that is very fitting for scary stories and urban legends, and it is often no wonder they are the scene of so many terrifying tales. Of all of these alleged haunted woods, perhaps one of the most allegedly active is a small, remote wood in the US state of Virginia which […] Read More

The Ghosts of Golden Gate Park

Tales of ghostly phenomena are far from being confined to remote, isolated places in the dark old houses and crumbling buildings of the world. Indeed, there are alleged ghosts and specters that don’t seem to mind at all a little company, or even a lot, for some of the more famous eerie stories of hauntings come to us from locations that attract droves of people, changing our image of just where we can expect to experience these spooky phenomena. […] Read More

Exploring America’s Most Cursed and Haunted Tunnels

What is it about tunnels that make them such spooky places? Is it the dark, gloomy, often claustrophobic confines of their cold walls? Is it their entrances, where roads or tracks lead off from the light only to peter out and fade away into the gloom ahead, almost as if being erased from existence? Or is it their almost universal potent symbolic nature as portals from one place to another, just as doors are?  Is there some subconscious influence […] Read More