1866: Kearny Street Ghost

Back in January of 1866, a man wrote a story about a spirit residing on Kearny Street in San Francisco. The story was published in the Territorial Enterprise, a newspaper in Virginia City, Nevada and the man who wrote it, the San Francisco correspondent for the paper, was Mark Twain. The Kearny Street Ghost Story Territorial Enterprise, January 1866 Disembodied spirits have been on the rampage now for more than a month past in the house of one Albert Krum, in Kearny street – so much so that the family find it impossible to keep a servant forty-eight hours. The moment a new and unsuspecting servant-maid gets fairly to bed and her light blown out, one of those dead and damned scalliwags takes her by the hair and just “hazes” her; grabs her by the waterfall and snakes her out of bed and bounces her on the floor two […] Read More

1873: Spirits Attack at the Huckleberry Strip

Here’s a strange account clipped from the Savannah Morning News – August 30, 1873: All Cumru Township, over in Berks County, is agitated from the fact that a spirit settlement has taken up its abode in a narrow strip of wood about five miles from the city of Reading, on the road leading out to Kohl’s Mill. It was a raw, damp night when your correspondent alighted at the roadside inn, about a half-mile from the above place. The wind howled, and the swaying of the heavy branches of sturdy oaks creaked and sighed, and gave echo to the croaking owl away over on the mountainside. I need not describe one of these quaint old revolutionary relics–these Pennsylvania country wayside inns. In the barroom sat seven men, whose sun-browned features and shaggy whiskers told of long years of toil on the farm and wood-chopping on the hills. A coal-oil […] Read More

1878: Terror On Clinton Avenue

On a cold December night in 1878, Edward F. Smith decided to walk down to the Myrtle avenue police station. He hadn’t had much sleep in the past two weeks and was beginning to question his own sanity. Mr. Smith was as passionate as a skeptic as he was a master builder. He worked in a world with tangible objects, and rational fears. A world where ghosts and spirits were nothing but mere tales for distraction. However, for the past few weeks Edward, his wife, and his two young daughters had been terrorized by what they could only assume were phantoms living inside their old Knickerbocker-styled home on Clinton Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. Barging through the precinct’s doors Edward rattled the late-shift awake. The few police officers unfortunate enough to work the late shift that cold night stopped and stared at the wild-eyed man. The man’s bloodshot eyes […] Read More

1887: Haunted by a Fire Spook

A case of spontaneous fires in a home in the town of Woodstock, New Brunswick is the subject of the following article published in the Bangor, Maine Daily Whig on August 10, 1887: Woodstock, N.B., is greatly excited, says a “Boston Herald” dispatch, over the strange and inexplicable scenes which have been enacted in a little, two-story frame house on Victoria street, occupied by Reginald C. Hoyt, a picture frame dealer, who does business on Main street, a few doors above the Wilbur House. His family, consisting of his wife, five children, and two nieces, are in a state of mental fear, dread, and anxiety, and will probably vacate the house at once. Between eleven o’clock, Friday morning, and noon, Saturday, no less than forty fires broke out in various parts of the house, and bedding, furniture, window shades, clothing, and various household articles were partially destroyed. Only untiring […] Read More

1894: A Wailing Ghost In Brooklyn

XAVIER ORTEGA Sr. Editor at GhostTheory A cold darkness permeated Brooklyn’s east side one night in 1894. Under a bright moonlight, the cobblestone streets glistened as a thick fog poured over them. A fog that made its way down the hills surrounding Brooklyn’s Ward 27. An area surrounded by cemeteries that were almost as old as the dark, wet dirt that fills them. On these empty streets, five young women found themselves ankle-deep in a coiling fog. In a hurry, they decided to cut across an empty lot near Knickerbocker Avenue. As the ladies made their way through the lot, something made them stop dead in their tracks. Something white up ahead. The wafting fog grew more and more as the women shivered together. Just then, a hysterical cry ripped through the fog, sending a bolt of lightning down their chilled spines. Before any of them could move, much less utter a […] Read More

1967?: The Haunted House On The Hudson

If you keep driving past New York City, away from the blaring lights and sounds you’ll eventually drive past the small town of Nyack, New York. There, at the end of a listless cul-de-sac, there stands a two-story rambling affair at the edge of the Hudson River. Inside, a dark history hides within the walls. The house on 1 LaVeta Place had been a boarding house and a private residence since it was built in the early 1900s. When a couple named George and Helen Ackley moved into the house in the early 1960s stories began to circulate around the town of strange goings-on inside the house; otherworldy stories from Ackleys themselves. The Ackley’s shared the house with her children and grandchildren and had been reporting to their neighbor’s phantom footsteps, knockings, doors opening and slamming, and beds shaking violently with no possible explanation. A decade later, the family […] Read More

1998: The Ghosts Of Sackett Street

From the outside, 455a Sackett seems like an ordinary Brooklyn brownstone. Unassuming and uninviting, you wouldn’t look twice at the building if you were to pass by. However, to those few people that know, there’s a dark history associated with the building. A history of unexplained fires, disembodied voices of children, and other unimaginable tragedies has plagued the building and several former tenants. On April of 1998, Jane and her family moved into the brownstone unaware of its dark history. Jane: I wrote about this briefly in a prior article in 2001. To recap: we moved into 455a Sackett street when I was 14 years old, on April 1, 1998. from the moment we moved in, something was so not right. It was an incredibly dark apartment… though we should have been thrilled because it was the first apartment we’d ever had with more than one floor. There were […] Read More

2000: Ghost Light Directory

THE LIST 1) The Marfa Lights – Chianti Mountains in Southwest Texas between the towns of Alpine and Marfa.  Seen along a 35 mile stretch of US Hwy 90.  Multiple lights.   2) Brown Mountain Lights (I)- 8 miles Northwest of Morgantown, Nc.  Best views- Wiseman’s View, Linville, Grandfather Mountain, Table Rock or Rt. 181 Overlook.  Pink-orange or reddish in color.  Hovers from 1 to 15 minutes.  So bright that they can be seen from Blowing Rock, 20 miles to the Northeast.  John Harden, chronicler of Tar Heelia enigmas first saw them in 1850.   3) Maco Light (I) (D) – Near Wilmington, NC.  First appeared in 1867 near Hood’s Creek along Atlantic Coast Line Tracks.  One white, one green and weaves 3 feet above tracks.  Surname Joe Baldwin’s Light.   4) Summerville, SC – was Sheep Island Road.  Light discovered in December 1961.  Reported in mid-March 1962 by […] Read More

2000: Iowa Ghost Files

Ackley – Hazel Green Cemetery Algona – Gypsy Cemetery Algona – Plum Creek Alton – Floyd Amana – Ghost Corner Ames – C. Y. Stephens Auditorium at Iowa State University Ames – Memorial Union Hall at Iowa State University Anamosa – Holy Cross Cemetery Appanoose – Centerville – RR Tracks Avon – RR Tracks Bloomfield – Davis County Middle School Boone – The Boone News – Republican Boone – Kate Shelly High Bridge Boone – State Nursing Home & Hospital Buckeye – House Burlington – National Guard Armory Burlington – Stony Hollow Carrollton Cedar Falls – Lawther Hall  at University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls – Bartlett Hall at University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls – The Strayer-Wood Theatre at University of Northern Iowa Cedar Rapids – Brucemore Cedar Rapids – Coe Cedar Rapids – Domino’s Pizza Cedar Rapids – Mckinley Middle School Cedar Rapids – Mount Mercy (Stello […] Read More