The Mysteries of Virginia’s Cursed Forest

There is no shortage of haunted forests in the world. Indeed, forests at night when there is no one around do tend to have a decidedly spooky vibe that is very fitting for scary stories and urban legends, and it is often no wonder they are the scene of so many terrifying tales. Of all of these alleged haunted woods, perhaps one of the most allegedly active is a small, remote wood in the US state of Virginia which is so thoroughly steeped in the unknown that it is almost in a category unto itself. Let us take a look at the weird and very often terrifying cursed woods of Virginia. Along the picturesque coast of Chesapeake Bay, located in the Tidewater area of Mathews County, Virginia is the quaint, sleepy little town of Diggs. Aside from its charming locale and scenic coastal scenery, the rural town is otherwise […] Read More

The Ghosts of Golden Gate Park

Tales of ghostly phenomena are far from being confined to remote, isolated places in the dark old houses and crumbling buildings of the world. Indeed, there are alleged ghosts and specters that don’t seem to mind at all a little company, or even a lot, for some of the more famous eerie stories of hauntings come to us from locations that attract droves of people, changing our image of just where we can expect to experience these spooky phenomena. One such place can be found sprawled out within the city of San Francisco, California, in the United States. Here in one of the most visited parks in America there allegedly lurk more than one mysterious phantom, which roam the shadows among its many visitors. Lying within the city of San Francisco, California is the sprawling expanse of green known as Golden Gate Park. Measuring over three miles (4.8 km) […] Read More

Exploring America’s Most Cursed and Haunted Tunnels

What is it about tunnels that make them such spooky places? Is it the dark, gloomy, often claustrophobic confines of their cold walls? Is it their entrances, where roads or tracks lead off from the light only to peter out and fade away into the gloom ahead, almost as if being erased from existence? Or is it their almost universal potent symbolic nature as portals from one place to another, just as doors are?  Is there some subconscious influence on us due to this deeply ingrained archetype as portals and passages through darkness and space between two points which would normally be completely isolated from each other? Perhaps due to a combination of all of these these factors, tunnels have long drawn to them stories of the supernatural and the bizarre, and indeed they represent some of the most allegedly haunted or cursed places there are. Here we will […] Read More

The Haunted Amusement Park of Shawnee Lake

Amusement parks are supposed to be places for fun, where the whole family can enjoy themselves, and while that may certainly be true at the best of times, it certainly seems that these places sure can be some of the creepiest around in death. There just seems to be a certain, palpable sense of dread inspired by abandoned amusement parks. Maybe its the juxtaposition between the once bright smiling faces of the past now faded and contrasting with the feral, overgrown tangles of brush and hulks of long dead, forgotten machinery presently scattered about that strikes a chord of unease in us. Maybe it is our natural aversion to places that have been forsaken and left to rot. Or perhaps it is something more; something even spookier. One abandoned amusement park in West Virginia, in the United States, has such a brutal past and history of misfortune and death […] Read More

The Haunted House On The Hudson

If you keep driving past New York City, away from the blaring lights and sounds you’ll eventually drive past the small town of Nyack, New York. There, at the end of a listless cul-de-sac there stands a two-story rambling affair at the edge of the Hudson River. Inside, a dark history hides within the walls. The house on 1 LaVeta Place had been a boarding house and a private residence since it was built in the early 1900s. When a couple named George and Helen Ackley moved into the house in the early 1960s stories began to circulate around the town of strange goings-on inside the house; otherworldy stories from Ackleys themselves. The Ackleys shared the house with her children and grandchildren and had been reporting to their neighbors phantom footsteps, knockings, doors opening and slamming, and beds shaking violently with no possible explanation. A decade later, the family […] Read More

Tales of Possessed Cars

We sort of take cars for granted. They are the workhorses of the transportation world and pretty much everyone reading this has likely ridden in one at least once. They are ubiquitous, useful, and have changed the face of our world. However, have you even thought if it would be possible for one to be haunted or possessed by a dark force? If we have haunted places and possessed people, then is it possible for us to have haunted or possessed cars as well? This idea has been explored in literature and in the movies, but have you ever considered that any of it could really happen? Well, if accounts are anything to go by, then indeed it could, and has. It turns out that there are a good many cars that have been deemed to be either possessed, cursed, haunted, or all of the above, and certainly tend […] Read More

Haunted by a Fire Spook

A case of spontaneous fires in a home in the town of Woodstock, New Brunswick is the subject of the following article published in the Bangor, Maine Daily Whig on August 10, 1887: Woodstock, N.B., is greatly excited, says a “Boston Herald” dispatch, over the strange and inexplicable scenes which have been enacted in a little, two-story frame house on Victoria street, occupied by Reginald C. Hoyt, a picture frame dealer, who does business on Main street, a few doors above the Wilbur House. His family, consisting of his wife, five children and two nieces, are in a state of mental fear, dread, and anxiety, and will probably vacate the house at once. Between eleven o’clock, Friday morning, and noon, Saturday, no less than forty fires broke out in various parts of the house, and bedding, furniture, window shades, clothing, and various household articles were partially destroyed. Only untiring […] Read More

The Mysterious Haunted Tunnels of World War II

Humankind has long sought to dig down into the depths of the world, to create vaults, caves, tunnels, and caverns beneath the very ground we walk on. These subterranean networks tend to lie forgotten under our feet as life above ground churns along at its hectic pace. Many do not realize that just under the surface of the bright world we know, lying deep under the earth we walk upon are complex realms which have remained hidden in the dark from the eyes of mankind. These underground places can sometimes hold mysteries just as bizarre and fascinating as any of the myriad enigmas to be found above ground, making the deep dark of our planet and its forbidding, claustrophobic atmosphere a place where mysteries congeal and lurk down out of sight. These are the dark forsaken places of the world; places of strange mysteries in an inky blackness populated […] Read More

Towers of Terror: Haunted Skyscrapers of the World

The landscape of human habitation has changed dramatically over the centuries, as we have gone from the small hamlets and villages of centuries past to ever more grandiose mega cities of towering steel and concrete. As society becomes ever more crammed into sprawling cities and our buildings become higher and higher in feats of architectural wizardry, it seems that the landscape of hauntings has in some respect changed as well. Far from being confined to old, secluded houses, ghost stories too have moved into our cities to inhabit our highest buildings. As our cities soar higher, so too it seems do the specters and phantoms that prowl our nightmares, evolving right along with us. These are the stories of those haunted places of the world that lie not around us but over us, from which spectral eyes gaze down upon our city streets below. These are the haunted skyscrapers […] Read More

Haunted Pub For Sale But Buyers Beware at Haunted Asylum

If one of the items on your bucket list is owning a haunted British pub (wait a minute – aren’t they ALL haunted?), then grab your checkbook and head to Hurst Green in Lancashire where the Punch Bowl is up for sale. It’s said to be haunted by Ned King, a friend of fellow notorious 1700s highwayman Dick Turpin, who was captured at the Punch Bowl and hanged from one of its trees. While Turpin’s ghost seems to be everywhere, Old Ned stays mostly at the Punch Bowl, where he and his horse Black Tarquin have provided the usual strange noises and other paranormal disturbances. Exorcisms were performed there, most recently in 1942, but locals say he’s still around and will be sold with the building. The Punch Bowl is a popular stopping site for haunted tours but is no longer open as a pub. If you lose out […] Read More

Mysterious Haunted Trees of the World

  We seem to live in a haunted world. The world is peppered with all manner of haunted places, forests, buildings, even dolls and airplanes. Something beyond our experience and understanding seems to seep though into our reality and imbue these places and objects with some otherworldly force that tantalizes us with strangeness and at times pure, unfiltered horror. Yet some of the most bizarre targets of hauntings and ghostly occurrences are not mere inanimate objects or buildings, but the twisted branches of the various haunted trees of the world. Yes, trees. It is in fact not such a strange notion, as stories of haunted trees can be found throughout history in a wide variety of cultures all over the world. As we shall see, when it comes to ghastly, paranormal phenomena, trees can certainly rank among some of the spookiest. By far one of the most famous cases […] Read More

Haunted Woolworth Mansion Destroyed by Mysterious Fire

A haunted mansion in New York built by the founder of the F.W. Woolworth’s retail chain was gutted this week by a mysterious fire – nearly 100 years after it was built to replace a previous mansion also destroyed by a mysterious fire. Did the ghost of the founder’s daughter have anything to do with it? Before there was Sam Walton and Walmart, there was Frank Winfield “F.W.” Woolworth and the “Woolworth’s Great Five Cent Store,” one of the first retail stores to sell household goods. Started in 1878 in Utica, New York, it became one of the world’s largest retail chains  before competitors like Walmart forced it out of business in 1997. Little is written about the mysterious fire that destroyed Woolworth’s first mansion. To replace it, he spent nine million dollars (in today’s money) on Winfield Hall in the exclusive Glen Cove neighborhood on Long Island, finishing […] Read More