Your Own Haunted Castle

For the low low price of £500,000 you can own this lovely haunted castle. Bedlay Castle, located just northeast of Glasgow, comes with nearly 10 acres of land. During the Middle Ages this land was owned by the Bishop of Glasgow, but in 1580 the property was given to Robert Boyd, 4th Lord Boyd of Kilmarnock, who built his own castle at a natural defensive point. The 16th century building is a simple tower house of two storeys and an attic. The tower house was around 13 by 7.5 metres, and had a square stair tower protruding from the north-east corner. At the ground floor were two vaulted cellars, with a hall above. The stair tower was later modified by the addition of an extra storey, reached by a spiral stair corbelled out from the join of the stair tower and the main block. In 1642 the was sold […] Read More

Haunted Disneyland: Security Camera Shows Ghost at the Haunted Mansion

For many years stories have swirled about certain areas of the Disneyland PArks being haunted. Disney has always been very hush hush about this but now a new video has emerged which was apparently shot from the security control room after the park was closed. If you watch carefully you will see a vaporous figure emerge from the Haunted Mansion and walk down the walkway and continues to walk through the park. Do you think it’s real? Let us know! Related articles 15 Signs That We Live During A Time Of Rampant Government Paranoia Having a Bad Day? A Positive Mindset Starts With These 4 Simple Steps Natural Phenomenon That Is Anything but Natural Understanding The Convenience Of Cash Loans 8 People With Illnesses Go To The Amazon Jungle To Get Better. Their Story Is Incredible Moon Robot Will Broadcast In Virtual-Reality Video They Live

2014: Poveglia | The Italian haunted island goes on sale

One of the scariest places in the world has ended up on an online auction to raise money to assist in paying the national debt of Italy. This small deserted island of Poveglia in the lagoon of Venice, that was once hit by plague, has been marked as haunted and was not an unfair definition.   The Italian government expects to collect about half a billion euro, hoping that the prospective owners will not get scared of its story. However, Poveglia not only was uninhabited but going to the island was prohibited, as it hosted people with infectious diseases. There, thousands of dead and patients with plague were thrown to bury or die. So it is no coincidence that many fear that the ghosts of the dead are still haunting the island. On the 17 acres of the island there are the ruins of a castle of the 15th […] Read More

Enfield Poltergeist

Stories of poltergeist activity have been an interest of mine, perhaps more so than other kinds of alleged “hauntings”. This stems mostly from some of the evident peculiarities and similarities amongst the cases. This is just a short review, but the phenomenon almost always begins as a tapping or knocking sound that is heard. This is where we get the term from anyway, it roughly translates from German into English as ‘noisy-ghost or spirit’. The phenomenon is usually focused on a pubescent child in the home, almost exclusively a girl. This fact has lead some Parapsychologists to theorize that the Poltergeist Phenomenon may actually originate from the mind of the child in the form of recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis. The idea is that perhaps as these girls are undergoing the normal process of development, the stress and/or hormones causes the girls to unconsciously act out in less than normal ways […] Read More

Watch your computer! It may be haunted!

Watch your computer! It may be haunted! Nearly all industry relies on computers of some sort to do their work. The computer is a revolution – if you want to get somewhere in life, get a computer! Everyone is using them now, – even Ghosts, it would seem. In May 1988 Alice, a cleaner working in an architect’s office, was about to start her shift when she noticed one of the staff computers had been left switched on. She didn’t know much herself about computers, but knew it was on from the flickering screen. She stepped closer to the flickering screen but realised it wasn’t part of her job and if she switched it off, she may get in trouble as unsaved information might be on there. The next night she noticed that the same computer still with the same flickering screen was on again, but still ignored it. […] Read More

Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House is legendary now. The construction of Sarah Winchester, the house was kept in perpetual construction while she was alive. Mrs. Winchester believed that as long as construction kept up night and day, then the spirits of the people killed by the Winchester rifle would be appeased. As a result, the mansion is a convoluted maze of hallways and rooms with some staircases and doors leading no where. There is even a door that opens up to thin air several feet off the ground. Her sense of paranoia was further enhanced as a result of the deaths of her husband and infant daughter. Additionally Sarah Winchester was obsessed with the number 13. A variety of items are grouped in sets of 13 or appear only in numbers of 13, such as 13 panes of glass or 13 palm trees or 13 bathrooms. Also a lot of the […] Read More