1947: Ancient Civilization Beneath Death Valley?

EXPEDITION REPORTS NINE-FOOT SKELETONS August 4, 1947 edition of the San Diego Union. Photo: Newspaper clipping from San Diego Union.  According to the clipping, explorers had unearthed, near the Arizona-Nevada-California line, the mummified remains of strangely costumed giants which the discoverers dated to around 80,000 years ago. The Union reported that a Howard E. Hill of Los Angeles was recounting the work of Dr. F. Bruce Russell, a retired Cincinnati physician who had originally located the first of several tunnels near Death Valley in 1931 but had not been able to return to the area until 1947. With the help of Dr. Daniel S. Bovee, who with Hill’s father had once helped open up New Mexico’s cliff dwellings, Russell had recovered the remains of several men of 8 to 9 feet in height. “These giants,” said Hill, “are clothed in garments consisting of a medium length jacket and trouser […] Read More

2012: Ancient Red-Haired Giants in Lovelock, Nevada, USA

Humboldt River Near Lovelock The Paiute Indians have a legend about their ancestors and red-haired giants. These giants, known as Si-Te-Cah, used to kill and eat the Paiute tribes. Though the Si-Te-Cah were small in numbers, they posed a dire threat to the Paiute, who were beginning to settle the area. Legend has it that the Paiute cornered and forced the giants underground, into a cave system, piled brush over the entrance, and set it on fire with flaming arrows, extinguishing the Si-Te-Cah for good. The trail to the cave   View from the cave, final resting point for red-haired ancient Americans? Modern historians and anthropologists have dismissed this legend as a fantasy and allegorical myth, but others have claimed that archaeological finds indicate otherwise. Could there really have been a race of Caucasoid giants that inhabited North America before the Native Americans? Are the artifacts discovered in Lovelock Cave […] Read More

2012: Giants in the Americas: Yesterday and Today

By Scott Corrales Alexander Mackenzie and Simon Fraser, the first explorers to venture into the pathless northwestern areas of Canada, were cautioned by the native tribes he encountered that hideous, destructive creatures prowled the region: the tall peaks of British Columbia were home to eight-foot tall Sasquatches, the broad river to which Mackenzie would give his name was the lair of the “Brush Man of the Loucheaux”, a yellow-eyed monster who, like Beowulf’s Grendel, feasted on human flesh, showing preference for tender helpings of women and children. The rocky barrens held even greater terrors, such as the dreaded Weetigo, a fanged giant. Even scarier were the towering headhunters of the Nahanni Valley, and the invisible creatures said to haunt the shores of the Great Slave Lake. While primitive peoples are fond of creating all manner of monsters to occupy regions beyond their immediate scope of action, could it be […] Read More


AND THEIR HIDDEN UFO BASES SOME OF THE GREATEST ANTHROPOLOGICAL AND SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES OF MODERN MAN WELCOME TO THE SOLOMON GIANTS.COM (long gone) Contained in this Website is extraordinary information that brings to the forefront of worldwide issues that has been tormenting intellectuals for centuries. It is about two phenomenal discoveries that I have found existing in the Solomon Islands and this Website is a further attempt once again to bring them to the attention of the Modern World. The first discovery is about how the people of the Solomon Islands have shared their Islands with ‘previously undiscovered to the modern world’ race of hominoids for millennia right to this present day, and for a variety of reasons explained, this has not been known about by the rest of the World, until now. The second discovery is about the whereabouts of hidden UFO Bases that I have found existing […] Read More

2013: Giant Humans from the past

Madness by Think Hello kiddies and welcome to another ride on the rollercoaster of life, the coaster that even with proof, we will deny. This time lets look at Giants, Giants in our past. REAL? FAKE? You be the JUDGE! Giant (mythology) http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant (mythology) The mythology and legends of many different cultures include monsters of human appearance but prodigious size and strength. “Giant” is the English word (coined 1297) commonly used for such beings, derived from one of the most famed examples: the gigantes (Greek “γίγαντες”) of Greek mythology. In various Indo-European mythologies, gigantic peoples are featured as primeval creatures associated with chaos and the wild nature, and they are frequently in conflict with the gods, be they Olympian, Nartian, Hindu or Norse. We have all heard the tales of giants: Jack and the Beanstalk http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack and the Beanstalk “Jack and the Beanstalk” is a British fairy tale. (1842 and Joseph Jacobs rewrote it in English Fairy Tales (1890 Jacobs’ version is most … Gashadokuro http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gashadokuro In Japanese folklore, Gashadokuro, (がしゃどくろ) […] Read More

2013: Jim Vieira and the Giants

Madness by Think There is lots of talk about Jim Vieira and his Giants, are they real or a Giant Hoax? There have been reports of Giant skeletons found all over the world. There seems to be more found here? These Red Haired Giants were reported by Native groups throughout history. Even in my neck of the woods, we have mounds and lots of them. 10 years ago I was talking with a guy who is at the top of his field in Archaeology and stated that the history of our past has not only been deliberately covered up but is vastly different then what we are told. Here you go and more to follow. Ross Hamilton, Jim Vieira & Hugh Newman | Giants, Mound … http://information-machine.blogspot.com3/17/13 Ross Hamilton, Jim Vieira & Hugh Newman | Giants, Mound Builders & Etheric Energy, March 17, 2013 … March 17, 2013–In this […] Read More

2015: Sleeping Giants in Stasis Chambers Ready to Awaken — Videos Included

In the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode on Gaiam TV, Corey Goode makes some startling claims about sleeping giants located in stasis chambers hidden all around the world. He says that during his down-time in secret space program assignments (1987-2007) he would review information on “smart glass pads.” The pads were a Wikipedia-like repository of information that personnel in the Solar Warden and other secret space programs could access about various aspects of ancient Earth history, extraterrestrial life, advanced technologies, etc. Goode described seeing information about giants that once lived on Earth, now sleeping in stasis chambers. Goode described stasis chambers as being originally built by an “Ancient Builder Race” who used crystal technologies to create time bubbles in which the flow of time on the inside is much slower than the outside. Thirty minutes can elapse inside the time bubble, while 30,000 years speed by on the outside according […] Read More

2016: An Underground City of Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon?

Even with advances in modern-day archaeology, most of the world’s buried cities still remain a mystery. Amazing discoveries require great efforts and sometimes, an even greater amount of luck. If we were to trust Early 20th Century Journalism, we would learn that serendipity led to the doorstep of the most famous and fascinating underground city of giants discovered to date. According to an article published in The Arizona Gazette on April 5, 1909, the Grand Canyon was once home to a civilization that most likely consisted of individuals of cyclopean proportions. If such a civilization ever lived, surely it would have left behind some structure as a testament of its existence. The article mentions the discovery of an enormous underground citadel by an explorer named G.E. Kinkaid, who stumbled upon it while rafting on the Colorado River. It is worth mentioning that Kinkaid was an established archaeologist and had […] Read More