Rock Stars and Mysterious Curses

Among the many musicians of the world, rock bands and rock stars seem to have drawn to themselves an extraordinarily impressive number of strange stories and odd legends. There seems to be no end to the amount of bizarreness surrounding them and their often rather eccentric, decadent lifestyles. Among the many, myriad tales of rock star madness and weirdness are those bands and musicians who seem to have been cursed by some evil, dark force that haunted them and […] Read More

Ominous Curses and Dark Mysteries of the Musical World

Music is an indelible part of human nature that has had a profound impact on us since time unremembered. It has a powerful ability to affect our moods, our thoughts, our minds, and indeed our lives. Few things have the power to shape and influence us as much as music, so it is no surprise that the world of music is often just as mysterious or even sinister as it is beautiful or influential. History is rife with strange […] Read More

What Music Really Is, What Is It, and What It Is Not

Music, Sound and other Acoustic Phenomena are discussed and analyzed in their NUMERICAL FORM only, and visualized exactly as they are perceived through the sense of hearing. This is a Holly Grail for the innocent music lover, player and composer, who for the first time in history have the possibility of understanding what is music from a holistic point of view that doesn’t limit theory to one system only. By Bo Constantinsen, author of The “Research” section on […] Read More