2007: Orbs!

The word detonates a frenzy of emotion and debate. Are the orbs that mysteriously appear in digital photographs merely flash backscatter from dust and mist or lens flares and reflections — or is it concrete proof that spirit beings DO exist? On the other hand, are all of these answers simply naive? Is the unknown knowable? For the record, I prefer my anomalous mysteries corporeal. When it comes to ghosts, give me reports of “phantom hitchhikers” and poltergeists any old day. Love to offer one of those lovely ladies a ride!  (Be careful what you wish for.) I like my Transient Anomalies to affect our environment, even if only temporarily. We all know that UFOs and UFOnauts, monsters and cryptids, Men in Black and “Little People” can be as real as you or I one minute, turn translucent than transparent an instant later, then be gone just-like-that gone in […] Read More