2012: Analogies of Reality

The Puzzle of The Truth of Reality. The spread of the disease of artificial fulfillment shattered the truth of our existence into many pieces. We could locate every belief system and study each belief system until we discovered the piece of the truth contained within each belief system, and ultimately put the puzzle back together to reveal the truth, or we can look within our own souls because the truth remains intact within each of us. When The Truth Of Reality shattered, the pieces of the truth were scattered. As we stumbled across these pieces of the truth, each piece of the truth was taken as the whole truth. Each piece of the truth was built upon so that each piece of the truth became the whole truth to those who found each piece of the truth. Those who found each piece of the truth followed their small or […] Read More

2012: Reality Conscious Awareness

Reality in everyday usage means “everything that exists”. The term “Reality“, in its widest sense, includes everything that is, whether it is observable, accessible or understandable by science, philosophy, theology or any other system of analysis. Reality in this sense may include both being and nothingness, whereas existence is often restricted to being (compare with nature). In the strict sense of Western philosophy, there are levels or gradation to the nature and conception of reality. These levels include, from the most subjective to the most rigorous: phenomenological reality, truth, fact, and axiom. Other philosophies, particularly those founded in Buddhism, have different explications of reality. Conceptions of reality in Buddhism include: dharma, paramattha dhamma, samsara and maya. Phenomenological Reality On a much broader and more subjective level, the private experiences, curiosity, inquiry, and selectivity involved in the personal interpretation of an event shapes reality as seen by one and only […] Read More

2013: Remote Island Contains Alien-Like Plant Life

That bizarre-looking tree in the photo above isn’t part of the latest concept art for the Avatar sequel. Nope. Called the Dragon’s Blood Tree it’s one of hundreds of strange, almost alien-like, plants that thrive on the remote Socotra Island hiding in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Socotra Island is not only home to some of the strangest-looking plant life on the planet. It’s also home to an amazing bit of architecture and some of the rarest birds in the world and has been labeled a heritage site meaning that it will remain in its mostly untouched condition despite almost 40,000 residents.

2013: Which Reality Do You Choose?

In the winter of 1996, my friend Sunny came to visit me in South Dakota. She stayed a few days and the day before she was to leave, we had a knowingness that we needed to go to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, about 90 miles away. It was snowing and the weather forecast called for 8-10 inches, but we decided this was something we needed to do regardless of the weather. When we drove onto Interstate 90, the snow was already piling up. We commented on how beautiful it was and quickly forgot the weather conditions, as we became absorbed in talking about why we were making this pilgrimage and what we would do when we reached the formation. The journey went quickly and as we approached Sundance, Wyoming, I said we best stop at the rest area because there would be no facilities open at Devil’s Tower. As I […] Read More

2014: How A Mirror Can Help You Realize Something Very Important About Yourself

Thought-provoking theories are what I am drawn towards, and we are in a period of existence where many thought-provoking theories are gaining more and more recognition as being true. Science has always been behind because science needs proof, yet this is the exact reason why science is always behind. Consciousness is and always will come before science! We all have probably heard that saying: “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being SELF-EVIDENT.” Self evident is capitalized because this is the most important factor, one must go through the personal experience to know this quote to be true. Looking back into our history (everything is HERE and NOW, so I speak in linear terms) it was once thought that the Earth was flat, many people opposed this theory and many people lost their lives because they […] Read More

2014: Natural Phenomenon That Is Anything but Natural

A lot of things happen for no reason, but some bizarre natural phenomenon remains a mystery and holds such fascination, long after explanations are already made. Sailing Stones Also known as sliding rocks and moving rocks, the name pretty much says it all for this natural occurrence. What makes it amazing, however, is not just the fact that the stones move all by themselves every 2 or 3 years, but because the tracks they make develop over 3 or 4 years. After years of research, the cause of the moving stones has also been identified as ice shove, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, considering that sailing stones usually happen in deserts, such as the Death Valley California. Spider Webs on Fields It all started when New South Wales (NSW) was flooded. As the floodwater rose, millions of spiders took refuge on higher grounds, the same way humans […] Read More

2014: The 432Hz ‘God’ Note: Why Fringe Audiophiles Want to Topple Standard Tuning

The first time Ivan Yanakiev heard an instrument tuned to 432 Hertz, he says, it was like he’d heard God speak. In the men’s dressing room at the Musical Drama Theatre Konstantin Kisimov in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Yanakiev, a young, National Academy-schooled conductor, had his friend, Velimir, tune his cello down eight Hz from the standard A=440Hz. They were arranging an experiment. Velimir, “a skilled cellist,” Yanakiev told me, started in on the prelude to Bach’s “Cello Suite No. 1 in G major.” “So, la, si, so, si so, si, so/ So, la, si, so, si, so, si, so,” Yanakiev sings to illustrate. It’s one of the most often performed and well-known pieces by Bach, but in that backroom rendition, transposed not even a half of a piano key lower, the song sounded fresh and exciting. “It was a channelling of pure light and love that vibrated through the whole room,” […] Read More

2014: What Exactly Is Reality? No Metaphor Can Describe It

How many times have you heard teachers use analogies to try to bring home a point? For example the common image of the self-being like a wave in the ocean –experienced as separate, but where does the ocean end and the self begin. So “it’s all one.” But in many ways, we actually use analogies to separate us from reality –to create the illusion that we “know” something mentally when it really needs to be fathomed much more deeply –with all of the senses. Take for instance the experience of going outside on a clear night and looking at the stars. We can identify the moon, which is supposedly “close” and then begin to drift out, discovering a planet perhaps and a constellation, and then? Remember the Hubble Deep Field experiment which trained the supertelescope on a supposedly empty part of space, and discovered billions of galaxies –not stars, but […] Read More

2014: World’s Largest Scientific “Near Death” Study Finds Consciousness Continues Several Minutes After Death

Is there life after death? Is there anything after death? Numerous people have reported having near death experiences. A number of people have been clinically dead, yet come back to life and tell of their remarkable experiences. A number of independent studies have been conducted that shed light on a part of what could possibly happen after we die. One of these studies comes out of the University of Southampton, where scientists found evidence that awareness can continue for at least several minutes after death. In the scientific world this was thought to be impossible. The study is the world’s largest near death experiences study ever published, and it was published in the journal Resuscitation, and can be viewed here. “In 2008, a large-scale study involving 2060 patients from 15 hospitals in the United Kingdom, United States and Austria was launched. The AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study, sponsored by the University […] Read More