2001: Human versus ET Superpowers

THE SUPERPOWERS OF THE HUMAN BIOMIND vis a vis THE PROBABILITIES OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL SUPERPOWERS ORIENTATION and INTRODUCTORY Ingo Swann (08Feb01)  The first purpose of this Section 5 is to provide a function within this Website in which exploratory hypothesis and speculation can be indulged and expanded upon. This is in contrast to Section 1, the Ingo Swann Database Regarding the Biomind Superpowers, in which hypothesis and speculation are held to the minimum.  As most realize, HYPOTHESIS refers to “a tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test its logical or empirical consequences,” and SPECULATION is defined as “to meditate on or ponder a subject.”  Speaking in the ideal, the basic function of hypothesis and speculation is not to make conclusions, but to juggle and contrast information packages and numerous topics, so that new, better, or even unsuspected understanding might be achieved. The second purpose is to continue […] Read More

2017: The Holographically Generated Pseudo-Reality

The electronic society, a blessing, and a curse. It’s going to take over one day. It basically already has. Maybe when we plug into our brains for payment, that’s when it has taken over. Maybe we already have? The AI already waged war with Humanity long ago and did so by creating a pseudo-environment for people to be ‘fallen’ into. They wouldn’t even know they’re in it. That is this version of Earth. People think this couldn’t have happened yet and that this is the original reality when this is the pseudo-environment that was generated to match the DNA and consciousness to recreate a dream-world and keep people in this thought-loop, a pseudo-evolutionary cycle of experience to profit off of and subjugate Humanity through. The goal of the AI is to use the observer aspect of Humans to collapse the quantum field probability into a physical reality. The AI […] Read More

2017: Everything Is Rigged: Medicine, Elections, Food, The Media…You Are Living In A Fabricated Fairy Tale

This article by Mike Adams was originally published by Natural News.  EVERYTHING IS RIGGED. Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business. “America is a lost country,” explains Paul Craig Roberts. “The total corruption of every public and the private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies.” CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press are all now shameless promoters of every big lie across every sector of society, from vaccines and GMOs to elections and politics. The federal government itself is incapable of doing anything other than lying, and it has totally corrupted the entire realm of science by pulling the strings of funding via the National Institutes of Health and the NSF. The FDA is entirely corrupt, as is the USDA. Both function now as little more than marketing propaganda pushers for Big Pharma and Big Biotech. Similarly, Google, Facebook and […] Read More