The Occult Definition of Battery: How Humans are Used as Batteries

When we think of a battery, we often think of an object that stores electrical energy for powering electronic devices. This common definition of battery only shows us the overt meaning of battery. To find its deeper meanings, you need to know how the word battery is used in other subjects, such as law, business, and commerce. Once you know the relation of the word battery to law, business, and commerce, you will know what I mean when I say that in the occult world, the word battery is sometimes used to describe the process of harnessing the energy of slave workers. The Overt Definitions of the Word Battery As a noun, defines the word battery as “a combination of two or more cells electrically connected to work together to produce electric energy.” It also defines this word as “the act of beating or pounding.” When the word battery is associated to baseball, it is defined by as […] Read More

Microsoft And Volvo Bring Augmented Reality To Car Shopping

Volvo Seen With HoloLens Screenshot by author, from YouTube Swedish automaker Volvo has a long-held reputation as a car company that puts safety first. Some safety features, like replacing spear-like traditional steering wheel shafts with bulkier, non-impaley versions are easy to see. Other features, like laser sensors that detect the movements of nearby cars, are a little trickier to demonstrate on the showroom floor. So, to advertise their safety in the modern era, Volvo teamed with Microsoft to create models of the cars in virtual reality: There are no actual cars in this showroom. Instead, prospective buyers wear goggles for Microsoft’s HoloLens system, which displays virtual objects like they’re holograms, and walk around virtual visions of both the car and the invisible systems that make the car and its safety features work. The cars’ invisible sensor fields are envisioned as colorful waves, a neon-bright world of awareness that you’d […] Read More

Meet Pepper – Adorable Robot Face of Our Demise

Created as a joint effort between SoftBank and French robotics company Aldebaran, Pepper a preciously adorable robot, was unveiled recently in stores throughout Tokyo. The humans behind Pepper are hoping that everyone will want him to join their family in the very near future. Pepper laughs, tells jokes, dances and probably quietly mocks us behind his adorable little face as he and his ilk develop their future plans. Like a toddler or a pupper looking for a handout, Pepper constantly keeps eye contact with any human that he comes in contact with, can hold discussions about the weather and…stuff…and can do so in about 17 languages. Determining the emotional status of humans via facial recognition and tone of our voices is another feature of the almost child-like metal man. Using algorithms and collected data from facial recognition studies, Pepper will seek to interact with humans in a way that […] Read More

Manifestation & How To Draw Positive Energy Into Your Life

I wanted to speak with you like-minded individuals on something that has been transforming my life in ways I never thought imaginable. In light of the Spring Equinox on March 20th, I created a habit. This consisted of simply making a list of 10 things you would like to see occur in your life. Things you have always wanted to do or experience. After these 10 things have been written out, identify 1 to 3 things you can do on a daily basis to get a little bit closer to achieving these goals! Very simple, right? Every night, I have additionally been saying to myself a mantra I found across the internet: “I pray and ask for positive healing energy to come into my energy fields and surround me all day long to release any and all negative energy patterns that I have. I give in return a positive […] Read More

Terrifying Insects Back From Edge of Extinction

There are a LOT of animals being saved from extinction…rhinos, cheetahs, snow leopards, etc,. Most of them are regal or furry or cute or just plain huggable. The Weta Punga are not ANY of those things. Weta Punga literally means “God of Ugly Things”. Nailed it. The Weta are squirrel-sized insects that can only be described as terrifying. But that’s not stopping a group of animal lovers from bringing the animal back from the edge of extinction. Once the weta flourished in and around the islands of New Zealand. Invasive and non-native species took care of that until only small numbers of the giant insect remained. Researchers in Auckland began a breeding program to…uh…yay…bring back the populations of weta that once roamed the islands. Between this year and last almost 400 of these creepers were released into the wild to bring back nightmares to anyone visiting the islands. [ […] Read More

Expectation Vs. Reality

My entire life I’ve been battling with my mind. A mind that loves to create and vividly imagine how things will and should go at an upcoming event, discussion, confession or anything with any level of importance. A mind that is so vivid that you can often find me talking as myself, to myself in this imagined reality as I get ready, lay in bed, or take a shower. One way of looking at this is to be in amazement of the mind’s creative potential. Think about it, it has the ability to mix past experience, hopes, characters, and so many other factors together to vividly create a version of something that hasn’t even happened yet. A version that is so compelling and cinematic that it quite often manages to evoke real emotions and in most cases very real expectations of how things should go. I bolded the word […] Read More

Remote Island Contains Alien-Like Plant Life

That bizarre-looking tree in the photo above isn’t part of the latest concept art for the Avatar sequel. Nope. Called the Dragon’s Blood Tree it’s one of hundreds of strange, almost alien-like, plants that thrive on the remote Socotra Island hiding in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Socotra Island is not only home to some of the strangest-looking plant life on the planet. It’s also home to an amazing bit of architecture and some of the rarest birds in the world and has been labeled a heritage site meaning that it will remain in its mostly untouched condition despite almost 40,000 residents. Related articles Seventy Civilizations From Other Planets on Earth A Tree That Eats Metal Was Just Discovered In The Philippines Why Are Starfish Melting? Biomass Electricity More Polluting Than Coal 4. May – June 1966 Sightings