The Mandela Effect & the Berenst(ae)in Bears Conspiracy

First things first: before beginning this article you may want to take this quiz to test your knowledge and memory introduce the concept of the Mandela Effect. Don’t be surprised if you come away feeling a little shaken up! What if I told you that there are actually multiple different timelines and alternate realities all happening at the same time as this one, the one where your conscious awareness currently resides? What if I told you I could prove it, with the help of the Berenstain Bears? Yes, those lovable little forest creatures from the memories of so many of our childhoods are still teaching us things today, but only if we’re able to see it — stick with me here. I have just discovered that the Berenstain Bears are part of a huge conspiracy theory that claims someone or something has actually gone back in time and altered […] Read More

Calling the Operators: Do We Live In a Computer Simulation?

In an age where illegal uploading of copyrighted films and music to sites like YouTube is nearly unavoidable, many companies have been on the defensive in an attempt to protect their intellectual properties. This was the case when, recently, Warner Bros. apparently sent a DMCA takedown notice to Vimeo, which included clips from the classic Ridley Scott film, Blade Runner. Here’s where things get interesting. While some of the footage that ended up being flagged was remarkably similar to what appears in Blade Runner, what had actually received the removal request was part of an experiment in machine learning. Specifically, a reconstruction of a scene from Blade Runner had been created using data, which was then reconstructed by a computer. “In other words,” Vox reported, “Warner had just DMCA’d an artificial reconstruction of a film about artificial intelligence being indistinguishable from humans, because it couldn’t distinguish between the simulation […] Read More

This Is What We Look Like When We Hold On To Our Illusions!

The below video represents the perfect analogy of what one looks like when they hold onto false belief systems; ones that were handed down to them from generation to generation. Many of us were never taught to question where our beliefs came from which can make us rigid and judgmental. Questioning our false reality serves a high purpose because figuring out what is true and what is a lie, should be a priority in life. Question everything, remain strong and always hold love in the heart. Watch this short clip and let us know what you think (recommended: turn the volume down). Related articles When Rod Serling and Jacques Vallee Made a UFO Film Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False The Traditional Cherokee Belief System The Habit Of Being Content Is Crystal Healing Scientifically Possible? Tapping: The Self-Help Technique That […] Read More

The Berenstein Bears – The Smoking Gun of The Matrix?

Hollywood has had a great deal of fun with the ideas of time loops, alternate universes, reality shifts, and parallel timelines – “glitch in the Matrix”, “Groundhog Day”, “Back to the Future”, to name a few that have entered our collective consciousness. But that’s just entertainment. In our reality, once in a while, something seems to be amiss in a similar manner. Years ago, there was some speculation about the “Mandela Effect”, the idea that many people seem to have remembered that Nelson Mandela died in prison, which, of course, he didn’t. At least not in this universe. It seems that this was sort of a “soft glitch”, because only some people remembered the event – one of those cases where you don’t quite remember where you heard the news, but it is in your memory. Perhaps it was just an urban legend that got passed around through word […] Read More

What Can We Really Know About The External World?

This is the third in an occasional series on “deep science,” a rational way of reconciling scientific method with the human need to find meaning and purpose. See the entire series HERE. Science has been a very powerful tool for our collective co-creation of the external world. There is, however, obviously no complete consensus on the nature of the external world and our relationship to it as human beings, and we can rest assured that there never will be. That’s a good thing. Science isn’t about absolute truth, and nor is the “deep science” I’m fleshing out in this series of essays. Rather, science (deep or conventional) is an asymptotic process of discovery that hopefully gets ever closer to truth over time. That process is surely not linear, however, and we’ve seen with the history of science many mis-steps and culdesacs. We’ll never actually know how close we are […] Read More

“Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual

“Consciousness creates reality,” a statement that has gained a lot of attention across various alternative media outlets around the world. Make no mistake, consciousness has (and has been for quite sometime) studied by numerous scientists, especially in its relation to quantum physics and how it might be correlated with the nature of our reality. What is consciousness? Consciousness includes a number of things. It’s how we perceive our world, our thoughts, being aware, our intentions and more. “Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking in the radio for the announcer.” – Nasseim Haramein The statement that “consciousness creates reality” comes with a number of different questions. Does this mean we as individuals (and on a collective level as one human race) can shape and create whatever reality we’d like for ourselves? Does it mean we can manifest a certain lifestyle, and attract certain experiences? Does it happen […] Read More

Why You Should Switch Off The Television & Be Free!

Personal breakdowns may occur throughout our lives, it is the choices we make that ultimately determine how we deal with these experiences. If we have a bad experience, one of two things can happen. We can see the experience as a lesson and a blessing in disguise, or we can see the experience as failure and ourselves as the victim! When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he tried over 2000 experiments before he got it to work. A reporter asked him how it felt to fail so many times. He said, “I never failed once. I invented the light bulb. It just happened to be a 2000-step process.” Being Aware Of Experiences This is a good example of the primary difference between people who are aware of their experiences and those who are at the mercy of their experiences. If Edison had stopped before his discovery he would […] Read More

De-Pave Paradise: Driverless Cars Will Kill the Parking Lot

The sharing ecosystem that driverless cars are going to usher in is going to cut down on the number of cars on the road and as a consequence, will kill the modern parking lot. Cities could look completely different with 80 percent fewer cars on the road, you know. The vision (and that number), put forward by Carlos Ratti, director of MIT‘s Sensible City Lab earlier this week, isn’t new: Autonomous cars and buses will supplement public transit by providing “last mile” transport. People will share rides instead of owning cars, cutting down the number of vehicles needed for mobility in congested cities dramatically. “Your car could give you a lift to work in the morning and then, rather than sitting idle in a parking lot, give a lift to someone else in your family—or, for that matter, to anyone else in your neighborhood, social-media community, or city,” Ratti […] Read More

Your Dreams Are Never Unattainable, This Man Will Inspire You To See Why

Growing up, Dominican native Manuel de los Santos had one dream: to play professional baseball. Once on route to pitch for the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays, Manuel’s plans were derailed in 2003 by a traffic accident that handicapped him to a point that professional baseball would no longer be an option. Disheartened by the unforeseen and unfortunate circumstance, Manuel found inspiration and passion in an unexpected place and his story from that point onward is more than inspiring. Check it out: Life can certainly be unpredictable. Although we can never really control that, we can however control our response to the unpredictable, the challenging, the life-altering and everything else we may be faced with at any given moment. Manuel de los Santos is a living example of that, showing us that just because one door closes does not mean that all others will never open. In my opinion, no […] Read More

Sacrificed Animals Wash Up at Luxury Resort in South Beach

We’ve all heard the expression ‘something old is new again’. Well that, and the fact that Florida was apparently created on top of an ancient Hell Mouth of some sort, brings this creepy discovery coming out of Miami. Residents of a fancy-shmancy resort on the waters of Biscayne Bay in South Beach had been smelling something ‘unique’ in their building. It wasn’t the uniquely fancy-shmancy food. Three chickens and one goat washed up together on the sidewalk behind the resort. They were all missing one important thing…their heads. After phone calls were made to the police regarding the animals, a spokesman for the department said that they weren’t going to get involved because “the dead animals didn’t appear to be sacrificed as a threat directed against any particular individual.” So instead? They just let them rot there for a couple of days. Eventually Richard Couto, an investigator of the […] Read More

The Multidimensional Potential of Human Beings

by Alice Bryant and Linda Seebachfrom BioMindSuperpowers Website NOTE OF INTRODUCTION Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach are a mother and daughter team who have interviewed and researched numerous multidimensional experiencers, catalogued evidence of the experiences, and extended their research into historical, multicultural backgrounds. Alice Bryant has had articles published in COLORADO WOMAN DIGEST, UFO MAGAZINE, FYI, and SACRED SITES and has had interviews published in magazines in Australia, Mexico and Iceland. She has co-authored two books: THE MESSAGE OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (Llewellen Publications, St. Paul, Minn., 1989). With her daughter, Linda, she co-authored HEALING SHATTERED REALITY: UNDERSTANDING CONTACTEE TRAUMA (Wildflower Press: P.O. 726, Newberg, Oregon 1991). .She has traveled extensively in all of the United States, Canada, Peru, and Easter Island visiting ancient sacred sites. Helping to bring understanding of exceptional phenomena and what they mean to future generations has become her life’s work. Rev. Linda Seebach earned her B.A. degree in Social Science from New […] Read More

Illusion of Reality

Life is like a dream — you never know you’re asleep, trapped in an illusion, until you wake up. In our three-dimensional plane of existence, the world is not what it seems. What appears to be solid is basically empty space. Everything we perceive, such as earth, stars, animals, vegetation, people, buildings, etc., is made up of atoms. An atom consists of electrons orbiting a nucleus of protons. It’s an assembly of energy, not solid matter. And it’s more than 99 percent empty space. Therefore, everything we perceive as solid is basically a glob of energy. Furthermore, what we call “everything” (the universe and beyond) is made up of a vast array of frequencies or vibrations. Human senses are based on a very limited number of frequencies. Humans are only able to visualize “objects” that reflect light. The frequency range of human sight is exceedingly small compared to what exists […] Read More

Reality Versus Imagination and Illusion

By Remez Sasson The five senses make us feel that the world is real. Seeing the solidity of the objects around us, feeling the impact of the senses, it is hard to deny the validity of what we see. Everything looks real, and therfore, we never stop to question this reality. The mind is attached to the five senses and accepts everything as real without questioning. When we bump into a table or a wall, and we feel pain, it is difficult to say that we are imagining it. When we see with our eyes, hear sounds, smell, or when we feel heat or coldness, we accept these sense impressions as real. Some say that the world is an illusion, Maya in Eastern terminology. Can we accept this when everything looks so real? Can we regard the world as imagination? We need the five senses and the mind to […] Read More