This is going to trigger a vociferous response from all the mind-controlled muppets out there but so be it. The reptilian manipulation of human sexuality needs to be addressed. I’ve noticed how the flamers screamed about everything except the basic thesis of the paper i.e. The reptilians routinely manipulate the sexuality of human abductees. Like David Icke, I’ve been called a racist, a propagandist –ad nauseum, for exposing the reality of this reign of terror. The raping reptilian host I mention in the article (not by name) has visited a friend of mine in the dreamscape recently and threatened her with “Severe Reprisals.” I have audiocassettes secreted in different locations containing a debriefing of one of the female abductees this reptilian host has propositioned and also tormented in the dreamscape. In those audiotapes, this female abductee mentions this reptilian host BY NAME as well as the name of his […] Read More

2014: Expectation Vs. Reality

My entire life I’ve been battling with my mind. A mind that loves to create and vividly imagine how things will and should go at an upcoming event, discussion, confession or anything with any level of importance. A mind that is so vivid that you can often find me talking as myself, to myself in this imagined reality as I get ready, lay in bed, or take a shower. One way of looking at this is to be in amazement of the mind’s creative potential. Think about it, it has the ability to mix past experience, hopes, characters, and so many other factors together to vividly create a version of something that hasn’t even happened yet. A version that is so compelling and cinematic that it quite often manages to evoke real emotions and in most cases very real expectations of how things should go. I bolded the word […] Read More

2014: Macroscopic Coherence Explained

Coherence is a general property of a system whereby the components of that system all act in a similar manner. Coherent light is what makes lasers what they are – an alignment of photons, or waveform phases (why cats chase them is a little harder to explain). Superconductivity, a property of zero resistance to electrical flow that was formerly only observed at temperatures near absolute zero, is closely related in that the atoms of the superconducting material are aligned coherently. Quantum entanglement is an example of perfect coherence between two or more particles, in that they act as a single particle no matter how far away from each other you take them. Einstein famously referred to this property as “spooky action at a distance.” The Bose-Einstein condensate is another state of matter that exists at extremely low temperatures and involves a system of particles that have all achieved the […] Read More

2014: When science deals with Déjà Vu

Science doesn’t believe in astral travel and tries to give an empirical explanation for Déjà Vu. For example, we have the Dual Processing Theory, which says our memory uses two systems: one that retrieves the information and another one of familiarity (it indicates whether we have seen, heard, smelled, etc., something), so the déjà vu would happen when the second is active, but not the first. However, recent studies achieved to recreate it in a lab and they found out where it starts. So far, the unpredictable and fleeting nature of this phenomenon had made it impossible to be studied in a laboratory. Dr. Chris Moulin and the University of Leeds (UK) have succeeded provoking through hypnosis, so they can study its relation with the process of memory and human consciousness. In addition, the Moulin team has discovered there are people who have the constant feeling that the new experiences they live every […] Read More