Wait … Did CP3O Always Have Silver Leg?

In the original Star Wars did CP3O have a silver leg? He did now. Excuse the swearing in this video, but it pretty much captures the incredulity many feel about what seems to be a significant factual change: [embedded content] If you have the bandwidth to do try this on, consider that what you are experiencing as “your life” might be a simulation, perhaps created by the quantum computer offspring of artificial intelligences which humans created in the past … before humans went extinct. The idea is that something called “the singularity” happened, super robots took over the earth and for one reason or another, we are now living in their game. If that is the case, we’d expect seemingly impossible things to happen with surprising frequency. For example, against astronomical odds, the same person might be struck by lighting 7 times and meteorites might hit the same house […] Read More

Dolly, Jaws, and Braces – The Latest Mandela Effect

Well, the universe is at it again, messing with our minds. Last year, I wrote a blog about the Berenstein Bears, which at that time was the most recent example of a Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect seems to be the de facto name for the idea that something that many people remember from the past is somehow changed, or rewritten. It was named for former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, whom many people recall having died in a South African prison, which, history now tells us, is untrue. He died, according to all of the historical artifacts in our reality, of natural causes at the ripe old age of 95. I personally have a vague recollection of hearing some news about his demise in prison, but I can’t really place it. That’s the thing about memories; they are completely fallible. When one remembers something, according to research, […] Read More

Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: The Science of the Unexplainable

  This article is an excerpt from Louis Proud’s new book Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: The Science of the Unexplainable – Chapter 6: Electric People and Poltergeist Agents On January 15, 1846, in the village of Bouvigny, northwest France, 14-year-old Angélique Cottin, a solidly built girl of short stature and below average intelligence, was busy weaving silk thread gloves in the company of three other women when the oaken table at which they worked suddenly moved of its own accord. The women were naturally alarmed by the event, and for a moment work was suspended while they attempted to figure out what had caused it. As soon as Angélique resumed her place at the table, it moved again. Whenever she touched the table, it suddenly retreated from her, almost in the manner of a frightened animal. When the phenomena repeated itself at work the following morning, the public concluded that […] Read More

Random Reality

[This fascinating paper by Marcus Chown from New Scientist, 26 February 2000, has spawned tremendous interest in creating Matrix-like realities and entire universes that evolve from mathematical dust.] Space and the material world could be created out of nothing but noise. That’s the startling conclusion of a new theory that attempts to explain the stuff of reality, as Marcus Chown reports.If you could lift a corner of the veil that shrouds reality, what would you see beneath? Nothing but randomness, say two Australian physicists. According to Reginald Cahill and Christopher Klinger of Flinders University in Adelaide, space and time and all the objects around us are no more than the froth on a deep sea of randomness. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that randomness is a part of the Universe. After all, physicists tell us that empty space is a swirling chaos of virtual particles. And randomness comes into […] Read More