2012: Are We Lost In Virtual Realities

The Illusions and Dangers of Virtual Realities All of us would have free will to participate… In our past, before Time and Space were conditions, we as spirits lived in an environment that was very easy to contend with. This is why, out of sheer boredom, we began to think of something that was daring. By the millions we decided to create a new reality and the object was to live in this new reality within a new kind of body. We called it the physical reality body and by means of our thoughts we created the solar system and its planets. Naturally we did not have the faintest idea how all this would work out, but one thing was established – it meant that all of us would have free will to participate. Once this decision was made, we committed ourselves to continue this new creation, until all […] Read More

2014: Augmented Reality Visor Will Overlay Data On The Real World

Terminator Vision Orion Pictures Playing a first-person shooter like Call of Duty with a virtual reality headset like the Oculus Rift or the Sony Morpheus seems like a recipe for ultra-realistic gaming bliss – until you sprint after virtual Germans and plow right into your actual living room wall. When you wear a screen on your face, “there’s a lack of situational awareness of the actual world,” says Leap Motion co-founder Michael Buckwald, sipping a soda at a demo at the company offices in San Francisco.  “Also, every time I want to take a sip of Coke, I have to take the Oculus Rift off.” “In a first-person shooter, you need to be able to turn around quickly,” says Omar Khan, the lead Unity developer at Austin-based Chaotic Moon, which designed a humorous Oculus Rift game called Shark Punch.  “And if you’re sitting in a chair, tethered to a […] Read More

2014: Can You Get PTSD From A Virtual Experience?

Jason Schneider Virtual environments almost certainly induce genuine anxiety, says Grainne Kirwan, a psychologist who specializes in cybercrime at the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design, and Technology in Ireland. For example, your physiological and emotional responses to entering a dark alley in a video game may be comparable to those you’d have in a similar real-life situation. “But would it be to the extent of initiating post-traumatic stress disorder? That hasn’t been demonstrated,” Kirwan says. There have been scattered accounts of people victimized in role-playing games such as Second Life or World of Warcraft and suffering in the aftermath. But no large-scale academic study has ever been written up, Kirwan says. And even if a player were to have a disturbing experience, he could avoid compounding the stress by steering clear of that game, or online games altogether, in the future. “I think that somebody would have to […] Read More

2014: Moon Robot Will Broadcast In Virtual-Reality Video

Virtual Rover Andy will send 3-D video back to Earth, which will be experienced through the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Astrobotic A team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon have built a robot that will send video from the moon to the Earth. And the robot will be controlled by the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, with the 3-D camera on the robot turning to match the head movements of the user. “The vision was simple — let anyone on Earth experience the Moon live through the eyes of a robot,” team leader Daniel Shafrir told BBC News. “We weren’t just going to go to the Moon. We are going to bring the Moon back.” This telepresence robot is named Andy, after Andrew Carnegie, the famed industrialist who founded the college. Currently, only the operator controlling this moon rover will be able to see through its “eyes” thousands of […] Read More

2014: VR Interface Allows You to ‘Touch’ Holograms!

Like an elaborate version of the famous Pepper’s Ghost effect where a projection appears to interact with a real-world person, this incredible floating haptic interface will absolutely blow your mind… Because unlike Pepper’s Ghost? You’re actually able to physically feel and interact with said projection! During the video, several scientists working on the project show how it works by giving quick demonstrations to illustrate what’s actually happening. What’s actually happening is nothing short of witchcraft or sorcery or the future kissing your eyeballs and saying, “I’m finally here, guys! Jetpacks and hoverboards due out next week!” Sure it’s overkill instead of just touching an actual monitor but think about doctors ‘feeling’ their way through a replicated cadaver to learn about the body or perform practice surgeries without it being detrimental to an actual living being? But what we’re all really thinking is, “When do we get a Danger Room […] Read More

2014: What It Feels Like to Jump Off a Virtual Cliff

Images: Project Tango When I strapped Google’s Tango gadget on my head, a device designed to virtually replicate reality, I found myself standing on a platform overlooking a chasm that felt thousands of feet deep. I took a virtual step off. Up until that point it felt real enough to generate some feelings of nausea while peering into the abyss, but with the background chatter from crowds of people milling around Google’s I/O conference, the experience of virtually diving off a cliff didn’t feel quite the way I’d expect it would in reality. Still, after messing around with one of the Tango developer units, I couldn’t help think their tagline “we like epic shit” sounded accurate. Project Tango is the brainchild of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division. The device itself looks like a generic, small-sized tablet. And Google had an optional Oculus Rift-like apparatus to strap it to your head so you can experience […] Read More

2015: Embracing Virtuality

In 2009, a Japanese man married a woman named Nene Anegasaki on the island of Guam.  The curious thing was that Nene was a virtual character in the Nintendo videogame LovePlus. In 2013, Spike Jonze directed the highly acclaimed (and Academy Award-nominated) film “Her”, in which the protagonist falls in love with an OS (operating system) AI (artificial intelligence). Outrageous you say? Consider that for centuries people have been falling in love sight unseen via snail mail.  Today, with online dating, this is even more prevalent.  Philosophy professor Aaron Ben-Ze’ev notes that online technology “enables having a connection that is faster and more direct.” So it got me thinking that these types of relationships aren’t that different from the virtual ones that are depicted in “Her” and are going to occur with increasing frequency as AI progresses.  The interactions are exactly the same; it is just that the entity […] Read More

2018: Physicist Explains Why We Live In A Virtual Reality

There have been many scientists and physicists that have reported that the reality we are in is a simulated, holographic reality. However, there hasn’t been much explanation as to why we are in such a reality and how we are expanding our consciousness by being here. In this article and, we will explore the bigger picture of how a fear-based controlled simulation can prompt awakenings and different choices that begin to change the nature of the reality itself. Physicist Tom Campbell studied with Robert Monroe through out of body experiences via altered states of consciousness. The goal was to explore the nature of our non-physical reality in order to learn more about why we are in physical reality and how to alter it. He began to consciously do experiments while in the non-physical realm in order to understand how consciousness works. He deduced that consciousness is primary and the […] Read More