1994: Early Rays

BOOK HERALDS COMING ENERGY REVOLUTION Free energy enthusiasts everywhere take hope. The “Revolution” is coming. That, anyway, is what Atlantis Rising contributor and author Jeane Manning asserts in her new book. Just out from Avery, The Coming Energy Revolution(230 pages, trade paper) reports the ground-breaking work of unorthodox inventors and scientists from Nikola Tesla to Floyd Sweet; from Keeley to Pons and Fleischman. “Conventional science says that space is cold and still,” she writes, “and that what energy does exist cannot be put to useful work. The new-energy innovators say that conventional science is wrong, and that new-energy research is being suppressed by a combination of scientific inertia and corporate self-interest.” But the suppression can’t last, she argues, “there are simply too many inventors who are close to new energy breakthroughs.” The book examines technologies from magnets that can redirect the energy of space, to gentler forms of nuclear […] Read More

1994: The Final Secret of Free Energy

Update 1994 By T. E. Bearden Update 15 February 1994 (C) Copyright 1994 by T.E. Bearden INTRODUCTION My associates and I have filed the first patent application on two electrical overunity processes and devices; one similar to what is outlined in “The Final Secret of Free Energy”[1] and an additional variation utilizing, as collectors, standard step-charged capacitors rather than degenerate semiconductor materials. In 60 to 90 days we will have a very enlightening paper (more likely a book) ready on that. We also plan to file several more extremely fundamental overunity patent applications from additional phenomena and mechanisms that we have uncovered. In this paper it is assumed that the reader is familiar with the content of “The Final Secret of Free Energy.” Figure 1 shows the invention schematically, and we briefly summarize it as follows: SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A method and apparatus for extracting bidirectional EM wave […] Read More

1997: Neutrons for sale

New Scientist 13 December 1997 p32 Forget the idea of endless energy. People could soon be using a fusion machine the size of a football to detect bombs at airports and impurities in mineral ores. Bennett Daviss reports. A hollow stainless steel sphere about the size of a football sits on a laboratory bench. From inside the globe, a purple glow radiates through a small glass window. George Miley peers in and glimpses a tiny luminescent ball hanging in the centre and spires of light that seems to radiate from it. “It’s a beautiful sight,”Miley sighs. Miley is a professor of nuclear, electrical and computer engineering at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and his sphere is a fusion machine. Unlike other fusion machines, this one is small enough to sit on a desktop, it can be switched on and off at will and it produces no radioactive waste. […] Read More

2000: Basic Aether Engineering

Here is some of the stuff from my Science Fair Project of March 2000, Basic Aether Engineering. I won a very nice $2250 tuition scholarship with it. I now present to you some of the relevant information I compiled for the project, including some new experiments I tried. I’m not sure just how to present this, so for now I have just placed everything here, loosely in order. Hope you enjoy it. -Justin Szymanek What is Aether? Aether is a very dense energy field that permeates all of the universe, and even at absolute zero it does not dissipate. Aether can manifest itself in many different forms, and is responsible for gravity, inertia, magnetism, and other fundamental forces. The Aether Model of the universe is also capable of explaining the anomalous results pyramids create. Intersecting lines in 3 dimensions or even just flat on paper create stress in the […] Read More

2000: Cosmic Energy

Miroslav Provod Although the twentieth century will certainly pass into history as a century of scientific achievements and unprecedented progress, it has not provided explanations of many historical and even new phenomena, which in many instances are denoted as mysteries. The reason of this may be found in the many still undiscovered pieces of the mosaic of general knowledge which constitute obstacles to continuous progress in some fields of science, as well as in the belief that the progress of civilization must proceed in the direction approved by us in advance. According to the prevailing concept, apart from what has already been discovered, nothing so far unrevealed could have existed in the past. And these points of view did not allow us to understand the activities of ancient cultures, and these have been so to speak compressed, ??? at all costs???, to fit our concepts. The respective assessments were […] Read More


By Andrei Samokhin The model of a plasma generator which can convert physical-vacuum energy into electricity has been developed under Prof. Alexander CHERNETSKI at the Moscow Georgi Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy. Such generators could lay the groundwork for the future environmentally-benign power industry. Classical physics cannot explain what happens when a plasma discharger placed in the Chernetski circuit is started: for no apparent reason the ammeter pointer shows triple strength-of-current increase [sic] and energy output is several times above input. The plant’s efficiency is much more than 1. No magic is intended. Additional energy outputs at specific plasma discharges are fixed in several independent expert reportsby the Lenin All-Union Institute of Electrical Engineering. This effect has been checked by different methods. Whence this mysterious energy? Self-generating discharge Prof Chernetski, the author of the first ever study paper on plasma-diagnotics equipment (he has been in this field fro […] Read More

2002: The BYU Solar Cooker/Cooler

Steven E. Jones. Copyright (C) 2002 Steven E. Jones stevejones@byu.edu. I. Introduction II. How it Works III. How to Build Your Own Solar Funnel Cooker Construction Steps IV. Final Steps V. After Cooking Helpful Hints VI. Tests Tests in Bolivia VII. Water and Milk Pasteurization VIII. Safety IX. Cooking with the Solar Funnel Cooker X. How to Use the Solar Funnel as a Refrigerator/Cooler XI. Conclusion: Why We Need Solar Cookers XII. Answers to commonly-asked questions Copyright (C) 2002 Steven E. Jones stevejones@byu.edu. This eBook was produced by Aaron Canon. How to Make and Use The BYU Solar Cooker/Cooler by Steven E. Jones, Professor of Physics at Brigham Young University (BYU), with Colter Paulson, Jason Chesley, Jacob Fugal, Derek Hullinger, Jamie Winterton, Jeannette Lawler, and Seth, David, Nathan, and Danelle Jones. Copyright (c) 2002 by Steven E. Jones Original web site with this article: http://solarcooking.org/funnel.htm [Image: 01.jpg —Photo description […] Read More

2012: Antigravity

Electrostatic Energy Used for Propulsion Etherial Electrogravitics by Bill Hamilton 1. MODERN ETHER DRIFT EXPERIMENT: A. Brillet and J.L. Hall conducted a modern ether drift experiment in 1979. Brillet and Hall put a laser on a rotating platform and split the beam. One part of the beam went into a Fabry-Perot interferometer, the other was directed via mirrors off the platform to be compared with a reference beam from a stationary laser. The frequency of the rotating laser was compared with that of the reference laser; the difference was Fourier analyzed. Any anisotropy of the speed of light would show up as a frequency shift which varied dependent on the direction of the interferometer. If the old pre-Lorentz ether theory were true (static ether), they would have found a frequency shift dependent on sidereal direction of the interferometer and found no such effect. They also found a frequency shift […] Read More