2002: Orgone Generator F.A.Q.

By Don Croft < -email-> http://educate-yourself.org/dc/dcorgonegenfaq26feb02.shtml August, 2002 Im beginning this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS essay because it tears my heart out to consider the pain that newcomers to the Chembuster forum are experiencing as they wade through the volume of posts to glean a basic understanding of the process we Chembuster aficionados are involved in (http://forums.cloud-busters.com ). Ill keep adding to it as new questions arise. Our original cloudbuster chat forum at yahoo was sabotaged by covert agents who prevented me from posting and moderating the site. They also deleted importantt messages and cut people off from posting on a regular basis. So we mostly post our current messages at the new site above, since we have a secure server there. It’s still worth going to the old site, however, to look at the early messages and search the archive for many good articles and photos. The old cloudbuster […] Read More

2000: Living Water, Vital Air

There are indications that the ORMUS materials strongly influence the “normal” properties of water in all of its phases. David Hudson in his Portlandworkshop said: “This little zero point frequency I showed you between the positron and the electron; if you follow that right up the electromagnetic spectrum, it agrees with the molecular frequency of hydrogen dioxide, or water. So there is an affinity for this material and water. That’s why it is normally taken in water. When you come to understand that your body is, in fact, mainly water. That, literally, this material when you distill water it distills with the water as the oridide, the iridide, the ruthidide, just like chlorine. And so if you distill water thinking you are getting high purity water, it goes with the water. And it literally changes the bond angles of the water. That one iridium atom controls 56 waters of […] Read More

2000: Homeopathic Resonances and ORMUS

by Barry Carter In my mental model of the m-state materials, I like to think of them as small radio stations in every cell of the body. These radio stations get information from the ether, store that information and also pass the information on to other cells and to consciousness. I imagine that these small radio stations require power, which is supplied by some sort of battery-like source. In this analogy, there are several things which can enhance or interfere with the proper function of these radio stations. If there are not enough radio stations for complete coverage there will be gaps in cellular communication. If the batteries are not adequately charged the same problem might result. Ingesting the m-state might allow your body to set up these radio stations. Using m-state which is charged might help to ensure that the “batteries” powering the transmitters are fully charged. There […] Read More

2012: Aetheric Coronal Elements: ACE

There is a mystery in the corona of the sun. The surface of the sun is about 8000 degrees F. About 100,000 miles above the surface the temperature is over a million degrees. This is the corona and the photosphere from which most of the solar heat and light is received on Earth. There are a number of theories regarding magnetic convection of energy from the sun to the corona as surface radiation cannot account for the heat transfer, but the convection theory falls apart when the overall heat budget is considered. There is too much energy in the corona. As most of the heat and light arriving on Earth comes from the area of the corona in the middle of the face of the sun or the direct line between the core of the sun and the Earth then there is a possible transfer of energy of the […] Read More