By Amargi Copyright (C) 1996 by Boogie Nation www.amargiland.com January 1997 —————————————————————- Psychotronics are “mind machines.” They are “spiritual technologies.” The are Prana powered electrical machines that are run by your mind and heart. They are the links between the physical and the etheric. They can be actual devices or machines in your visualizing mind. Psychotronics are the “hidden technology,” and the “ancient technologies.” You can use wood, metal to make these machines or you can use nature and animal to BE these machines. You can use free Earth energies or you can run them off you wall socket. Psychotronics are the vehicles that power “life-force” or “Light” into your visualizations. There are many technologies that are kept hidden from the average person. The reason for this is that the potential that can be acquired with these technologies is unlimited … absolutely unlimited! When I refer to the word […] Read More

2005: Robert Pavlita – Psychotronic Generators

This note is intended to draw attention to the work of Robert Pavlita and his experiments in bio-energy. Feedback is very much wanted. Contact details appear at the end. A pleasing result of the enormous changes occurring in eastern Europe is the exposure of developments and ideas hitherto hidden from the attention of the west. The work of Robert Pavlita, a Czech scientist working for fifty years in almost total obscurity, is a good example. Pavlita built an extraordinary array of what he called Psychotronic Generators, bizarre but exquisite metal-work creations – each about the size of a paperback book – which serve as “batteries” for certain kinds of psychic energy. In his experiments, Pavlita demonstrated that the Generators can be used to achieve an array of results: causing magnetic-like behavior in such substances as paper, ceramics and lead; purifying aniline solutions; making a flywheel spin at will;  transferring […] Read More