Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe?

There is not much stranger than physics and this is a good lecture if you have the time. If not, here are my notes: What do we know about the fabric of the universe? You may have learned that all matter is made of atoms which differ in their numbers of sub-atomic particles. [embedded content] These 118 different kinds of atoms are the chemical elements known to modern chemistry. Interestingly, there are only three particles that make up every kind of atom: electrons, up-quarks and down-quarks. The up and down quarks make protons and neutrons. This model is not the best we have, however. Even more fundamental building blocks are fluid-like structures which spread across the entire universe and which ripple in interesting ways. There are fields. For example, light is composed of electromagnetic field waves. But the fields aren’t smooth and continous. The fields have little particles of […] Read More

Quantum Retro-causality Explained

September 19, 2018 A recent quantum mechanics experiment, conducted at the University of Queensland in Australia, seems to defy causal order, baffling scientists. In this post however, I’ll explain why this isn’t anomalous at all; at least, if you come to accept the Digital Consciousness Theory (DCT) of reality. It boils down to a virtually identical explanation that I gave seven years ago to Daryl Bem’s seemingly anomalous precognition studies. DCT says that subatomic particles are controlled by finite state machines (FSMs), which are tiny components of our Reality Learning Lab (RLL, aka “reality”).  These finite state machines that control the behavior of the atoms or photons in the experiment don’t really come into existence until the measurement is made, which effectively means that the atom or photon doesn’t really exist until it needs to. In RLL, the portion of the system that needs to describe the operation of the […] Read More

The Connection Between Shamanism & Quantum Physics

Shamanism was an integral part of humanity for thousands of years. They were the first healers, teachers, and scholars. Eventually, the wisdom of the shamans was lost through the trials and travails of humanity. Now, in our modern age with technology that grants us access to knowledge from around the world, we have brought the old wisdom back, and in the most stunning of ways. Science has actually come to parallel the ancient practices of shamanism. Here is a list of 5 ways the sub-atomic level of reality parallels with the core methods of shamanic healing. 1. Observer Effect We all know through experiments in the lab that sub-atomic particles (the fabric of the universe) are affected when there is an observer. Through rituals of music, dancing, and ceremonies, the shaman enchants the patient into a state of optimism, where their belief is that they will indeed heal once […] Read More

Decoding Our Universe: ‘The Great Math Mystery’

21st Century Wire says… The closer we look at our holographic universe – the more we see Math. More specifically, its numbers and equations. The presence of the Fibonacci sequence in nature – it’s the operating system of our world. They are everywhere – in patterns of spirals seen in animal, plants, leaves, seeds and even in the expansion of the universe. Ditto with the Pi number sequence – found in various wave forms, and also in the cosmos.   Watch this brilliant documentary… Related articles If DNA Is Software, Maybe NASA Has Been Looking For ET Intelligence In The Wrong Place Does This Prove There Was Ancient Life On Mars? How Spreading Awareness Can Attract More Problems CIA Uses Patriot Act To Spy On American’s Bank Transactions Thinking Outside the Hourglass The Wolf Is Guarding the Hen House: The Government’s War on Cyberterrorism 10 Strange Unexplained Broadcasts

Quantum Phase: Time, Parallel Realities and the Brain

Brendan D. Murphy, Guest Waking Times The ‘Many Worlds’ Theory The eminent physicist and co-founder of string theory, Michio Kaku, has actually said: “[I]f you have a radio in your living room… and you have all frequencies in your living room; BBC, Radio Moscow, ABC, but your radio is tuned to one frequency — you’re decohered from all the other frequencies. You’re only coherent [wave phase and amplitude in alignment; either exactly or in whole number ratios] with one frequency. We now believe that the universe is vibrating and that there are vibrations of other universes right in this room. There are the universes of dinosaurs because the comet didn’t hit 65 million years ago; the wave function of aliens from outer space looking at the rubble of an earth that already was destroyed — all in your living room, except we have decohered from them. We’re no longer […] Read More

Nothing Is Solid And Everything Is Energy

by Arjun Walia It has been written about before, over and over again, but cannot be emphasized enough. The world of quantum physics is an eerie one, one that sheds light on the truth about our world in ways that challenge the existing framework of accepted knowledge. What we perceive as our physical material world, is really not physical or material at all, in fact, it is far from it. This has been proven time and time again by multiple Nobel Peace Prize (among many other scientists around the world) physicists, on of them being Niels Bohr, a Danish Physicist who made significant contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory. “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr At the turn of the ninetieth century, physicists started […] Read More

2010: Boson-Fermion Condensates

by Barry Carter Strange “powers” or abilities are mentioned in almost every spiritual tradition. For example, these abilities are called siddhis in the Hindu tradition and fruits of the spirit in the Christian tradition� These abilities include clairvoyance, telepathy, levitation, prophecy, apparitions, and teleportation. Most of these abilities appear to correspond with certain quantum particle behaviors mentioned in the literature of quantum physics. These correlations might be: Clairvoyance Quantum Coherence Telepathy Quantum Coherence Levitation Superconductive Meissner Effect Prophecy Tachyon Theory Teleportation Josephson Tunneling Apparitions Superfluid Behavior The problem, with applying these quantum physical explanations to macrophysical phenomena, has traditionally been that the quantum behaviors are mainly seen at the scale of the atom or smaller. Physicists say that little stuff does this but big stuff does not. Interestingly, all of these strange abilities have been mentioned by ORMUS researchers in conjunction with the ORMUS elements. The quantum behaviors that […] Read More

Dimensions: How many are there and where do they stop?

Dimensions, we know for sure that there is 3 and most can stumble through understanding the basics of a 4th. There is much talk about who can work out the most dimensions, according to the Twitter guy below, he can do 110. Have we not learned that the results will be what we want or don’t want, in other words. Just by observing we change the outcome. Hmmmmm. Lets take a look at some of the information out there. So buckle up and let the Merry-Go-Round begin. Esoteric Other Worlds: Dimension (mathematics and physics) http://esotericotherworlds.blogspot.com3/4/13 As already seen the fourth dimension entry to this blog, and the concept of dimensions can play an important part in the theoretical aspects of parapsychology. What follows is just a general article on the subject with no … Discovery of the Fifth Dimension – Huffington Post UK (blog) http://news.google.com Discovery of the Fifth DimensionHuffington Post UK (blog)Many […] Read More

Is Quantum Mechanics Controlling Your Thoughts?

Science’s weirdest realm may be responsible for photosynthesis, our sense of smell, and even consciousness itself. By Mark Anderson| A sea slug neuron may tap quantum forces to process information. In humans quantum physics may be integral to thought.Dylan Burnette/Olympus Bioscapes Imaging Competition Graham Fleming sits down at an L-shaped lab bench, occupying a footprint about the size of two parking spaces. Alongside him, a couple of off-the-shelf lasers spit out pulses of light just millionths of a billionth of a second long. After snaking through a jagged path of mirrors and lenses, these minus­cule flashes disappear into a smoky black box containing proteins from green sulfur bacteria, which ordinarily obtain their energy and nourishment from the sun. Inside the black box, optics manufactured to billionths-of-a-meter precision detect something extraordinary: Within the bacterial proteins, dancing electrons make seemingly impossible leaps and appear to inhabit multiple places at once. Peering deep into […] Read More