1950: Did Rudolph Fentz time travel from 1876 to 1950?

Legend has it that back on a warm summer night in June of the year 1950, a man dressed in fashion that resembled that of the 19th century appeared in the middle of Times Square. The man looked extremely confused and baffled by everything around him. Suddenly, he was hit by a taxi and killed. Investigators searched his body and found some very odd items. Approximately 70 dollars in banknotes from the 19th century A token, made out of copper, that was worth 5 cents which had the name of a nearby saloon on it. Strangely, the saloon was not known to residents of the area. In fact, even older residents of the area had never heard of it. A type of old style receipt for the care of a horse and then another receipt to have a carriage washed. The receipts were from a “livery stable,” a place […] Read More

1950: The Strange Case of Rudolph Fentz, the Victorian Time Traveler

Time always flows forward, one second at a time. For some reason, a man named Rudolph Fentz never got this memo. On a hot summer night in June 1950, something bent the unchangeable rules of our universe for a brief moment, sending a man through time and sealing his fate in the process. His name would become famous with paranormal researchers and his incident would stick out like a sore thumb amid the NYPD’s unsolved cases. One hour before midnight, a lone man appeared out of nowhere at an intersection close to Times Square in New York City. Assuming a confused pose in the middle of the road, he caught the attention of a police officer. As the officer approached the mystery man, the traffic lights changed. This confused the man further and, as he made haste towards the sidewalk, he was struck by a taxi and died on […] Read More


by Ken Meaux I take pleasure in sharing with you the following occurrence because I personally interviewed one of the parties involved, and have repeatedly gone over the incident with him these past six years. L.C. (his real initials) has been my friend for fifteen years, but as we visited together one day about six years ago, he told me of this most amazing event in his life which haunts him to this day. L.C. and a business associate, Charlie, (fictitious name) had just finished lunch in the small Southwest Louisiana town of Abbeville. Still discussing their work, they began their drive north along Highway 167 towards the Oil Center city of Lafayette about 15 miles away. The date was October 20, 1969, and the time was about 1:30 in the afternoon. It was one of those picture-perfect days in Fall–clear blue skies and a nippy 60 degrees, just […] Read More


By Sherrill Roberts There was a young lady named bright, Who traveled much faster than light. She started one day in a relative way, and returned on the previous night. A. H. Reginald Buller(1) While we are no longer so naive as to think that a mechanical device such as H.G. Wells’s Time Machine could be easily built, the “new physics” offers us tantalizing glimpses of the possibility of time travel, possibly utilizing forces and entities which exist, at least theoretically, in our universe today. “The notion you can move forward and back in time is allowed by some of the new ideas in physics,” says Jeffrey R. Kuhn, a physics and astronomy professor at Michigan State University.(2) The scientific premises suggesting a theoretical time travel mechanism are Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and its successor, quantum mechanics. Einstein’s inclusion of time as simply another basic dimension of physical reality, […] Read More

1994: Time Travel: Fact, Fiction & Possibility

Jenny Randles explores time anomalies in her recent book Reviewed by Douglas Chapman Jenny Randles’ new book is a fascinating, if loosely organized, look at the concept of time travel, and the possibilities that it may actually be happening. Randles presents many of the theories on the subject,a nifty one, whatever its validity, being that what we experience as UFO aliens are time travellers from various parts of the future. This would certainly explain why the beings show an interest in humanity. Another wonderful speculation concerns the real reason for the sinking of the Titanic being as deadly as it was. It seems that the ship’s weight was supplemented by the presence of all those voyeuristic time travellers who wanted to experience the last few minutes of the famous ship’s existence. “They were not recorded in any log-book,” she writes. “They could not be added to calculations about depth […] Read More


The Steven Gibbs Interview by Mark Chorvinsky (A version of this interview appeared in Strange Magazine 14, Spring, 1995) LETTER FROM THE FUTURE? Mark Chorvinsky: How did you get interested in Time Travel Steven Gibbs: Back in 1981 when…I really can’t figure out whether it was a joke or not…I got a letter one day when I was up at Norfork and it was supposedly from my other self from the future. I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not, because there was just no way the letter could be written up so fast…it was the first day I was there. I just went to the restroom for a few minutes after we got done playing a game, and I was just gone no longer than 3 or 4 minutes at the most, and when I got back Brian Johnson said that “somebody had dropped off a […] Read More

1995: Successful Time Travel?

The Steven Gibbs Interview: Practical Time Travel Successful Time Travel Claimed Steven Gibbs, Interviewed by Mark Chorvinsky A version of this interview appeared in Strange Magazine No.14, Spring 1995. Mark Chorvinsky: How did you get interested in time travel? Steven Gibbs: In 1985 or 1986, I was contacted by a guy from Fitchburg, Massachusetts who read one of my articles that I had published in the Journal of Natural Health and Parapsychology in Canada on time travel, back in 1983. Mike Arkliniski got the article and placed it into one of his books called Time Travel Today. In 1985, this guy from Fitchburg sent me the first schematic of a device that could be activated over a grid point to transport a person physically through time. The name of the device was the Sonic Resonator. That was the very first early stage of the device. It hadn’t been perfected or […] Read More


“BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT DOROTHY… ‘CAUSE KANSAS IS GOING BYE-BYE!” from: THE MATRIX, with Keanu Reeves Here is a list of time travel links for all of you quantum  warriors out there. Remember, when time traveling, all Quantum Force personnel must adhere strictly to the Temporal Prime directive. This adherence is NOT to prevent one from changing history, for in a battle between the time-traveler and the timeline for third dimensional supremacy, the time-traveler WILL lose out to the timeline IF he or she [or it] insists on attempting to altar events that have been SET in the “eternal now” as a result of all past-present-future influences simultaneously being brought to bear against them. Only ONE third-dimensional event can exist within the same third-dimensional space at the same “time”. Sure, one might be able to generate quasi-material localized “parallel” realities that can hover pretty close to the periphery of the linear third dimensional realm, however one would be walking on “slippery ground” none-the-less, […] Read More

2000-2001: Time Travel: John Titor’s Startling Predictions

by OLIVER WILLIAMS Time Travel: John Titor’s Startling Predictions Is it possible to travel back in time? A man calling himself John Titor claims it is. In fact, Titor says that he is a time traveler from the year 2036. These pronouncements and others were made on various Internet forums and chat rooms from November 2000 to March 2001, ending when Titor went back to the future—or so the story goes. Since then a cult industry has sprung up, attracting the attention of tens of thousands of Web surfers, both true believers and naysayers. Why are you posting messages on the Internet? JOHN TITOR: I’ve been trying to alert anyone to the possibility of a civil war in the United States. To see it unfold is very interesting. I realize no one will actually believe me, and I’m not sure you should. Tell us how the war started. Who […] Read More