2012: Tesla: Free Energy

From the beginning of A. K. Brown’s and George Westinghouse‘s fortuitous partnerships with Tesla, the inventor was at work on other projects above and beyond the AC dynamo. Able to devote himself to the unhindered realization of his countless ideas, he would later recall these years of his life as “little short of continuous rapture.” Tesla’s New York laboratory was a hive of continuous activity, with a small staff of assistants working solely from their employer’s verbal instructions. His distaste for putting ideas down on paper, coupled with his tendency to get bored with a completed invention and move on to the next challenge, led Tesla to toss aside a large number of creations that he never even bothered to patent. Once, when exhaustion left Tesla in a state of temporary amnesia, his assistant filed for patents on many of the unregistered inventions on Tesla’s behalf and had the […] Read More

1999: Free energy? No utility bills?

It could have been if Nikola Tesla had had his way.   Who was Tesla?  You probably know because you’re reading The Hollow Earth Insider.  But for those who don’t, he was the inventor and genius who blaster the path that electrical development has followed and continues to follow until this day. Every elementary school student in America learned about Thomas Edison and his most important invention, the electric light bulb.  However little is taught about Nikola Tesla who developed the AC (alternate current) electrical system that carried electrical service across America and most of the world.  At the time, Edison was trying to sell the world his inferior DC (direct current) system that required a generator station every 200 yards.  Tesla’s superior system could be carried over many miles of wire.  Of course, Edison would have made more money selling a generator system to be placed every 200 yards.  […] Read More