1958: The Case of the Vanishing Lieutenant

To paraphrase Gilbert & Sullivan, Paul Byron Whipkey was the very model of a modern Army First Lieutenant. The 26-year-old was smart, brave, serious and disciplined, described as “an all-American young man and a superior officer.” He was, in short, one of the last people you could imagine being enveloped by The Weird. However, since he is featured on this blog, you have probably already guessed that this is exactly what happened. The young aviator and company commander were stationed at Fort Ord, California. On July 10, 1958, he told some friends at Fort Ord’s bachelor officers quarters that he was going into town to “get a drink.” Instead, he drove to Mojave, hundreds of miles away, and checked into a motel. The next day, he bought 14 gallons of gas. After that, the Lieutenant was never heard from again. Five weeks after he was last seen, Whipkey’s car […] Read More

2016: The Village That Disappeared and Other Strange Cases of Unsolved Disappearances

“I was driving in a deserted part of a northern state when I started seeing lizard-like things about 2 to 3 feet high standing upright near the sides of the gravel road I was on. They looked ‘intelligent,’ not like lizards or wild beasts. They seemed to follow me with their heads and eyes. “These lizard-like things were really ugly, so I started to drive faster… and I swear the road turned into a light brown packed earth drive, and the trees and such were all different, like nothing I’ve ever seen anywhere. There were funny-colored plants with curly leaves and vines that smelled funny (I had the window down). “The whole scene was unreal and the worst was that small, squat human-like people were around the sides of this earthen trail working and not paying much attention to me. They were gathering big triangular fruits and hitting them […] Read More

2016: Hundreds of Experienced Hunters Vanish In U.S. National Parks Without Any Proof

What would you say if I told you that over 1,100 people have “vanished” from this country’s national parks and forests in the past 100 years? Furthermore, what if I told you a large percentage of those people who “vanished” are innocent young children, many younger than the age of 10? That would seem strange right? Then, what if I told you the National Park Service claims their agency does not keep records of people who have gone missing within National Parks or Forests, not even children. Does that make ANY sense to you? Children are “vanishing,” and yet the government keeps no record? Further adding to the mystery, what if I told you dozens and dozens of the over 1,100 victims who have simply “vanished” from Federal National Parks and National Forests over the years were experienced hunters? Often, hunters are considered some of the best and most […] Read More

2009: The Mysterious Appearance of Peter Bergmann

In 2009 a man arrived at the seaport town of Sligo, Ireland. He was an elderly man with graying hair, thin-framed prescription glasses, and a black leathered jacket. He appeared peacefully lost in the little footage that would be taken of the visiting stranger from CCTV cameras around the town center. For the next three days, the man known as Peter Bergmann would meticulously erase all evidence of his existence. His lifeless body would soon be discovered in local waters days after his arrival.  Authorities retrieved the body only to find out that Peter Bergmann cut out all labels from his clothes and had no documentation. It was only when they traced him back to the hotel that they realized that Peter Bergmann was not real. The story begins in Derry, Ireland, where authorities were able to trace Bergmann’s arrival. Sifting through hours of footage from several security cameras, […] Read More

1898: Vintage ‘Missing’ Mystery

Here’s an interesting story forwarded by a reader from 1898 that was published in the Bucks County Gazette. The Little Wanderer Alice Rachel Peck, aged 3 years and four months, wandered away from her home in Burn’s Valley, Thursday, August 25th, 1898, in search for her mother, who went on an errand. The little girl traveled an old and unused bark road, climbed over a high and very rough mountain and there, worn out with hunger and without bonnet or shoes, for three days and night had nothing to eat but a few huckleberries, while friends and neighbors were diligently searching for her or her remains. She was found on Sunday morning, August 28th at half-past seven o’clock, by William Bair, sound and well. She neither smiled nor cried as two hundred voices rang out the glad tidings of great joy, five miles from her home, in the mountains. […] Read More

2015: No Signs Of Missing Hiker Who Reported Strange Cave

In November of 2014 Kenny Veach, a 47-year-old experienced hiker ventured off into the Nevada desert in search of a strange cave he had spotted during a previous hike near Nellis Air Force Base. According to a comment he left on YouTube, the cave was odd and had a strange entrance that resembled the letter M. As he approached, he claimed to have felt a strong vibration engulf his entire body. The closer he got the more the vibration intensified.  Whatever was inside the cave made him fear for his life. Kenny left and returned days later with proper gear and a gun for safety. That was the last time anyone saw him alive. The Comment Kenny’s initial comment on YouTube got others intrigued on the mysterious M cave. They began requesting a follow-up exploration on the cave, which Kenny vowed to do as soon as he had the […] Read More

1989: Unbelievable Strange Sights Are Common Along Chestnut Ridge

By Carol Morello, Inquirer Staff Writer POSTED: February 12, 1989 LATROBE, Pa. — Bob France. Mountain man. Lives in a log cabin with a stockade gate to keep the world at bay. Snares snakes for fun. The woods and its denizens are as familiar to him as the calluses on his hands. Then one day Bob France went into the dark and teeming woods, and familiarity slipped away. For he had entered another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A dimension is known as – Chestnut Ridge. This stretch of the Allegheny Mountain foothills, running from West Virginia up through Westmoreland and Indiana Counties, is Pennsylvania‘s, Twilight Zone. It was on Chestnut Ridge that France saw the creature he has come to think of as Bigfoot. “I know it’s there,” he said recently of the tall, hairy, neither-man- nor-animal that he says he […] Read More

1933: Another vanished house

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pye were on holiday in Cornwall in 1933 and were traveling by bus from Wadebridge to Boscastle. As they neared Boscastle they both kept a good look-out for a suitable hotel in which to stay, and just before they reached the point at which the road drops steeply down into the village the bus stopped to set down a passenger. Mr. Pye writes: “It had come to rest almost outside the gates of a rather substantial house, standing on the left-hand side of the road. It stood back from the road some twenty yards or so, there being a semi-circular drive from the gate outside which we had stopped to another gate twenty-five yards further on. The garden front was screened from the road by a hedge over which we could just see from our seats on the bus. The house was double- fronted, and […] Read More

1880: Disappearance of David Lang

Altered Dimensions There are some who believe that there may be additional ‘dimensions’ not accounted for in our commonly accepted system of three dimensions (four dimensions if you count ‘time’). If there are indeed dimensions we have yet to discover or understand, is it possible to slip through one of these dimensions? If a person did pass through to this unknown dimension, what would become of them? Here is the story of David Lang.  Many believe this story to be a fake, probably due to the many variations that exist of the tale.  But here it is, in its entirety, so you can decide for yourself… David Lang Disappearance On September 23, 1880, David Lang was crossing a field near his home in Sumner County, Tennessee. His wife and two children were watching their father walk across the field. David’s brother-in-law and a local attorney were approaching the home in a horse-drawn buggy. Suddenly, Mrs. Lang […] Read More