The Mystery of Sweden’s Bizarre Mass Disappearance

Mysterious disappearances come in many forms, and one very baffling type is that of mass disappearances, in which more than one person goes missing at the same time, often vanishing into thin air to leave searchers scrabbling for answers that may never come. One very strange such case of a mass vanishing happened in the country of Sweden, and which involves a series of strange events that have left investigators struggling to connect the dots ever since. There was nothing particularly remarkable about the day of July 29, 1965 when it began in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden other than all of the rain. People went out about their business as usual, including three friends by the names of Gay Karlsson, Jan Olof Dahlsjö, and Kjell Ake Johansson who worked at the local shipyards. Yet at some point during the day things took a turn for the strange when […] Read More

Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Strangers from Nowhere

History is rife with mysterious people who have seemingly vanished into thin air, often with strange circumstances and clues surrounding them. Yet just as mysterious are those cases that go the opposite way, with people seeming to appear out of nowhere to baffle and puzzle all who would try and figure them out. These mysterious strangers come out of the blue into our reality to evade us and elude understanding, and they are every bit as weird as anyone who has stepped off the face of the earth. Where did these people come from and who are they? The answers continue to hide in the shadows. The earliest of the cases we will look at here, and also one of the weirdest and most mysterious of them, concerns an 8-year-old boy who in September of 1863 was walking along a beach near the village of Digby Neck, in Nova […] Read More

Strange Vanishings and Spooky Letters

Mysterious vanishings are known not only for their often very strange circumstances, but also for the myriad bizarre clues they often leave behind, as well as the strange leads which frequently come in to more often than not only muddy the waters. In some cases, people have simply seemingly ceased to exist, only to leave in their wake enigmatic letters which may or may not shine a light onto the shadows surrounding their cases. There are inexplicable letters wedged within some of the most compelling missing persons cases out there, which have served simultaneously as a beacon of hope in solving them and also a frustrating exercise in inscrutable mystery. We begin our journey into these strange cases on the night of August 24, 1951, when a young, 10-year-old girl named Beverly Potts went off with a friend, Patricia Swing, to visit Halloran Park, in Cleveland, Ohio, in order […] Read More

The Case of the Vanishing Lieutenant

To paraphrase Gilbert & Sullivan, Paul Byron Whipkey was the very model of a modern Army First Lieutenant. The 26-year-old was smart, brave, serious and disciplined, described as “an all-American young man and a superior officer.” He was, in short, one of the last people you could imagine being enveloped by The Weird. However, since he is featured on this blog, you have probably already guessed that this is exactly what happened. The young aviator and company commander was stationed at Fort Ord, California. On July 10, 1958, he told some friends at Fort Ord’s bachelor officers quarters that he was going into town to “get a drink.” Instead, he drove to Mojave, hundreds of miles away, and checked into a motel. The next day, he bought 14 gallons of gas. After that, the Lieutenant was never heard from again. Five weeks after he was last seen, Whipkey’s car […] Read More

The Strange Disappearance of Jim Thompson

Vanishings happen all of the time, to people of all walks of life. This is not a phenomenon regulated to the destitute, down on their luck, or nobodies. Indeed there have been numerous high profile disappearances throughout history that have managed to shock not only because of their baffling nature, but also because of the high-profile status of the victims. Counting among some of the most puzzling of these is the vanishing of one of the mot important foreigners to ever have lived in the country of Thailand. He was a legend of his time, an affluent and groundbreaking pioneer living his dream and dwelling in splendor in his own paradise, yet despite all of this he still managed to walk off the face of the earth into the realms of the unknown. James Harrison Wilson Thompson was born into a privileged life. Born in 1906 to a wealthy […] Read More

Strange Disappearances on the Highway of Death

Meandering straight across the continental United states, from San Francisco, California, to Teaneck, New Jersey is the vast Interstate 80, also called simply I-80. Constructed between the years of 1956 to 1986, and sprawled out over 2,902 miles of historic travel routes, I-80 is one of the most ambitious highway projects ever attempted in the country. It is also perhaps one of the most vital, an artery through the country along which countless travelers and truckers surge day in and day out. One portion of this major road cuts through the northern part of the state of Nevada, and this expanse cuts through some of the most unforgiving and lifeless wasteland in the United States, with long stretches populated by little more than desert scrub and tumbleweeds. Here one can travel hundreds of miles without seeing any sign of human life, and at night it turns into a black […] Read More

Mysterious People Who Drove off the Face of the Earth

There are plenty of cases of vanished people who have seemingly stepped off the face of the earth to leave abandoned vehicles behind. However, even more curious is those cases where the disappeared have gone off to take a drive and completely vanished along with their vehicles, never to be seen or heard from again. It is one thing to have a person disappear, but for them to just melt away from the world along with their vehicles and never have a trace found is truly odd indeed. Here are some of the myriad, bizarre cases of people who got into their cars to go driving, and keep going seemingly right off the face of the planet. Our first case finds us at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, on May 15, 1970. On this evening, there was a cocktail party going on in full swing, and among the […] Read More

The Mysterious Forest of Vanished Children

There are places in this world which seem to harbor ominous secrets and reverberate with the echoes of a dark history. Here unsolved mysteries, vanishings, and deaths haunt the landscape and hold evasive clues that continue to perplex and baffle. One such location is a stretch of rough wilderness and rugged mountains just outside of the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States, which was ground zero for a series of bizarre, chilling vanishings of young children that have remained unsolved to this day and continue to stir discussion and debate. Sprawled out within Los Angeles County, in southern California, are the San Gabriel Mountains and Sierra Pelona Mountains, and within this vast expanse of wilderness, not far from the urban jungle of nearby Los Angeles, lies the Angeles National Forest. At a total of 700,176 acres (1,094.0 sq mi; 2,833.5 km2) in area, the forest encompasses […] Read More

Weird Cases of Sudden Bizarre Behavior That Led to Mysterious Vanishings and Deaths

Some mysterious disappearances and deaths seem to be surrounded by more bizarre clues than others. Whereas there are people who have died under baffling circumstances or stepped off the face of the earth without warning, in other cases there has shown to be demonstrated a series of weird, uncharacteristic and perplexing behavior and actions directly leading up to these instances that are every bit as puzzling as the crimes they link in to. What sort of clues does this inexplicable behavior offer us and what insights can we gain from it into these murky, inscrutable cases? Here are some of the most head-scratchingly enigmatic deaths and disappearances there are, orbited by a plethora of odd clues and a string of weird behavior preceding them. One of the earlier and more well-known accounts of a mysterious death preceded by bizarre behavior is that of none other than the famous author […] Read More

Mysterious Last Text Messages from the Vanished

Mysterious vanishings are nothing new. Throughout history there have been those individuals who have just seemed to step off the face of the earth to never be heard from again. What is new is the technology we now possess that ensures that in some cases those who have disappeared have been able to reach out to instantly make contact with the outside world either right before or even during their unexplained vanishings. Unfortunately, these last messages from the vanished rarely offer clues as to just exactly what has happened, but they nevertheless serve as creepy, even macabre glimpses into unexplained disappearances that may never be solved. It is not uncommon for last texts from the vanished to pose more questions than answers. Take the spooky story of Toni Anderson, a 20-year-old student at the University of Missouri, who vanished in January of 2017. At around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, […] Read More

Destination Nowhere: Mysterious Travelers Who Vanished Into Thin Air

At times the stresses of modern life can get to us and we seek to get away from it all and escape the burdens and responsibilities that bog us down. We embark on journeys out into the world to seek a life that eludes us in our everyday toil. Perhaps it is to visit friends, or maybe it is to fulfill our dream to journey to some faraway land that we perceive to be exotic and welcoming. Very few of those who push forth into such travels and vacations would expect that they may never make the return journey home, but for a surprising number this is where the road out into the release they seek has ultimately taken them. Indeed, some of the more chilling and perplexing missing person mysteries revolve around people who just wanted to escape, if even for a short time, the rigors of their […] Read More

The Weird World of Vanishing and Teleporting Objects

Have you ever lost something that you had just a moment before and could not find no matter where you looked? Have you ever had a lost object turn up in a place where it had no business being? Indeed, have you ever had something just suddenly show up that you do not remember having or buying? Most of us have had this happen to us on numerous occasions, and although we typically write it off as just absent mindedness or an odd “huh” moment at best, not thinking much of it, is there perhaps something far stranger going on behind these annoying occurrences? There is an actual name for this type of phenomena, and it is called simply the “Disappearing Object Phenomenon,” or DOP, which entails objects spontaneously vanishing, teleporting, or appearing out of nowhere. As we will see, perhaps those misplaced car keys that were just there […] Read More

The Vanishing Children

In 1938 a 4 year old boy named a Alfred was camping with his family in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. And as the boy was walking with his family he disappeared. He was there one minute and the next he was gone. The authorities were convinced that he must have fallen into the river as they were walking pretty close to it. And that theory could explain why Alfred didn’t answer any of his parents calls as maybe he drowned or just got swept away by the river. But Alfred parents insisted that this was not the case, and they kept telling the authorities that he had just vanished. And that day a massive search was launched and they searched up and down the river and all through out the national park for 5 days. But there was just no sign or any evidence of Alfred anywhere, so […] Read More