2011: Halloween: Some Observations, and The Truth

Happy Halloween folks! Here’s a breakdown of what you’re probably going to do on everybody’s favorite scary holiday…well, almost everybody’s…ours is Valentine’s day, or as we call it, “buy your mom flowers and tell the florist they’re for you wife, but he secretly knows the truth…day”. Anyway, here’s how Halloween usually goes (by age group): Under 13: you’re dressed as a Yoda, or a ninja, or a Dora The Tank Engine or something, and you’re walking door to door demanding candy from your neighbors. 13 to 17: you’re either throwing eggs at someone else’s hard earned property, or sitting at a really boring party wishing you had alcohol. By the way egg throwers, karma will get you. Trust us, when you get older and you actually own things, you’re going to be p.o.’ed when you have to wash yolk off of them because someone who still takes spelling tests […] Read More