2015: The Tendrils of the Slenderman

by David Weatherly Originally published in PARANOIA Issue #59 The Slenderman Imagine a tall figure in a black suit.  His face, if there is one, hidden in the shadows, a glimpse of pale, unnatural skin.  He has impossibly long arms that reach out like slim tendrils grasping at those who get too close.  Strangely, it seems that there are more than just two arms and, octopus-like; they move constantly making it difficult to even be sure what you’re seeing.  This figure has been seen in schoolyards, outside of homes and at sites where disasters have occurred.  He is a nightmare figure, haunting the dreams of many and blamed for the disappearance of both children and adults through the ages.  He is the Slenderman.  But is he real or a complete work of fiction? By most accounts, it seems that the Slenderman was born from something awful, that is, the […] Read More