Spontaneous Human Combustion: A Burning Mystery

For some time, people have debated whether or not human beings could spontaneously combust, or burst into flames, without an external heat source. However, over the past 300 years, there have been more than 200 reports of such incidents occurring. This phenomenon is called Spontaneous Human Combustion (or SHC) and it occurs when a person supposedly burns to death by a fire believed to have started from within the body of that person.  Of the hundreds of accounts on […] Read More

Drug Reaction Looks Like Spontaneous Human Combustion

While people bursting into flames for no apparent reason or piles of ashes being found where there was once a human get the most publicity, there are other lesser-known forms of what appears to be spontaneous human combustion. One which happened recently involves a woman in California who had burns over 70 percent of her body that appeared to be caused by something on fire inside her. On Thanksgiving Day, 19-year-old Yassmeen Castanada said she felt sick. A friend […] Read More

Nicole Millet’s Fiery Death

by  Garth Haslam – Anomalies – the Strange & Unexplained   On Whit Monday 1725, in Rheims, Nicole Millet was found burnt to death in an unburnt chair.  Nicole was the wife of the landlord of the Lion d’Or, and her husband, quite naturally, was accused of murdering her and arrested. He was acquitted at his trial when a young surgeon named Nicholas Le Cat convinced the court that not only did Spontaneous Human Combustion occur, but that the Nicole Millet case was […] Read More

Spontaneous Human Combustion

by  Garth Haslam – Anomalies – the Strange & Unexplained  The Legend: For as yet scientifically unknown reasons, times occur when an unsuspecting person can just burst into flames and be incinerated. The flames begin within the victim’s own body and are horribly complete in their work, reducing their human fuel to a pile of ashes in minutes — sometimes seconds. The whole event is so quick and selective that objects near the victim show only minor heat damage, if any at […] Read More