Strange Mysteries of the Lone Star State

Texas is the second largest U.S. state in both area and population, spanning no less than 268,820 square miles, and with a growing population of around 28 million. Houston is its largest city and the fourth-largest in the United States; while the Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area is the biggest metropolitan area in the state, and the fourth-largest in the nation. Other major cities include San Antonio, and the capital: Austin. Texas contains diverse landscapes, resembling in places both the Deep South and the desert southwest. Traveling from east to west, one can observe piney woods and semi-forests of oak and cross timbers, rolling plains and prairie, and finally the desert of the Big Bend. But that is not all: deep in the heart of Texas lurks a wide array of mysteries, including tales of crashed UFOs; marauding monsters on the loose; ghosts, spooks and specters; and much more, as […] Read More

Mystery ‘Metal Starfish’ Found Off Rhode Island Coast

The metallic starfish (credit: Peter Brockmann) As fans of Lost will attest, it’s not a good idea to lift a hatch, open a strange door or move an odd object without having some idea of what might happen next. That could be the reason why residents and government officials are in no hurry to remove a seemingly unmovable starfish-shaped metallic object found about 10 feet offshore at low tide on East Beach in Westerly, Rhode Island. Has anyone checked it for numbers? It’s a bit of a mystery. The object resembles a starfish, but is made of concrete and metal. And at first, Peter Brockmann, the president of the East Beach Association, was afraid to touch it, worried that it might be a bomb. [embedded content] “We wanted to figure out what it is before we go tugging on it,” Brockmann told The Westerly Sun last week, adding that […] Read More

Mysterious Vanishings and Strange Deaths at Death Valley

Sprawled out over a large swath of Eastern California, in the United States is a vast expanse of arid desert wasteland covering around 3,000 sq mi (7,800 km2), known rather fittingly as Death Valley, located mostly within Inyo County, California. This is an unforgiving, desolate land, which is a stranger to rain and known as one of the hottest places in the world, with some the highest temperature ever recorded on earth, at 134 °F (56.7 °C), recorded on July 10, 1913. It is as deadly, inhospitable a place as you are likely to find, that may as well be the surface of some scorching, barren alien planet, yet it has drawn more than its fair share of visitors who flock here to see the bleak, sun blazed vistas or merely out of pure curiosity. Yet for as many people that come here to visit, there are also those who never return, and this is a […] Read More

The mysterious crystal pyramids of the Bermuda Triangle

Maybe this is the news that everyone has been waiting for in the Bermuda Triangle …. According to an oceanographer, the technology that lies hidden beneath the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle is anything but ordinary and most likely not originated on Earth. This mysterious area is full of incredible stories related to entities from other world and rumors of supernatural things happening in the place. Is it possible that this imaginary triangle is evidence of extraterrestrial activity on our planet? One thing is certain, over the last century, the Bermuda Triangle has “swallowed” ships and planes that disappear without leaving traces taking hundreds of lives. The mysterious pyramids Two giant mesmerizing pyramids made of some sort of thick glass were discovered in the center of the Bermuda Triangle. The technology that lies beneath the vast ocean is a mystery to modern science. The anomalous structures located at a […] Read More

Meet ‘The Eye’ – A Strange And Nearly Perfect Circular Island That Moves On Its Own!

In the middle of South America, there is a strange and almost perfectly spherical island that moves on its own. The landmass in the middle —called the Eye— floats on a pond of clear and cold water which is extremely strange and in contrast to its surrounding area. The bottom appears to be solid in comparison to the marsh around it. Until now, no one has tried explaining ‘ The Eye’ or unraveling its many mysteries. Looking at the story behind this mysterious island, many people have come forward claiming that “a circle inside another circle represents God on Earth,” — and as paranormal investigators point out— regardless, the area deserves much more interest. Google Earth has been the place to go to if you are looking to explore the surface of the planet like never before. For years this tool has been used by researchers, scientists and ordinary people […] Read More

The Min Min Lights Of Australia

The Min Min lights of Australia is one of my most requested videos. And it is a very interesting mystery. One of the first famous sightings coming from white settlers happened in 1918 when a stock man noticed some very strange lights in the distance. And this sighting happened in a small settlement known as Min Min and ever since then these strange lights have been known as the Min Min lights. But the first recorded sighting from westerners happened in 1838 according to the book six months in South Australia. Now there are so many sightings of these mysterious lights each and every year making this phenomena very famous world wide. And even some scientist claim that they know what is causing this and we will get into that a bit later. According to eye witness accounts these lights will approach or follow you while on foot or driving. […] Read More

The Mysterious Castle Of Coral

It’s very rare to cover a mystery that could actually be real paranormal, just unknown by science, hidden knowledge. And coral castle is one of these mysteries as still to this very day it still remains unexplainable. Coral castle was built in the early 20th century by a very unusual man named Edward. Edward was from Latvia and he decided to leave his homeland and come to America after he was rejected by the girl he loved. Now this girl was only 16 years old and I am not sure how old Edward was at this time but I do believe that he too was also fairly young. And he would always call her his sweet 16. And after he was rejected by this young women he moved to Florida. Then eventually got himself a 10 acre piece of land in homestead just south of Miami. Then he started […] Read More

The Mannequin In The Window

When I read this story I was a little freaked out as this is a very creepy and a very bizarre mystery. And I really wanted to let you guys known about this. In a small town in Mexico there is a mannequin or an alleged mannequin that has been on display in a small store window for about 86 years. Which is a very long time for a store to keep the same mannequin on display. Only adding to the credibility of what many people believe. Now this mannequin made its day view in 1930 on march 25th. And right away it became very popular as the townsfolk would just stop and stare at it because it looked exactly like the female shop owner. And it’s also very, very pretty and very well done. So It must have been made by someone very professional, as it looks almost […] Read More

South Africa, Arizona and Antarctica are Cracking Open

Is our planet breaking apart? Every day brings a new report about a mysterious or not-so-mysterious giant crack in the ground opening somewhere around the world. Three of the biggest and possibly most devastating are in South Africa, Arizona and Antarctica. What’s the latest status on them and which side should you be on? Fissure in Northern Cape, South Africa Let’s start in South Africa where a massive crack opened on January 6, 2017, between the cities of Daniëlskuil and Kuruman in Northern Cape, South Africa. Latest reports put the length of the fissure at 300 meters (980 feet) long and 30 meters (98 feet) deep. Because it’s so close, it has caused the R31 road to be closed between the cities. Heavy rains and the karst landscape – formed by the dissolution of limestone, dolomite, gypsum and other soluble rocks – makes this a sinkhole haven. The Boesmansgat […] Read More

A Town Plunged Into Terror

The story in question dates back to a hot summer’s day in the early 1950s and a little French town called Pont-Saint-Esprit, which is located in the southern part of the country. The town is a tranquil one, filled with a great deal of history dating back to the 1700s. Today, however, it is a decidedly infamous locale – chiefly as a result of a series of events that took place on August 15, 1951. That was the date upon which all hell broke loose around Pont-Saint-Esprit, and numerous townsfolk took on the forms of marauding animals – in their minds, at least. The official story is that the people of the town were the victims of a certain fungus called ergot, which can affect rye. It does far more to the person who eats the infected rye: it provokes graphic and terrifying hallucinations, as werewolf / shapeshifter authority […] Read More

Green Snow In Russia And Snow In The Arabian Desert

Winter isn’t even here yet, but already some frosty – and strange – weather activity is appearing worldwide. First, an anomalous snow storm appeared in the Saudi Arabian desert, coating the usually hot, arid desert in a fine coating of white powder. The snow fell as temperatures plunged below zero during the last weeks of November across central and northwestern Saudi Arabia, where temperatures usually hover around 20° C (68° F) this time of year.  Snow in the desert. Local citizens were shocked and delighted by the anomaly, taking to the streets (and social media) to frolic in the rare wintry treat. Saudi Arabia has been experiencing several weather anomalies recently, including a rare desert flood. Many Saudis took to Twitter to declare “how European” the snow made them feel. A little farther to the east, a bizarre winter sight greeted residents in the historic Ural Mountain town of […] Read More

Rare Sinkhole Cluster In China Reveals Unexplored Ecosystem

China is home to some of the most mysterious geological formations on Earth. The South China Sea boasts the mythical “Dragon hole,” thought to be the deepest underwater sinkhole on Earth. In China’s remote northwest, meanwhile, a “gateway to Hell” has opened, revealing a burning pit of molten lava seemingly just below residents’ feet. Another strange spot stays frozen year-round, even in warm summer temperatures. Now, geologists in China have discovered a rare geological phenomenon that could offer a glimpse into a completely unknown ecosystem and landscape. The cluster is the largest-known sinkhole cluster in the world. According to a report by China Daily, government officials in Shaanxi province discovered a rare cluster of massive sinkholes while conducting a geological survey of the Qinling-Bashan mountain range. The cluster of forty-nine sinkholes is spread over a 5000 square kilometer (~1900 square mile) range across four counties in one of China’s […] Read More

Giant Snowballs Mysteriously Appear in Siberia

Siberia once again proves that the further north you go, the closer you get to a frigid bizarro world where nothing is as it seems and nature messes with minds to make them believe in giants preparing for ice ball battles. Residents of Nyda, a village just north of the Arctic Circle on the Gulf of Ob, have been waking up recently to ever-increasing numbers of giant snowballs and ice balls mysteriously appearing on the beach – perfectly shaped and neatly lined up for miles. We have them only in one place. It’s as if someone spilled them. They are all of different sizes, from tennis balls to volleyball. Who plays volleyball in Siberia? That’s a question for another day. Who or what is making millions of perfect snowballs the size of volleyballs and larger (some measure up to one meter (3.3 feet) in diameter but there’s no sports […] Read More