The Mannequin In The Window

When I read this story I was a little freaked out as this is a very creepy and a very bizarre mystery. And I really wanted to let you guys known about this. In a small town in Mexico there is a mannequin or an alleged mannequin that has been on display in a small store window for about 86 years. Which is a very long time for a store to keep the same mannequin on display. Only adding to the credibility of what many people believe. Now this mannequin made its day view in 1930 on march 25th. And right away it became very popular as the townsfolk would just stop and stare at it because it looked exactly like the female shop owner. And it’s also very, very pretty and very well done. So It must have been made by someone very professional, as it looks almost […] Read More

Mysteries, Madness, and Vanishings at China’s Cursed Lake

For whatever reasons, some locations on this planet of ours seem to have a habit of drawing things in to be erased. It is in these places where forces beyond our control or understanding conspire to lurch forth to suck in those foolhardy enough to venture there, and quite often nothing remains to allow us to piece together what has happened. Many people have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but what many others might not realize is that this just one of many such predatory places that inhabit various areas around the world. One such place can be found in China, where the largest lake in the country has long earned itself a reputation as not only a place where things launch off into oblivion, but also a wellspring of high strangeness that continues to baffle and stir the imagination to this day. Sitting within the rugged beauty of […] Read More

Mysteries and Death at Georgia’s Cursed Lake

Lake Sidney Lanier Some places in this world seem mysterious to the point where they almost seem to be beyond the comprehension of mankind. There are mysteries in these places that defy any attempts to explain them, and the very soil and water itself here seems to reverberate with some evil force that pervades its very being. These mysterious places seem to draw death, misfortune, and the bizarre to them like a magnet, and if there are indeed cursed places in this world then these are them. One such enigmatic place can be found nestled within the rolling, verdant foothills of the northern mountains of the U.S. state of Georgia. This is a locale that has long been associated with strange phenomena, weird creatures, and most sinister of all, a large number of inexplicable deaths and unsolved murders. This is the cursed lake of Georgia. Lying in the northern […] Read More

The Cursed River of Australia

 Brent Swancer Can a place be evil? I’m not talking about the evil deeds perpetrated by the inhabitants of a certain location or its dark history, but the actual place itself, its land, air, and water saturated with a sinister energy that we cannot comprehend and which may or may not have some sentience of its own. It may seem like a rather far out notion, and perhaps it is, but there are certainly locations throughout the world that have a definite air of bizarreness and the unexplained which is not always benign in nature, and indeed lends itself to the idea that something there is not quite right. One such place is a river in Australia which has long been the origin of stories of strange creatures, ghostly phenomena, mysterious murders and disappearances, and just plain weirdness. It is a place which, if evil or cursed places do […] Read More

The Cursed Blue Hole of New Jersey

The forests and wild places of our world hold countless mysteries within their darkened recesses. Sometimes these are strange, natural phenomena, sometimes they are oddities of nature, mysterious creatures or locations, or haunted locales. On occasion, they are all of the above. One such place lies hidden away within the vast pine barrens of New Jersey, a land already steeped in enigmas, spooky folklore, the paranormal, and high strangeness as it is. Here among the trees is tucked away a curious body of water that is heavily pervaded by stories of the odd and bizarre, a supposedly bottomless pit of frigid water that is simultaneously a natural wonder, scientific oddity, lair of ghosts and cryptids, an alleged portal to other dimensions, and an overall creepy, cursed place long surrounded by sinister folklore. Sprawled across the northeastern U.S., spanning all the way from New Jersey to Maine, is the vast […] Read More

SS Samwater and the Chinese Curse

The following article from the port of Plymouth, Devon was published in the Western Morning News on June 17, 1946. The piece suggests that a French collector of Chinese antiques may have procured cursed objects…thus leading to strange occurrences on-board, including his sudden disappearance: A strange story of a Chinese curse which laid a hoodoo on a ship, culminating in the mysterious disappearance of a French millionaire banker, was told at Plymouth yesterday by members of the crew of the 10,500 tons Glen Line steamer Samwater, which arrived from Vancouver. For six months the Samwater had crossed and recrossed the Pacific, taking cargoes of wheat from Canada to China without incident, until on her last trip M. Henri Bar, 60-years-old president of the Franco-Chinoise Bank in Shanghai, embarked to return to Paris. He took with him 25 crates containing Chinese antiques and treasures which he had collected during his […] Read More

The Cursed Death Road of New Jersey

There are certain places in the world that undeniably lend themselves to scary tales of ghosts and the paranormal, or to at least cast a feeling of profound unease upon us. Spooky abandoned buildings, graveyards, and dark ancient forests are all good examples of locations that really connect with some part of us that sends shivers up the spine. Just as creepy are desolate, dark and lonely roads. Whether one believes in ghosts or not, who has ever driven down a shadowy stretch of empty road and not had their imagination be set ablaze with thoughts of ghosts and escaped insane asylum patients? These types of roads just seem to exude eeriness and unease. Yet far from merely the realm of horror movies and over active imaginations, there are indeed bleak and dreary darkened roads out there which by all accounts really are haunted, cursed, or both, and among […] Read More

The Cursed Paradise of Italy

When people think of romantic places to get away from it all, the rustic and cozy coast of southern Italy, with its gorgeous oceanside villas and stunning scenery, would perhaps fit the bill for many. Here along the craggy coastline there are numerous charming, secluded islands full of wonders both natural and historical, where one could easily imagine oneself enjoying a peaceful vacation in paradise. Yet looks can sometimes be deceiving, and there are places in the world possessed of a natural beauty that seems to be merely a thin veneer between what we see and dark forces lying just beyond the surface. For one picturesque island off the Italian coast right off of Naples, the stunning solitude seems to be simply a curtain behind which some sinister power may be at work. It is an island with a mysterious history of murder, ruin, and misery, which the locals […] Read More

The Cursed Reservoir of New Jersey

Sometimes even the most peaceful and tranquil of places can have an underlying current of menace just under the seemingly pristine veneer. These are places where peace and beauty walk hand and hand with darker, more dangerous, and indeed more mysterious forces. For one popular and scenic fishing paradise in the U.S. state of New Jersey, all is not languid sunny days fishing the azure waters, as lurking beyond the surface are perhaps forces beyond our understanding. Clinton Township, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, is home to the popular fishing spot Round Valley Reservoir, which at 2,350 acres (8 km2) in area and up to 180 feet (55 m) deep, is New Jersey’s largest and deepest manmade lake, and is the second largest lake in the state, period. The reservoir was created in 1960 by the New Jersey Water Authority, which flooded a circular valley- hence the reservoir’s name- […] Read More

The Cursed Forest of Transylvania

Forests can be inherently spooky places. The trees with their twisted branches that can block out the sun to cast deep shadows upon the underbrush, the strange, unidentified sounds that sometimes emanate from the surrounding wilderness, the chilling howls echoing from far off in the distance, all of these elements can conspire to create a truly unnerving experience. For the most part, there is usually no real danger present and this eerie feeling is all in our minds, yet for one sinister wood in Transylvania there may be more to that prickling hair on your neck than just an active imagination. Long holding the image as the legendary home of vampires, ghouls and werewolves, the Transylvania region of Romania also has the distinction of harboring one of the most haunted, cursed, and indeed spookiest forests on the planet; a dark, sinister woodland full of all manner of unexplained phenomena […] Read More