1935: The ‘shark arm murder’ mystery that shocked Australia

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Shark Week, I wanted to see if I could find a murder that involved this notorious predator.  Per usual, Google did not disappoint.  I’m a little sad that I had not heard this story before. On April 25, 1935, families crowded the beaches of Coogee, about 5 miles south (8 km) of Sydney in New South Wales, to celebrate Anzac Day, a day of remembrance for the anniversary of Australia and New Zealand’s first military action during World War I.  One of the places that was getting a lot visitors that holiday was the Coogee Aquarium and Swimming Baths. There was a 14-foot tiger shark on display that had been caught the week before. The shark acted like it was in distress and was thrashing about.  Then, in front of horrified onlookers, it threw up a human arm. In an effort to […] Read More

2017: Betz Sphere Remains A Scientific Mystery Decades After It Was Discovered

The so-called evidence of extraterrestrial has been here for many decades. One of them happened to be the Betz sphere that was found in 1974. Experts conducted several tests of the sphere, and they concluded it as a magnetic object sensitive to magnetic fields, mechanical stimulation, and many sound emissions. They found out that it could stand a pressure of 120,000 pounds per square inch, making them conclude that the thing was composed of stainless steel, particularly magnetic ferrous alloy #431. While many theories have been proposed, experts have never been fully explained the Betz Sphere or Betz Orb. Some suggested that it may be an extraterrestrial object because of the peculiar characteristic behind the artifact. Medical student Terry Mathew Betz discovered the sphere after a massive fire had destroyed a large portion of a forest near his Jacksonville home in Florida. The mysterious object, which measured around 20 […] Read More

2011: Strange Sightings Of Butterfly People In Joplin Missouri

In May of 2011, an F3 tornado hit Joplin Missouri. And this huge tornado was responsible for 161 deaths. And after the smoked clear many survivors, mainly children started to tell some pretty amazing stories. In one case a mother and her daughter had to leave their vehicle and run for there lives as this huge tornado was directly on the path of that road. And while they were running for their lives the tornado started to move towards them. And the best they could do was just hit the ground and hope and pray that they would somehow survive this. And it seemed to the mother that this F3 tornado was right on top of them. But yet nothing happened, they were perfectly fine. And when the mother looked at her 3-year-old daughter her daughter had a very odd smile on her face. And she said to her […] Read More

2016: The Mystery Of The Betz Sphere

In 1974 the Betz family were inspecting the aftermath of a brush fire that had just recently raged across their newly acquired 88 acre land in Fort George Island Florida. And while the family was assessing the damage they stumbled upon a highly polished metal orb. At first, they wondered if this orb was from NASA or maybe even a Russian satellite and they also wondered if this sphere was the cause of the fire as a result of it falling from the sky and crashing onto their property. But after searching they saw no signs of a crater and the orb showed no signs of any damage whatsoever. So then they figured that it must be an old cannonball, all though it did appear to be in near perfect condition. Now the family thought that it was a very neat find but at that time they really didn’t […] Read More

2015: The September 2015 Wave X Awakening

I once had a media and communications professor ask a packed auditorium of journalism students the interesting question: “What is the singular factor that affects all of humanity? A factor that can start or stop wars? That can raise up civilizations or destroy them?” Not one student could come up with the right, yet so obvious, answer Space Weather. Almost 35+ years later, I still remember his words. When I heard Dr. Simon Atkins recently talk about the ‘” WAVE X shift of 2015″ it made complete sense. Atkins is a well-known climate risk economist and planetary threat forecaster with a doctorate in Biometeo-electromagnetics. He uses the science of magnetism to bring clarity to what is presently occurring in our world. Space weather not only influences but guides humanity. Statistics show that when there are intense solar flares from space, 82% of the time there is a downshift in […] Read More

2015: 10 Strange Unexplained Broadcasts

When it comes to enjoying entertainment, we are comforted by the fact that there is security and consistency in various forms of broadcasting from radio to television thanks to rules and regulations. If you’re not an engineer, basically the way that these broadcasts work is that there are satellite dishes and signals that run through the sky and electrical wiring to bring you the entertainment that you so desire. Almost on a regular basis, things go smoothly. Notice how we say, “almost”? When you’re dealing with radio waves and television signals, occasionally someone else figures out how to infiltrate the system and hijack the broadcast. This is equally alarming for both the audience and station executives, as you don’t know what will come through the speakers or the screen. There could be a gruesome message or image that will upset the public, corrupt the children, or expose confidential information. […] Read More

2014: A Tree That Eats Metal Was Just Discovered In The Philippines

Plants have evolved to exclude any metal from their roots or in any of the surrounding soil. Most plants do this, but not a particular plant called the Rinorea Niccolifera. It was discovered in the jungles of the Philippines and can accumulate up to 18,000 ppm of metal in its leaves and roots without being poisoned. This is 100 to 1000 times the amount of metal that normal plants can take in. Researchers at the University of the Phillippines – Los Banos that described the species in a new report also discovered that its ability to eat toxic levels of metals could make the tree a great solution to toxic waste sites around the planet. This is why this discovery is so important. It is a small tree, normally 1.8 meters tall with a stem ranging from 3 to 13 centimeters in diameter. You can access the full study […] Read More

2014: The mysterious cherry tree from outer space

Mystery surrounds the early blooming of the Japanese cherry tree that returned from a trip into space, leaving the Buddhist monks and scientists that take care of it with love speechless. The tree, that is four years old, bloomed in early April and that is six years earlier than the average time needed for similar plants. One of the priests of the temple Ganjoji in Gifu region of central Japan said that the tree bloomed really quickly, at an amazing speed. The pit from which this tree was planted originated from a cherry tree that the monks have taken care of with the utmost care for generations. This specific tree is believed to be 1,250 years old according to local legend. Apparently, this is the first time a seed from this sacred cherry tree has such (if any) growth! The monks are very happy and pleased with the fact […] Read More

2001: Mystery of the Eltanin Antenna

21-Jul-2001 from UnknownCountry Website Between 1962 and 1979 the NSF Polar Research Vessel Eltanin (below image) surveyed Antarctic waters, studying the ocean and ocean bottom. In 1964, the ship photographed an unusual object at a depth of 13,500 feet. At the time, there was no submarine that could have carried a piece of technology to this depth.  The object appears to be a pole rising from the ocean floor with twelve spokes radiating from it, each ending in a sphere. The spokes are at fifteen degree angles to each other. It is located approximately 1,000 miles south of Cape Horn, beneath some of the most inhospitable seas in the world. Marine biologists have speculated that it might be some sort of an organism, largely because it is otherwise so difficult to explain. However, there is no known form of marine life that looks remotely like this object. Right: The […] Read More