Very Strange Accounts of Bizarre Time Anomalies

The concept of time and how we perceive it has long been the subject of science fiction stories, thought experiments, and deep philosophical reflection, producing a mind-boggling array of ideas, theories, and opinions. Far from being the simple, linear line that many of us may think of it as, time is a deeply complex quantity for which there are many theories, and which we do not yet fully understand. Perhaps nowhere is the baffling potential nature of time more apparent than with the numerous bizarre tales of strange, unexplained phenomena regarding time, incidents often referred to as temporal anomalies which can include time freezing, time travel, time slips, time loops, and everything in between. Here we will look into various weird accounts of time anomalies that serve to baffle, surprise, and suggest that time is perhaps far more malleable and more bizarre than we can possibly imagine. One of […] Read More

Unexplained ‘Glitch’ While Driving Home

“My husband was in a rehabilitation center for physical therapy, following triple bypass heart surgery. The rehab was 2 towns away from my house. One night when I was leaving the rehab, I took the longer route home because it was more brightly lit. The shorter route was dark with no street lights, and I didn’t like travelling that route after dark. So, I was driving the longer, brightly lit route, when a car in front of me pulled to the side of the road and let me pass by. But strangely, as soon as I passed the car, it immediately pulled out and began following me – closely! – with high beams. Just then, I crossed the border into the next town. There are many stores, restaurants and a hotel in that area so the lights are even brighter there. But suddenly… everything on the road went black, […] Read More

Some See a Smartphone in a Painting of a 1630s Scene

One thing some believers or wannabe believers in time travel point to as evidence of its existence are old photographs that look exactly like famous people today. Nicholas Cage and Vladimir Putin seem to be popular examples of this phenomenon, but old photos have also been found of people who look Jay Z, Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves. (Is it just me or is this also a list of celebrities people wouldn’t mind seeing travel to another time permanently? And why don’t women seem to time travel? Is this another glass ceiling they haven’t broken through yet? Asking for a friend.) Putin the time traveller? (credit Another thing used in attempts to prove time travel are old photographs showing modern devices like televisions, cars and cellphones. A 1938 photo seems to show a woman holding a cellphone While a photograph of a smartphone in a pre-cell era might […] Read More

Mysterious People Who Spontaneously Travelled to Parallel Realities

One concept that has become the focus of much speculation and wonder is that of other realities, dimensions, universes, whatever you want to call them, existing parallel to our own beyond some unseen veil that separates us. If this is so, and that these other realms do brush up against our own, then is it possible to jump between them? Can we push through that mysterious veil into new alternate realms besides our own? There have been strange accounts over the years that seem to suggest that this may indeed be so, and that not only is it possible, but that it has already been done, mostly by people who seem to have made this shift between realities quite unintentionally. I have written of this phenomenon at Mysterious Universe before, in fact on more than one occasion, and here we will further delve into the strange realms of alternate realities […] Read More

Lerina Garcia: Did She Wake Up In Another Universe?

“I think I jumped into a parallel universe…” Lerina Garcia posted her comment on July 16, 2008, in response to an article about the possibility of multiple universes. She said she was 41 years old, and had experienced something so bizarre, so inexplicable, that she worried others would think she was suffering from a psychotic break. And yet her story was so compelling, it became something of an urban legend. Her claim was this: She had gone to sleep one night, and woke up the next day to find that the world around her had changed in the strangest, and subtlest, ways. The first change was a very simple one. The sheets on her bed were different. This confused her, of course, but she didn’t give it much thought. Not in the beginning. It was another change, when she arrived at work later that day, that caused her to truly question her […] Read More

Phasing through time

My name is Susan O. I am 52 years old and in reasonably good health both physically and mentally. I experienced a recent incident that I described to my family as a sort of phasing through time. Here are all the facts, both objective and subjective that happened on May 9th, 2015 in Williamson County, highway 96, just outside of the city of Franklin Tn., traveling toward that city from the direction of Murfreesboro Tn. It was close to 11:30 am. The day was clear, sunny and the temperature was around 78 Fahrenheit with low humidity. I have traveled this highway many times in the past, to take my daughter to horse shows, though that was ten years ago. I probably haven’t driven to Franklin on this road for several months at least. I was driving my car about 40 mph. I was not listening to the radio or […] Read More

Walked Into the Past

On March 15, 2011 at 3:15 in afternoon I got into my car back of my new law office and started car to go pick up grandchild at 3:25 for her piano practice. I then turned off car and got out to go into my old law office where I and my late father, mother, brother, and others had our law practice {which building dates to pre-civil war era} next door to check for damage, having read in the local paper about Mercer County, KY residents upset with local factory doing some blasting late fall of 2010 causing damage. I went in back door and up side stairs straight to my mother’s room, checking waiting area on way, no damage, then my old room, no new damage {some wall damage from two years ago} then to brother’s old room, no damage, finally the library and much new damage, ceiling […] Read More