Navajo Myth of Creation

The people traveled through four worlds before climbing a reed growing from the bottom of the Lake of Changing Waters to this present world. First Man and First Woman with their two first children, Changing Twins, were in the forefront. First Man and First Woman produced a mountain. They populated it with plants and animals. On the peak they placed a black bowl with two blackbird eggs in it. They fastened down the peak with a rainbow. One twin took some clay from riverbed and it fashioned itself into a bowl. The other twin found reeds growing and shaped them into a water basket. They picked up stones from the ground which became axes, knives, spear points and hammers in their hands. Myth 2 The Navajo creation story involves three underworlds where important events happened to shape the Fourth World where we now live. The Navajo were given the name Ni? hookaa Diyan DinE by their creators. It means ‘Holy Earth People’ […] Read More