How the BlueBird got its color

“…O wonderful spirit of gentleness…touch, calm and embolden all men.  Take from our frightened hands the bomb…Arm us with wisdom and love instead.  Let life, not death, enter no matter where we walk…” The BlueBird was once a very, very ugly color. And, nearby where he lived, there was a lake. Now, this lake was where no river water flowed in or out. The Bird bathed in it four times every morning for four mornings. And, on each of these times, it sang. ” There is blue water, it lies there. I went in, I am all blue.” On the Fourth morning, the bird shed all of it’s feathers. He came out of the lake in his bare skin. But, on the fifth day, oh the fifth day, he came out all Blue. Now, all of this time Coyote had been watching the Bird. He wanted to jump in and get the Bird but […] Read More