How to Scare a Bear (Tewa)

Long ago and far away this did not happen. On top of Red Rock Hill, lived a little rabbit. Prickly pears were his favorite food, and every day he would hunt for them along the east bank of the Rio Grande. Eventually, he ate all the prickly pears along that bank, so he cast his hungry eyes across the river. He said to himself, “I’ll bet plenty of them grow over there. Now, how am I going to get across the river to look?” The rabbit knew the river was too deep and too wide for him to swim on his own, and he sighed, “Oh, how I wish that Uncle Fast Water, who moves the current, were here to take me across.” Fast Water heard and replied, “Child, I’m lying right here. What can I do for you?” The little rabbit leaped toward the sound. “Uncle, so this […] Read More