How Tesla and New Car Technologies Could Send Auto Dealers the Way of the Dodo Bird

When auto dealer lobbies cry foul, they are sure to be coddled by state lawmakers. Consumers hate the new-car buying experience.They hate the haggling and the cheesy sales tactics, and they hate leaving feeling ripped off, even if they drove off with a good deal. Car salespeople are the least trusted professionals in the nation, even beating out members of Congress for the dubious title. But for 80 years, that’s been the only game in town. If you’ve ever bought a new car, you’ve had to do it at a car dealer and on its terms. Unless you recently bought a Tesla, that is. The direct-sales model Tesla uses threatens the very existence of car dealers. The electric-car company markets its cars through stores called galleries and over the Internet. There’s no dickering, bait-and-switch or trade-ins, and no sales people if you don’t want them. All prices are set, […] Read More