1996: Overhead Power Lines and Electric Fields Can Kill

Perhaps the most dangerous, damaging form of pollution facing Americans every minute of every day is invisible, soundless, and cannot be touched or felt. It is electromagnetic field radiation (EMF) and it is emanating from virtually every single electrical appliance, computer, electric wire, and especially high voltage lines (overhead and buried), which are carrying current. EMF is specifically causing cancer in children and in older adults and may be triggering countless other immune deficiency and psychological diseases and disorders in anyone in close proximity. Make no mistake about it: electric fields are bad news for your health and can be killers. The government of Sweden funded an official, massive study of the effects of electric fields from overhead power lines on 500,000 people over a period of 25 years and found overwhelming evidence that electric fields generated cancer in children at 4 times the normal rate and tripled the […] Read More

2002: The Energy Rip Off!

There is no nice way to say it. We have all been ripped off. The following story may well result in the end of ViewZone as a free speech publication. The information that you will read will certainly anger you. But it will anger those who ripped you off even more and they will undoubtedly try to stop this article from remaining posted. But you deserve to know what follows. Read and learn, get very angry and then act. My name is Gary Vey. I probably shouldn’t give my true name — most authors would make one up, or use a fake pseudonym — but this is about truth. I own ViewZone. I program the code, pay for the webspace and edit all of the articles. I am the webmaster. From 1999 through 2001 I was the webmaster of a company called ISO-New England. The company is located in […] Read More