1974: Two Inventors Work To Devise Fuelless Car

The National Tattler (January 23, 1974) by Tom Valentine Merging an electromagnetic motor with an all-plastic body and chassis, two pioneering inventors will put the first fuelless automobile into production and on sale this year. The revolutionary machine is being called “that car of the future” for Americans today. “We have the answer to the energy crisis”, declared Edwin Gray, the Van Nuys, CA inventor who revolutionized the use of electricity by producing an electromagnetic motor using an ordinary auto battery that does not wear down in a few short miles. “Our system can eventually solve the world’s fuel and pollution problems”, Gray told Tattler. Paul M. Lewis, inventor of the “Fascination”, an ultra-modern, “three-point road contact”, all-plastic auto. His car of the future lists a number of engineering advantages over today’s models, and the EMA motor will slowly replace internal combustion engines Although it looks like a “three-wheeled” […] Read More

1974: Inventor of the World’s First No-Fuel Engine is Suppressed by L.A.’s District Attorney

The National Tattler (March 1974) ~ by Tom Valentine Editor’s Note: On July 1, 1973, Tattler published a story announcing the invention of a remarkable “fuel less engine” capable of powering an automobile. The engine, invented by Ed Gray and named the EMS motor, functioned on an electromagnetic principle that allowed it to regenerate its own power. At the time, Tattler predicted the Gray engine would revolutionize the auto industry. We also published Gray’s announcement to have automobiles containing the engine in production an available to the public by the end of 1974. That obviously has not happened yet, and for a very good reason. For the past seven months, Gray has been the victim of an incredible campaign of obvious harassment by the Los Angeles District Attorney‘s office. This harassment appears to be yet another chapter in a long history of attempts to suppress any automobile invention that might […] Read More