2014: Robin Williams Was a Powerful Voice on the Issue of Addiction

His death will broaden the national conversation about addiction. The following first appeared on Substance.com: Robin Williams died this week. He was 63. His death, reportedly a suicide by asphyxia, serves as a stark reminder of the insidiousness of addiction and mental illness. As an actor and comedian, Williams was both legendary and beloved. Among many other memorable roles, he was the goofy dad-in-drag in Mrs. Doubtfire>; he was the genie in Alladin; he was a lovable alien in Mork and Mindy; he was the empathetic therapist in Good Will Hunting, for which he won an Oscar. He could oscillate between gut-wrenchingly funny and heart-achingly sincere—both on-screen and off. Williams was also a powerful voice for the addiction community. A recovering cocaine addict and alcoholic who spent much of his life sober, his eloquence, honesty, and humor on the subject were unparalleled—both in his stand-up comedy and with the press. ”[Addiction is] not caused by anything, it’s just there,” he said […] Read More