2014: Inside the ‘Secret’ Ingredients That Give Marijuana Its Incredible Aromas and Flavors

Terpenes give the herb its many possible flavors. The following article first appeared in Cannabis Now:   Cannabis is used around the world both as a medicine and a recreational drug, but the more subtle aspect of it being an aromatic plant goes too often unnoticed. The herbs we use in our kitchen are considered aromatic plants because they contain a particular terpene profile that gives them a distinctive flavor and effect. Cannabis is so complex from this point of view that the possible combinations are endless, we have the ability to create a broad spectrum of aromas and flavors that differ with the strains and the way they are cultivated. We are opening a new way of breeding, a new frontier for all growers with a sweet tooth. The GreenHouse Seed Company has started a real breeding revolution by providing customers (and anyone interested) with terpene profiles of the […] Read More